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Boons and bans of press release


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This pdf is made by generating the

pros and cons of press release.

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Boons and bans of press release

  1. 1. Boons and Bans of Press Release By
  2. 2. What is Press Release ? • An information given to the news media. • Press Release Writing gives wide range of business information. • Maximum source of information comes to the people from press release.
  3. 3. Boons of Press Release • More traffic to your site. • Build a Brand • Gain Credibility. Description are as Follows
  4. 4. More Traffic to Your Site • Released press release contains website link. • For more information visitors will click on the link. • Traffic will increase.
  5. 5. Build a Brand • Better way to put your business name into the minds of the readers. • More a consumer sees your business name, more chance of being remembering.
  6. 6. Gain Credibility • Press release helps to get your business more openness. • Potential customers will start identify you as an expert of your product.
  7. 7. Bans of Press Release • Costly Advertising Medium • High Competition • Less Targeted Description are as Follows
  8. 8. Costly Advertising Medium • Advertising in Press release is not cheap. • Hundreds of pounds must be asked for just a small pace.
  9. 9. High Competition • Your add must take place in a prime position among all adds. • It will then get focused to everybody.
  10. 10. Less Targetted • Your add must be diverging one. • It will not be targeted to someone only.
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