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Systech International Corporate Profile


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Systech International Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Corporate Profile
  2. 2. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileWho are we?Systech International was established in 1991 and is recognised as a leading international consultantwith offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.We provide our clients with full project lifecycle support offering contractual, commercial management,planning and scheduling, claims, expert witness and dispute resolution services.In addition we have an associated solicitors practice, Systech Solicitors, which offers nichecontentious and non-contentious services within the construction and engineering sectors.Whilst we operate on a global basis and have advised clients on many of the world’s major projects,our highly qualified and mobile staff are aware of the local regional issues that need to be understoodand considered.With 500 staff across 26 offices we are able to react quickly to client demands with solutions tailoredto respond to the challenges they face.We appreciate the importance of getting the message across and all of our services are supported bycutting edge visualisations, designed to communicate complex ideas effectively to key decisionmakers.Key factsEstablished in 1991Number of offices – 26OfficesLondon, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh,Dublin, ParisDoha, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Dubai, JohannesburgSingapore, Yokohama, Kobe, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Seoul, HongKongHouston, Atlanta, California, Seattle, Rio de JaneiroNumber of staff - 500 Turnover - $80m / £ 2
  3. 3. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileServicesCommercial Management / Contract AdministrationWe understand that it is essential to a project’s success for costs to be pro-actively managed andcontrolled from concept through to completion so that a “no shock” financial conclusion is delivered.We ensure that proper consideration is given to the procurement options and have extensiveexperience in the preparation of contracts – FIDIC, JCT, NEC or bespoke – and bid documentation,as well as the arrangements associated with PPP/PFI, BOT and EPC projects. Proposals can beenhanced through the introduction of visualisations and by the use of consistent branding.Pro-active contract and commercial protection are put in place alongside practical controls andchanges evaluated for time and cost impacts.Projects often require a significant involvement from suppliers and subcontractors and we canimplement the contractual and commercial administration procedures to ensure that cost andprogramme performance is achieved and that disputes are avoided.Services provided include:  Procurement strategy  Bid support  Estimate and budgets  Project documentation  Commercial strategy and procedures  Contractual advice  Contract administration  Correspondence and notices  Cost control and cost / value reporting  Variations / change control  Final account  Project audit  Commercial management of subcontractor’s and supplier’s  Dispute avoidanceScheduling and PlanningA strong team of planners is backed up by contractual and legal experts familiar with preparingprogrammes at all stages of a project – from bid, to on-site progress to retrospective forensic for usein disputes.We do not simply plan a project. We bring new ideas, fresh thinking and solutions to problems whilstlooking for opportunities to reduce time periods and de-risk through what-if scenarios.We will advise you on how to prepare contractually compliant programmes, the management andpresentation of float, critical paths and the necessary records to keep in case a claim situation arises.Our planners can advise on the following activities:  Tender, contract and/or baseline 3
  4. 4. Systech InternationalCorporate Profile  Resource and cost loading of programmes  Construction solutions and phasing to reduce project duration  Programme risk identification and comparison of mitigation methods  Progress monitoring, reporting and audits  Interface co-ordination  Time impacts arising from change  Recovery and accelerated programmes  Earned value and other project benchmarking measuresRisk ManagementThe allocation of risk has a significant impact on a project and will influence, for example, the choiceof contract and the programme as well as the costs.We are experienced in the identification, definition, quantification and control of risks and appreciatethat risk management is not restricted to the early stages of a project, rather that it is an ongoingprocess over the lifetime of a project.Where risks exist there will also be opportunities and we will identify the potential scope of these toour clients.On target cost contracts it is necessary for the parties to agree the allocation of responsibility for eachidentified risk and, depending on the type of contract, to make appropriate cost, programme andprocedural contingencies. We have experience of actively managing the risk on major infrastructureprojects so as to achieve the target cost.Services provided include:  Risk workshops  Risk identification, analysis and evaluation  Preparation and management of risk registers  Risk monitoring and control  Risk mitigation and transfer  Application of risk within target cost contracts  Management of risk events in event of occurrence and assessment of consequential cost, programme and procedural impacts  Claims risk assessment and dispute avoidanceBusiness TurnaroundOur contractor and project expertise places us in a strong position to advise clients, funders, businessrecovery professionals, or other stakeholders, in turnaround situations, particularly where mitigatingrisk and maximizing realizations are paramount.One of our key strengths in the turnaround arena is the ability to react quickly. We are very wellplaced to leverage our global presence and utilise our resources to deliver a rapid response,wherever in the world. Above all we provide a fresh eye to find solutions that may not be visible to thecurrent management, because they are too close to the subject, and make critical decisions in orderfor the business to have the best chance of recovery - evaluate the extent of debt and work inprogress, liabilities and opportunities arising from claim assessments, exit strategies for the recoveryof outstanding debt and retentions and resolution of final accounts, claims and 4
