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Shoreline Church

  1. 1. WHO Jason Hayes, Pastor Jason and Carrie Hayes have been married 10 years and are the very proud parents to their sons, Hayden, Henley, and Hyatt. Jason is a native of West Knoxville. Carrie is from South Carolina but moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee. It was there where Jason and Carrie met and began their lives together.After spending the last 7 years in Nashville, Jason and Carrie have recently become increasinglyattune to God’s call back to Knoxville. Per His prompting in 2011, they began exploring thepossibility of starting a new church. As they sought the Lord, He clearly opened doors theycould not dismiss.Jason holds a Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and hemost recently served as the National Young Adult Ministry Specialist for LifeWay ChristianResources. Jason’s primary role was to serve as a speaker, church consultant, and writer.Jason has spoken at churches, conferences, camps, retreats, university chapels, and variousother venues around the country. He is the author of Blemished and Follow Me. He is alsothe co-author of Lost and Found, featuring research cited in news outlets such as USA Todayand CNN.Prior to coming to LifeWay, Jason served at Long Hollow Baptist Church in north Nashvillewith a focus on teaching and spiritual growth. In addition, Jason led in the design of creativeenvironments and in the worship planning process. Long Hollow is a wonderful church thathas experienced tremendous growth and life-change over the last several years. Jason andCarrie have remained active leaders at Long Hollow even while Jason was serving in his roleat LifeWay.Before leaving Knoxville, Jason served as the Minister to Students at First Baptist Concord inKnoxville, Tennessee. He also gained early, valuable ministry experience through positions atSecond Baptist Church, Griffin, Georgia, and Youth Ministry Resources, Inc.Jason and Carrie love raising their boys, hanging out with friends and family, and beingoutside. They both love the Church and believe it is the vehicle that God has ordained tospread His love and fame to the ends of the earth.
  2. 2. NAME Our goal in naming Shoreline was to find a name that was geographically inclusive while not overly limiting. In addition, we wanted something that would be accessible and welcoming to people of all ages and church backgrounds. Most importantly, we wanted something that spoke to our purpose as a church. Some of Jesus’ most significant ministry took place on or near the shoreline. Our prayer is that Shoreline will be a church that experiences Jesus in a similar way. We also know that historically the shoreline has served as hub of activity and refreshment for communities around the world. Again, our goal for Shoreline is to be a source of life, renewal, and intimate encounters with God. Our branding is a work in progress, but we feel great about it thus far. The water drop in the logo is an obvious reference to water. Hopefully, it becomes a clear, simple icon that we can use to represent all that’s been described above. Names and logos don’t change lives. Jesus does. But, we do believe the visual branding of Shoreline embodies our mission and vision.
  3. 3. KNOXVILLE Knoxville’s roots run deep and strong. The city has served as the hub of the region since its founding in 1791. The best of its Appalachian heritage remains today — a strong work ethic, a family-centered community, and an intense respect for the natural beauty that envelopes the region. The metropolitan Knoxville area was recently ranked the “best place to live in the United States and Canada” among cities with a population of fewer than 1 million. The ranking came from the Millennium edition of Places Rated Almanac. The results confirmed what most in this area have known for a long time — Knoxville is one of the best cities in the country! The state’s 3rd largest city, Knoxville is the home of the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee. Knoxville is also home to the headquarters of the Tennessee Valley Authority, as well as the corporate headquarters of several national and regional companies. As one of the largest cities in the Appalachian region, Knoxville has positioned itself in recent years as a repository of Appalachian culture, and is one of the gateways to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As for why we are starting this church in Knoxville, we believe it offers a natural and significant opportunity for Kingdom impact. Although in the South, there is still a large population of unchurched individuals in Knoxville. In addition, we’re blessed with a strong support network of friends and family in the area. We’re excited about joining together with other churches to reach Knoxville and the world for Christ. Sources:,_Tennessee (Wikipedia) (Official city of Knoxville website)
  4. 4. 10-Mile RadiusMedian Age - 37 2011 2016Population 273,913 289,122Households 111,657 117,747Families 71,957 75,125 Occupied Housing Units 111,658 117,747 TARGET AREA We’ve worked hard to study the We are actively exploring our options related to a meeting facility within our target area. We are west Knoxville area in order to assess confident the Lord will provide the right place the greatest need and opportunity at the right time. Our core group will meet in for impact. We feel confident the homes around the area through the spring and summer as planned. Our need for a larger facility area designated above is where we will be to accommodate our monthly worship need to be. For those familiar with gatherings in the summer and then our move West Knoxville, you’ll recognize the to weekly services and programming in the fall. epicenter of our target area as the * Source: U.S. CensusprovidedCensus 2010 Data. Esri forecasts for 2011 and 2016. Info Bureau, by North American Mission Board. intersection of Northshore Drive and Pellissippi Parkway. Church Membership The Association of Religious Data Archives This area is flourishing with commercial reveals in their latest report (2000) that development such as Northshore Town Center. 145,0901 of Knox County’s 382,032 people In addition, the construction of a new elementary were considered unclaimed by any religious school and several new neighborhoods will only group. Assuming national trends, this number cause this booming area to keep growing. Of is most likely significantly higher at this time. course, our target area naturally connects to our 23,922 of those 145,091 were affiliated with name. We believe that God will draw people non-Protestant denominations. In addition, from all along Northshore Drive, Pellissippi these numbers are based on membership as Parkway, and beyond. And, in most cases, there opposed to active participation. Thus, we would is water and shoreline very near these various approximate that 50% of our community is not pockets of our community. connected to a local church.
