Ideas for Press Release Writing


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This pdf is made by generating the ideas for press release writing.

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Ideas for Press Release Writing

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  2. 2. What is Press Release ?• Press Release Writing is done to increase traffic over the web.• It is an announcement of a newly launched business website.• It is written in third person.
  3. 3. Common Press Release Writing Tips Must write the Headline. Clear Communication of “5 Ws & H”. Insertion of Font & White Space. Must include Company Information.
  4. 4. Must write the Headline• Headlines must be in brief and up to the point.• Must be written in Bold.• First word of the headline must be in capitalized form.• It must be framed with keywords.
  5. 5. Clear Communication of “5 Ws & H”• Who,Where,Why,What,When: these five words must give the reader the entire information.• It must be short and up to the point.• It should be no more than three pages.• More newsworthy, better chance of being selected.
  6. 6. Insertion of Font & White Space• Must eave half inch margins.• 10 point font size must be used.• Must have spaces between paragraphs and headlines.
  7. 7. Must include Company Information• Company must be mentioned in the news article.• First give the company title.• After the title use a paragraph in describing the company.• At the end give the URL of the company.
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