Why Upgrade on JibberJobber


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Learn what you get when you upgrade to the Premium level of JibberJobber.com. Whether you are in a job search or not, you should manage your professional relationships for the rest of your career.

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Why Upgrade on JibberJobber

  1. 1. JibberJobber Premium: Favorite Features What can you get for $9.95/month?
  2. 2. JibberJobber is free for life. You can optionally upgrade if you want.When you downgrade back to FREE, you won’t lose any of your data (or access to it). Why Upgrade? Next Page
  3. 3. Reason 1: Email2Log Save 30 minutes to 2 hours every day?Every time you send an email you want to log, how do you enter it into JibberJobber?With the free level, it takes 30 to 120 seconds (or more!) to manually enter it as a Log Entry. If you upgrade… Next Page
  4. 4. Reason 1: Email2LogWhen you send an email, send itto the JibberJobber server, and it becomes a Log Entry. What took 30 seconds now takes ½ second. Here’s how it works… Next Page
  5. 5. Reason 1: Email2LogIn your email, simply include an email address in the BCC field.It can take ½ second to do that… when you hit send… the email goes to your contact, AND to the JibberJobber server… If the Contact is in your Contact List, the Log Entry is created! SIMPLE! Next Page
  6. 6. Reason 1: Email2LogIf you send 30 emails a day, you easily save an hour each day.$9.95/month is 33 cents a day. An extra hour in your day is worth 33 cents each day, right? It gets better… Next Page
  7. 7. Reason 2: Email2CreateContactWhat if the Contact isn’t in your Contact List?As a premium user, you can send an email to the server and create a new Contact record. How much time will THAT save you?Perhaps 5 minutes per Contact… Next Page
  8. 8. Reason 2: Email2CreateContact The server says:“This email address isn’t in the system… So, make a new Contact record…AND… make a Log Entry of what’s in the email.” Next Page
  9. 9. Reason 2: Email2CreateContact This means you can create new Contacts just from youremail… or your smart phone! Easy Contact entry = time saved! Next Page
  10. 10. Reason 3: More Contacts & CompaniesWith the Free account you can add up to 250 Contacts and 250 Companies… but…250 is a lot, if you are adding serious prospects and target companies (not just everyone you meet) Next Page
  11. 11. Reason 3: More Contacts & CompaniesUpgrade to Premium and youcan add as many Contacts and Companies as you want. This might be the most common reason peopleupgrade – the more you meet, the more you need. Next Page
  12. 12. Reason 4: Importing Have Contacts in other systems? Gmail, socialnetworks, spreadsheets?Import Contacts from a spreadsheet (csv file) Next Page
  13. 13. Reason 5: Exporting Regular users can get their data out… for sure.Premium users get different export and report options. It’s about convenience. Next Page
  14. 14. Reason 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…The Free Account is awesome. The Premium upgrade offers powerful features to help your Career Management! (see JibberJobber.com/upgrade)Upgrade when you want, downgrade whenever. Next Page
  15. 15. Want a Discount? Check out the Bundles! Most FAQ: When you downgrade from Premium, what happens?Your data stays there, and you can still access and use it.More Upgrade Information The End