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Can you compare your Website with your Guest Bedroom?


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This PDF File highlights the relation between a website and a guest bedroom, as created by

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Can you compare your Website with your Guest Bedroom?

  1. 1. Do you think your Website is as beautiful as your Guest Bedroom?
  2. 2. Do you think your website like the guest bedroom in your house??Making your website “Google Friendly” simply refers to optimse every single element on every single pageof your site. Therefore, when planning to create an online presence for your business, it is extremelyimportant that your site layout and content is optimized for search engines.Do you treat your website like the guest bedroom in your house? Is it inviting and comfortable enough for theguests to live in it. Are you considerate enough and decorate your bedroom that your guests might need?The same thing happens with your website too. Your website also needs to be inviting and comfortableenough for your visitors. It should look like that you have made an effort to ensure that all its giveninformation are quite pleasing for your visitors. Your website should look professional and should alsohighlight that you are proud of your business and at the same time expects a lot of visitors at your site too.
  3. 3. Compare Your Homepage with theAccessories of Your Guest Room This is where your visitors get the first impression after visiting your website. After visiting the homepage, they will decide whether to look further into your site or to hit the back button. Just as the beautifully designed wallpaper being used in the wall of your guest room, the vacuumed carpet, the clean and fresh sheets of your bed, fresh flowers and a pleasant color scheme as well as the long scented curtains that make your guests comfortable in it. In the similar way, your homepage should be cushy and cozy for your visitors to browse it as long as they want. They should be able to know what your business is what all about and what your homepage is trying to a say in short about your website. Thus, your website’s homepage should be furnished in a precise paragraph with descriptive titles and relevant images.
  4. 4. SEO Friendly coding structure “Bed”==“SEO Friendly Coding” Just as the bed acts as the backbone of your bedroom, in the same way the coding structure being used in your website also acts as the main frame of your website. As we know that a good mattress with clean sheets being spread on your bed definitely gets you a comfortable sleep, similarly the codes being used in your website if applied properly definitely makes your site SEO friendly and would help search engine bots to crawl the site properly. For example, generally we use html codes in our website such as <br> used for line break. But unfortunately, this is not appreciated by Google. What Google like is the use of <p> instead of using <br> which denotes paragraphs by paragraph elements and not line breaks.
  5. 5. Making your website user-friendlyAre you considerate enough and leaves everything inyour room that your guest might need like shampoo,perfumes, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.Just as these cosmetics and toileteries are extremelynecessary and essential for your guests to staycomfortably in the room. Similarly some points need tobe keep in mind while making your site user friendlysuch as:1.Giving required information2. Easy navigation3.Less page loading time and lastly4. Easy accessibilityThese four tips are also extremely important for thevisitors to feel comfortable at your site and browse it aslong as they want.
  6. 6. Applying great designs to your website As we feel that a good wallpaper of your guest room or the beautiful color scheme gives a soothing and a pleasant effect to the eyes of your guests.In the similar manner, a well designed website with good tinctures of colors as well as amazing curves of designs definitely helps the visitors to feel your website comfortable enough to stay as long as they want.The success behind a website being successful and user-friendly lies in the design of a website. The morebeautiful the design of your site is, the more visitors it will attract. Thus using responsive web design tools inyour website such as Apache, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc gives a remarkable effect on your website.Thus, it should be keep in mind while designing a website that – "Most value and benefit is gained in the early stages of the site’s design"
  7. 7. Don’t Make Your Website Congested With Links Yes, I understand that a well decorated guest The same thinks happens with your website too. Ifroom definitely makes your guest feel your website is congested with extra links, then thecomfortable but have you ever thought that if visitors might not get the proper information easily.your guest room is over decorated and piled They might get confuse at your website whichup with extra things that they might not need. would distract their attention and would stop themSearching for a soap, they are coming out with from visiting your sites once again in the future.different brands body shampoos but not the Thus, increasing the bounce rate of your website.perfect soap they are searching for. This may For example, if the visitors wants the “contactbe a problem for your guest too. Or you may page” at your site and every time time, they arethink in this way, that your guest room has got landing on “about us” page as simply they areso many night lamps as well as wall hanging getting lost in the congested link pages of yourlamps, that they have to make an effort of site. This may out turn out to be negative for yourputting off at around ten to fifteen lamps site as well as for your visitors.before going to sleep. This may turn out hecticto them and could snatch away their sleep.
  8. 8. Use Well-Organized Site MapsWe usually guide our guests as they check-in the guest room, to make assure that theydonot find any problem to get their necessary things in the room such as towel, wardrobesto hang up their clothes, different cosmetics and toiletries they might need. Here, we takeup the role of a guide in guiding our guests so that they find their necessary items withoutmuch hassles.In the similar manner, a well-organized site-map acts as the guide for your website too. Itis definitely helpful for the search engines when crawling your website to ensure they indexall your pages as well as for the visitors looking for a specific page at your website. Theycan browse your sitemap and find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  9. 9. Check Your Links!Before our guest gets into the guest room,as we usually checks whether all theaccessories in the room are workingproperly. Or the necessary cosmetics arepositioned at the appropriate place or notso that they definitely feels comfortableafter checking into the room. Similarly, the last thing before declaring your website as a published one is to browse around your website and to verify whether all your links are working properly or not. It is very unprofessional if your visitors find any of the link is broken or not working. So, these things should be taken care of before publishing your site.
  10. 10. Creating A Search Bar On Your SiteJust as we keep telephone in our guestroom for any time help if they want. Like ifthey are searching for any essentialappliances which they might need andunfortunately they are not getting it at theproper place. For this purpose only, theycan make use of the telephone and canring the house owner directly asking forthe particular supplementary parts theyare looking for.Similarly, while creating a website, we cancreate a search bar on our site as it is agreat way to serve up relevant contents tothe visitors if they are not getting on thewebsite. This has also got an analytic sidewhere you can directly track the searchesbeing made on your site and can get abetter understanding of what your websitevisitors are interested in.
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