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National Skills Academy Product Presentation & Business Plan


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National Skills Academy Product Presentation & Business Plan

  1. 1. Benefits to an employer of Membership Presented by: Jason Blackwell
  2. 2. Presented to Lee Reddington July 2015
  3. 3. National Skills Academies The National Skills Academies are employer responsive organisations operating in specific vertical markets with the aims of:  Delivering the Skills required by the economy  Contributing to Competitiveness and Productivity  Reducing Skills gaps and Shortages Various Industries
  4. 4. National Skills Academy Food & Drink The NSA Food & Drink exists to provide businesses in the food and drink manufacturing and processing industry with a single source of access to leading edge workforce training, vocational study and skill upgrades designed to boost productivity, innovation, profitability and growth. The NSA are straightforward and industry-focussed. They offer an honest unbiased view of the most effective and cost-efficient training solutions to meet business needs as well as advising on funding support where available. Through our Network of partners, the NSA offers industry businesses and their workforces a single source gateway to both ‘off-the-shelf’ and bespoke training geared to individual business needs, location, work area or working patterns and covering all industry disciplines from production line to Boardroom. Our training and education partners consist only those colleges, universities and specialist training providers able to demonstrate a track record of industry expertise and knowledge along with the highest standards of learning delivery.
  5. 5. Membership Save, Develop and Improve A Training Support Package designed by experts across the Food and Drink Industry Developed by Experts An exciting new package developed after extensive consultation with businesses across the whole of the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry. Introducing Membership Sign up to membership from the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink and benefit from a host of features to save money, maximise the ROI on your training budget, increase the skills of your workforce and ultimately boost your bottom line.
  6. 6. Save  Online Learning from the Experts  Compliance Training Healthcheck  Help you find the Right Training Partners  Independent Advice on Funding Our members save time and Money – we'll give you free and heavily discounted training and find the perfect courses for your business.
  7. 7. Develop  Attract new talent with our Tasty Careers program  Support and guidance for your Training and Development managers  Custom Made Training materials As experts in Learning in the Industry we can help you upskill to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  8. 8. Learn  Guides to Industry Best Practice  Labour Market Intelligence  Policy Insights To develop your staff and your business it is important to have a full and clear understanding of the Industry.
  9. 9. Together  Join our Industry Action Groups  Sector Representation to Government Our Industry Action Groups bring together like-minded businesses to share experiences, create an agenda for change and unite the industry for everyones benefit.
  10. 10. Membership Look at What We've Done Already Dairy Industry Working with Milk Link, First Milk, Dairy Crest, Wiseman Dairies Arla Foods and Muller we have transformed UK dairy training for new recruits and workers in the sector.  Secured £7million of funding  Developed a ground breaking degree in Dairy Technology “Project Eden”  Brand new state of the art training centre in Cheshire  UK dairy training now the best in Europe
  11. 11. Why Choose Membership?  Save Time  Save Money  Quality Assured Training  Impartial Advice  Help Shape the Agenda  Engage with a New generation
  12. 12. How does Membership Work?  Its simple  A yearly Subscription  Instantly take advantage of Benefits  Most of what's on offer is free  A few optional extras at a discounted rate
  13. 13. embership – the final piece of the jigsaw!
  14. 14. 3 Month Business Plan for – The National Skills Academy for Food and Drink
  15. 15. Business Plan Outline  3 Month Business Development Objectives  Orientation/Training  Lead Generation  Prospect Visits  Pipeline Generation  Closing Business  Summary
  16. 16. 3 Month Objectives  Orientation at NSA – work with key personnel and support staff  Learn target market and product portfolio as currently offered by the NSA  Immediately begin to generate Quality Leads and target major accounts  Get in front of prospects  Generate pipeline - 4x target  Build relationships and Close Business
  17. 17. Onboarding & Personal Training  Learn National Skills Academy portfolio  Understand services and market positioning  Understand competition  Marketing and Promotional Materials  Social Media Usage  Networking & Industry Bodies
  18. 18. Lead Generation  Strong Business Development Plan focusing on both short term and long tern business  Spend time leveraging existing relationships and rebuilding old relationships in the sector and introduce them to NSA's product portfolio  Utilise NSA Company Systems (CRM, etc) and Business Intelligence to identify prospects  Business Journals, LinkedIn, etc  Work with internal sales resources  Attend business events to assist me in getting that message out and generate networking opportunities and leads
  19. 19. Prospect Visits  Get in front of prospects ASAP – learn about current customers, what we currently provide  Target Face-to-Face meetings, 2 per day  Understand a prospect’s business, who makes the decisions and where we can add value  Expand on relationships/contacts at Manager and Director Levels  Educate prospect – make it simple, make it theirs  Use of any available Testimonials and Reference Accounts  Focus on Value-Add and Customer Satisfaction
  20. 20. Pipeline Generation  Align activity with KPIs  Qualify each prospect early on  Engage with the decision maker  Conduct opportunity assessments  Move prospect to next stage with each meeting  Stay on top of all opportunities  Generate referalls
  21. 21. Closing Business  Properly/quickly counter any objections  Shorten the Sales Cycle by being Creative and Thinking “Outside the Box”  Sell Value and emphasise improved profitability and ROI  Ask for the business early  Be confident and persistent
  22. 22. In Summary  Do my homework  Align with everyone at NSA on strategy and best practice  Follow sales (CRM) process and hit KPIs  Develop strong business case  Leverage off existing relationships (Low-hanging Fruit)  Develop a value add to win business  Persist, continue and repeat