  5. 5. MISSION AND VISION Our mission is to plant Shoreline Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, through the proclamation of the gospel, for the salvation of the lost and the building up of the body of Christ, resulting in significant impact in our area and beyond. We’re committed to remaining focused toward certain core values. Some of these include: A commitment to teaching and application of the Bible. A commitment to prayer and fasting. A commitment to moving members into ongoing small groups. A commitment to streamlined, effective programming. A commitment to vertical, Christ-centered worship. A commitment to marriages and families. A commitment to developing leaders in the church and marketplace. A commitment to loving and serving each other and our community. A commitment to intentional and relational evangelism. A commitment to mission work across the globe.
  6. 6. WHAT WE BELIEVE While we affirm that many historic ABOUT SALVATION. Because of our sinful nature, the Bible teaches that man cannot enter into heaven doctrinal positions are argumentative no matter how good of a life he may have lived. Jesus and non-essential, a church can only be Christ came to earth to take the punishment for the a church if foundational positions are sin of all mankind, and our only hope for salvation is taken on the essentials. While much faith in the truth that Jesus died for our sin and made more could be said, listed below are a way for us to gain the righteousness it takes to enter heaven. summaries of what we believe. Scripture: Genesis 3, Romans 3:10-23, Romans 6:23, ABOUT THE BIBLE. The Bible is God’s Word, or His Ephesians 2:8-9 communication with us. It is inspired by Him, and is fully authoritative and without error. We can trust it in ABOUT THE CHURCH. The Bible teaches that the every circumstance and situation. church is the body of Christ in the world today. A local church is made up of baptized followers of Jesus Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:15-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21 Christ. The church should live out the mission of Christ as His body. ABOUT GOD. . God has always existed in perfect power and holiness. He is Creator of the universe, and Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:41-47, Colossians He rules over every aspect of creation still today. He 1:8, 1 Peter 5:1-5 exists in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ABOUT BAPTISM. Baptism is an act of obedience Scripture: Genesis 1, Deuteronomy 6:4 for every believer. We practice baptism by immersion, symbolizing the imagery of salvation through Jesus ABOUT JESUS CHRIST. Jesus Christ is God’s Son, – that our old selves have been crucified and buried, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin and that we now live a new life by the power of His Mary. He is fully God and fully man. He lived a perfect resurrection. life, died on a cross, and after three days, He defeated sin and death and rose from the grave. He will return Scripture: Matthew 3:16, Mark 1:9, Romans 6:3-4, one day to rule and reign. Colossians 2:12 Scripture: John 1:1-18, Colossians 1:13-22 ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He works in the world to make all people understand their need for Jesus Christ, and He indwells every believer from the time of salvation. He empowers Christians to live a supernatural life. Scripture: Genesis 1:2, Acts 1:8, Ephesians 1:13-14
  7. 7. TIMELINE VISITATION AND PREP – MOVING TO KNOXVILLE – EARLY APRIL 2012 JANUARY – MARCH 2012 CORE GROUP MEETINGS – We’re focusing our current efforts on three MID-APRIL – AUGUST 2012 specific areas. We’ll begin meeting regularly with an initial First and foremost, we’re seeking the Lord core group of individuals and families who in an effort to be as spiritually prepared as have shown interest in being a part of the possible. We’re digging into the Word, praying church in its earliest stages. We’ll most likely diligently, and seeking as much godly counsel be meeting in homes for those meetings. as possible. We’ll continue to meet with this core group throughout the summer while hopefully Secondly, we’re focusing much energy on adding new folks along the way. This will be relationships. God has already entrusted us a highly significant part of the journey and we with so many who are interested, onboard, trust it will be a special season for all involved. or simply supportive. We’re so grateful for the incredible amount of support that we’ve MONTHLY WORSHIP GATHERINGS – received from people and other churches JUNE, JULY, AUGUST 2012 in the Knoxville area. We’re scheduling lots of get-togethers during visits and trying In the summer, we’ll also be hosting a series of our best to keep everyone up to speed with larger gatherings. We’re already anticipating communications like this one. what the Lord may do in these times dedicated to prayer, musical worship, and Finally, we’re investing a lot of time and teaching. Hopefully, these will provide an ideal resources into preparing the church atmosphere where people can investigate administratively. As a result, we’re working what God is doing in this new church. This on incorporation, our website (www. will also provide another important avenue to, a people database, etc. connect people to our core group throughout the summer. INFORMATION MEETING – MARCH 2012 WEEKLY WORSHIP GATHERINGS AND PROGRAMMING – EARLY SEPTEMBER 2012 We will begin our weekly core group meetings the week after Easter (April 8th). While We’re trusting and seeking the Lord with all of participation in our core group meetings the timing, but our current hope is that we’d doesn’t lock someone into membership/ begin meeting weekly for worship as early as partnership, these will definitely be intentional the fall. While some may see these services times of growth and preparation for the days as when we officially “launch” as a church, we ahead. With that said, we understand that believe that God had already begun this work some may want more information before and trust that some of our most valuable and committing to this important season of our precious days will be much sooner than that. church. Thus, we will be hosting a general information meeting in early March.
