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Common Mistakes of Content Writing


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This PDF is made by which is describing the common mistakes of content writing.

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Common Mistakes of Content Writing

  1. 1. Content Writing IndiaWeb: Email:
  2. 2. Content Writing plays vital role in yourwebsite. Although sometimes we focus onwebsite design and layout but it is necessaryfor visitors to understand clearly that whattype of services you are providing? Actuallycontent is helpful for describing about thewhole website and also it will engage yourreaders mind. So you need to write propercontent for your website.
  3. 3. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.Consistency in Tone.Do not ExaggerateKeep it Short and SimpleWeak Headlines
  4. 4. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation:There are many words that have different spellingbased on the country. Just like “Colour” in Asia isspelled as “Color” in the US. So you have to fixthis type of problem depending upon the country.
  5. 5. Consistency in Tone:If you are writing content as a second personor a first person, then fix onto that perspectivefor the whole article, and do not mix it up andcreate confusion for the readers. Keep inmind that content writing should not float likesea. It should be consistent like Yellowstonelake in summer.
  6. 6. Do not Exaggerate:If you are writing a review of a particularproduct or services then do not stress only onbenefits of a particular product or services.Also include drawbacks or weaknesses of theparticular product or services but express it inlanguage that is positive.
  7. 7. Weak Headlines:Headline should be unique and creativebecause innovative headline creates moreinterest in the readers. And also you shoulduse keyword in the headline for SEO contentbecause it is more reliable for Search Engine.
  8. 8. Keep it Short and Simple:Your reader wants to get specific. Alwaysstick to the topic and avoid fluff. Usersusually look for fast reads.
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