Basic steps in performing an seo audit to your site


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Basic steps in performing an seo audit to your site

  1. 1. Digital-Warriors Internet Marketing Digital Warriors is an Atlanta based web development company, we provide web designing services, development, online promotion services to their small and large company’s customer. Contact us at 888-9887567. Basic Steps in Performing An SEO Audit To Your Site If you want to optimize your website more thoroughly and efficiently with better results, undertaking an SEO audit is necessary. The process helps you get feedback and an analysis on the progress of your search engine optimization efforts and allows you to correct the problematic areas of your SEO strategies. Performing an SEO audit to your website at least twice a year is ideal. This will ensure that your
  2. 2. website is up-to-date and you are not wasting your SEO efforts on strategies that do not yield positive results to your website ranking. An SEO service company can provide a more thorough SEO audit if you find it difficult to do it yourself. Below are some of the basic steps in SEO auditing that you need to periodically perform on your site. Preparatory Step: Crawling your site The first thing that you need to do before performing an SEO audit is to crawl your website. This will give you the information on whether or not the search engine is able to access and index your site. You will need crawling tools in order to access the database of the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some of these tools are paid software but using free crawling tools like the Google Webmaster Tool and Bing Webmaster Tool will suffice if you are not too concern about getting a very in-depth data. Search engine optimization Atlanta also uses its own tool in performing a reliable SEO audit on your site to ensure its efficient SEO performance. By crawling your website you will be able to identify which of your web pages are not being indexed by the search engine because they are not included in the search engine databases. Step 1: SEO Audit on your site accessibility Performing an SEO audit on your site accessibility to the search engine is crucial because without access to your site, the search engine is unable to index your web pages. Your SEO audit should include the following: Check the robot.txt Webmasters often use the robot.txt to prevent the search engine from crawling a particular web page on their site. Perform an audit whether you have mistakenly added the robot.txt to important web pages on your site. Look for this code that blocks all crawlers on your web page: User-agent : * Disallow: / Alternatively you can also use the Google Webmaster tool to look for specific URLs on your site that block the search engine crawlers.
  3. 3. Check for 404 errors The 404 error can give the search engine the signal that your website URL is not found and will prompt it to remove your website from its database for being considered as a dead page. Check the XML sitemap The XML sitemap is an important aspect of your SEO elements as it directs the search engine what pages on your site to crawl. Make sure that all of the web pages of your site are included in the sitemap and that you are following the proper sitemap protocol that should comply with this sitemap format: 1. Begin with the <urlset> tag as opening and </urlset> as the closing tag. 2. Specify the namespace within the opening tag. 3. Add the <url> entry for each of the webpage URL as the parent XML tag. 4. Include a <loc> child entry for every parent <url> tag. Perform a web design audit This involves auditing your website structure including its uptime and loading time. Search engine spiders usually find websites as unattractive to crawl when it takes longer to load. In order to improve your website loading performance try to avoid using heavy JavaScript and Flash. Website design Atlanta can help develop quick performing web pages with efficient loading time such as developing a flatter web design that will be ideal if you want to perform your website better for SEO. Check for web pages indexed by the search engine The easiest way to perform this SEO audit is to use this command on the search bar: Site:enter your website url The search result will show the number of pages on your website that are indexed by the search engine. The closer the number of the search results to the number of the actual web pages on your site provides a good indication that your web pages are crawled by the search engine.
  4. 4. Step 2: SEO audit for on-page optimization Check for URL structure Check if your URLs are well formatted for SEO. It should use the URL structure below to allow the search engine to index your site more effectively: Do not use numbers on your URL format and use one keyword for better optimization. It is ideal to keep the URL limited to 255 characters maximum. Check for appropriate textual formatting Make sure to use variations in your text format such as using bold and italicized words as well as H1 and H2 tags. Audit your textual content Audit the content for grammar and spelling errors and review if it delivers a high quality and fresh content. Make sure to check for duplicate content and make a regular posting schedule to maintain the freshness of your website content. Auditing your image content Using images makes a web page more attractive to the search engine as well as to your readers. Make sure that your images are defined by the alt tag and must be posted at an appropriate size for better viewing. Make a link audit Check your site for broken links and remove them. Your internal links should come from high ranking websites and make sure that you are using not only keyword anchor text but the full page title and non-keyword anchor texts as well. You can always find affordable SEO services company that can perform a comprehensive link audit to your site. Step 3: SEO audit for off page optimization Check for quality backlinks
  5. 5. In order to have quality backlinks to your site, you need to choose linking to reputable sites with high search results page ranking. Audit your backlinks and ensure it has nofollow link and check for spammy links as well. Check your links to social media Social media SEO can be a strong backbone in structuring your SEO efforts. Your social media presence and social media signals are important SEO marketing assets thus make sure that you have audited your site for its presence on the social media community. Audit your website popularity Your website traffic will tell you about your site popularity and the number of sites linking back to your website is also indicative of your website popularity. Use analytic tools to evaluate your website ranking as well as to audit what sites are linking back to your web pages. An SEO audit will give you more opportunities to find the loop holes in your search engine optimization strategies. It will give you a better way of re-defining your SEO efforts by evaluating your SEO progress. You can identify a better SEO measure to improve your website ranking and performance on the search engine by using useful analytic tools to employ better and effective SEO strategies. Contact Us: Digital-Warriors Internet Marketing E-mail: Address: Roswell, Ga 30075 USA Phone: 888-988-7567