  8. 8. FINANCES Shoreline is committed to the highest levels of financial integrity and giving systems. The Lord will be leading many individuals, families, and partners to give to Shoreline in the days ahead. We don’t take that lightly and are committed to stewarding those monies well. Each year an annual budget will be created by staff and lay leadership and voted upon by the church. This budget will include allocation for ministry expenses, outreach, missions, facilities, staff, office needs, and more. We’re determined to be wise with our finances and avoid unnecessary financial pressure or strain. In order to insure this from the beginning, we plan to enter a partnership with Dime: Simple Money. Dime has worked with some of the countries leading churches, ministries, and Christian artists. Bottom line, Dime’s job is to empower us to do what we’ve been called to do by taking care of all our day-to-day and month-to-month financial management. They partner with us, and they literally become our accounting department. Their core business is in working with churches. In fact, that’s how they got their start! They have expertise in start-up churches and church plants. They handle the administrative duties that can deter churches from accomplishing their mission. Some of the responsibilities that Dime will handle for Shoreline include: Accounts Receivable General Ledger Donor Contributions Bill Pay Accounts Payable Payroll Setup and Processing Cash Management Our first-year ministry plan (budget) is available upon request. In addition, we’ll soon be providing the ministry plan to core group members and key partners.
  9. 9. JOIN US Be a Part of Shoreline: Outside Partners: We’re extremely excited to see who the Lord will Some of Shoreline’s most significant partners will bring together to be part of this new church. Jason be outside our church. The Lord is already bringing and Carrie have served a wonderful church in individuals who are called elsewhere and yet want Knoxville and also have many dear friends at other to support the ministry of Shoreline. If the Lord is churches in the area. So many of you love your leading you in this, please consider the following church and are highly invested there. We rejoice avenues for support: with you in this and have no expectation for you to join us. PRAYER – The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Everything we’ll do as a We’re simply trusting that God will be leading church will be founded on prayer and we desire as the right individuals toward this new work. We’re much of it as we can get. hoping to connect with those looking for a church while also providing a church home for new VOLUNTEERISM – As we get started, we’ll need believers in need of fellowship and discipleship. volunteers to help us with everything from setup We believe that God will not only be raising up for gatherings, administrative support, and much our core group from within Knoxville, but we more. If you are willing and have a good attitude, also believe that He’s going to prompt a few key we can use you! partners to actually move from their current location to join us in Knoxville. It’s going to be an FINANCIAL SUPPORT – As described in our amazing adventure, and we can’t wait to do life financial overview, there are certainly expenses with all those He is bringing together. That might associated with the ministries and needs of our just be you! church. Monthly, on-going supporters will allow us to step boldly into all He’s leading us to do. In addition, our church will face significant start-up Church/Ministry Partners: expenses such as children’s supplies, audio-video Shoreline is blessed to partner with Long Hollow equipment, and more. Providing even a one-time Baptist (see the WHO section) as our primary financial gift would help tremendously toward sending church. While a partnership with Long needs like these. Hollow provides us some sustained financial stability, it also allows us to establish a church how the Lord leads us in Knoxville. This is not a satellite campus or a video venue of Long Hollow. Rather, this is another iteration of God’s global work at Long Hollow as they seek to empower leaders to start new, unique churches. While we will lean on their experience and insight, this new church will have its own leadership and vision. We also have freedom to partner with other churches as the Lord may provide. We’re prayerful and excited to see who the Lord will use in accomplishing His plan for Shoreline Church!
  10. 10. CONTACT If you have interest, questions, or just want to connect, we’d love to hear from you! Our current email address is We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, we’d love to connect by phone or in person. We’ll have a website and other communication channels available in the near future.