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Marketing Strategy For Creative Professionals


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These are the slides from my Workbook/Wise Elephant seminar for creative professionals which took place in June 09. I provide both an overview of methods as well as a tactics "routine."

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Marketing Strategy For Creative Professionals

  1. 1. Workbook/ Wise Elephant: Marketing Strategy for Creative Professionals
  2. 2. Goddess Durga
  3. 3. Goals of “Active” - Contacts - Relationships - Gigs
  4. 4. Goals A Scale to Remember <-Cold calls ------------ Friends-> ---> Move contacts towards Friends
  5. 5. The Tools - Portfolios - Networks - Blogs - Email - Telephone
  6. 6. Which one? All, see which parts work, repeat.
  7. 7. The Tools - Portfolios - Networks - Blogs - Email - Telephone
  8. 8. Key Filter: Stats! - check them - keep them - use them
  9. 9. The Basics: Stats Workbook Workbook portfolio
  10. 10. Strategy: Be Active
  11. 11. Strategy: Be Active
  12. 12. Strategy: Be Active Bummer | Celebration You HAVE to do this!
  13. 13. Be Active: Quotes Rosh Sillars & Jack Hollingsworth (via Twitter) “portfolio and ability are not enough to sustain long term relationship. need engagement” “buyers are not just looking for and at imagery only, but personality and process.” “more about your passion and authenticity than your writing, video or presentation skills. be yourself” “work is foundational and paramount. but we collectively need to concentrate on the conversation, not the presentation”
  14. 14. Be Active: Quotes Chase Jarvis (channeling Seth Godin) “…that half-price sale on attention is now over... The only path left is to lean out of the edge and become interesting, noteworthy and yes, remarkable.” Myles McCutcheon “One promo mail out (email, snail mail, smoke signal whatever) will not make you memorable…unless your last name is along the lines Scholler, Leibovitz or Meisel you have to keep reminding us of who you are…It is getting more and more difficult to get your work seen by those who hire… persistence is key.”
  15. 15. Personal crushes the Robot Don’t be a robot!
  16. 16. Patience = Virtue Routine… - Start Slow - Build it up
  17. 17. Strategy: Be Active
  18. 18. The Hump
  19. 19. Tactic: Active - Message should relate to the outside world “I ate a tuna sandwich” = “Eating this tuna sandwich reminds me of this great artist I saw at the Tate Modern…”
  20. 20. Tactics: Active -Have to communicate often (weekly/daily) - Is my topic current? - Using relevancy can I make it current?
  21. 21. Tactics: Funnel Journal > Twitter > Blog posts > Monthly general email > Email “appointment” to Clicks >
  22. 22. Tactics: Routine YES! It takes time! - Make time - Start with 1 hour/day
  23. 23. Strategy: Be Active
  24. 24. Goddess Durga
  25. 25. Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak with you all! Contact me anytime: twitter: @jelefant phone: 317.802.1570