  5. 5. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileIn the event of business failure we offer candid advice post process - where companies have enteredadministration or become insolvent - on the potential recoveries available through the settlement offinal accounts, the prosecution of claims and the collection of bad debts.A further aspect of our service provision is advising banks on the viability of project and contractorloans and undertaking periodic monitoring of performance to ensure early warning of potential default.Our services include:  Strategic business reviews  Recovery plans  Interim management  Governance procedures and processes  Project audits  Valuation of work in progress, final account and claims / disputes  Insolvency advice  Debt recovery  Statutory demands and other legal actions  Sub-contractor and supplier management and negotiations  Due diligence  Expert reports  Loan monitoring and project oversight  Support to business recovery professionalsClaims ManagementSystech has a global reputation as a leading claims consultant on major projects and clients can beconfident that we have the professionalism and expertise to look after their interests.We provide clients with an honest appraisal of their contractual and commercial position at the outsetof a commission and do not embark on a process until all the risks and benefits have beenconsidered. It is our policy to discuss a client’s specific claim objectives with them and then to providerecommendations as to how they can be achieved. As part of that process a schedule of activitieswith associated resources and completion dates will be prepared to give the client visibility ofprogress.Adopting the correct strategy is the mainstay of a successful claim. Systech draws on its wealth ofexperience to offer strategic guidance that is focused on the provable issues and to preparedocumentation that is technically, legally and commercially accurate.Claims are often complex and we are able to use our visualisations expertise to demonstrate the mainissues pictorially to aid communication to key decision makers.Services provided for claims for the recovery of additional costs include:  Analysis of contractual terms and conditions  Analysis of tender pricing, rates and productivity levels  Inspection of records and contractual notices  Analysis of actual time spent, costs incurred and actual productivity achieved  Identification of contractual route for the recovery of costs and loss of profit  Preparation of a cause and effect detailed analysis  Presentation and negotiation of the 5
  6. 6. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileServices provided for extension of time claims include:  Identification of planned programme and critical path  Ascertaining the adequacy of the planned programme and correcting as necessary  Analysis of the revised / updated programmes and reasons for changes  Inspection of records and delay notices  Offset liquidated damages  Preparation of forensic delay analysis using accepted techniques  Presentation and negotiation of the claimDispute ResolutionIf a claim cannot be agreed, we can advise on the best route to achieve settlement either throughtraditional or alternative dispute resolution [ADR] methods.We have established a Disputes Panel, responsible for providing strategic advice and guidance onall dispute related commissions. The panel comprises senior Systech personnel who have specialistexpertise within a particular market sector or form of contract.Systech Solicitors can resolve disputes through negotiation, adjudication, mediation, expertdetermination and arbitration. All tribunal representation benefits from our global experiencecombined with our specific knowledge of the region where the dispute has arisen or is beingprosecuted.We have international arbitration expertise, under the ICC and other local jurisdiction rules, withchairman, sole arbitrator and dispute adjudication board appointments.Expert WitnessSystech has a worldwide panel of experts who can advise on a range of contractual, quantum andtime related issues with the back-up and support of our global operation.Our experts are familiar with providing testimony through written reports or at trial where theirevidence is presented in court and subject to cross examination.Our experts regularly support lawyers and attorneys and take a pro-active and practical approach tothe advice they offer.VisualisationsSystech provides ground breaking communication solutions to ensure that your message is deliveredeffectively to the key decision maker. This is a powerful tool which can differentiate you from yourcompetitors or convince your opposition party on the strength of your case.For bids we can utilise architects’ impressions and outline design information to prepare projectvisualisations, construction phasing plans, building walk-throughs and video presentations. Biddocuments are consistently branded with themes from, for example, the design and the bidder logo toenhance its 6
  7. 7. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileIn the case of change impacts, claims and disputes, the fully dimensioned CAD drawings can be usedto develop a 3D model which can then be linked to the project programme to produce a 4D model,and costs for a 5D model. Planned and actual visualisations can then be shown in a split screencomparison.Our visualisations can be used in a number of applications including  Bids  Construction phasing  Project progress  Change impact  Claims  Delay analysis  Dispute resolutionTrainingFor a business to achieve competitive advantage, it is crucial for its employees to be professionallydeveloped and trained. Systech specialises in the provision of comprehensive training programmesand seminars, tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients. Our training is carried out byprofessionals, many of whom are experts in their field, actively involved in construction and relatedindustries, and who can give practical, hands-on advice.Our training sessions have proved to be of huge benefit to our clients and provide a combination ofacademic and practical elements to enhance greater understanding.Why use Systech for in-house training?  Delivered by dual qualified construction / legal professionals  Appointment of a dedicated trainer  Training programme or one-off sessions  Course tailored to suit individual needs  Duration, timing and venue for sessions to suit your requirement  Interactive group sessions  Training advice for professional qualificationsWhich topics do we cover?  Forms of Contract – FIDIC, JCT, NEC  Commercial Awareness  Risk Management  Planning – Projects and Forensic  Procurement  Commercial Administration of Sub-contractors  Change Management  Claims – Delay and Disruption  Dispute Resolution  Topical Contractual and Legal 7
  8. 8. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileSectorsSystech provides services to clients that operate across a wide range of sectors:  Construction o Building o Civil Engineering o Mechanical and Electrical  Transportation o Rail o Air o Highways  Defence  Energy o Oil, Gas and Petrochemical o Power o Mining  Telecommunications and IT  Shipping and Marine  Industrial and Process  Facilities 8
  9. 9. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileWhat sets us apart?  Leading international construction consultant  Contractor coverage  Global reach  Specialist sector expertise  High quality managed service  Respond at short notice  Understanding of multi-cultural issues  One stop commercial and legal service with in-house expert witness capability  Cutting edge project and forensic planning services  Visualisations  Strong training support  Willingness to embrace 9
  10. 10. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileExample projects 150 Cheapside – City of London  Kenya to Uganda Oil Pipeline Alfred Merritt Smith Water Treatment Plant  Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant - California Argyle Pink Diamond Plant  London 2012 Olympic Park Atlanta Airport – Automated People Mover  Melbourne Total Transit Ticketing System Blacktip Field Project  Newport Station Regeneration Brisbane Airport Link  Princess Tower – Dubai Burj Khalifa  Project SLAM – The Defence Estate Channel Tunnel Rail Link  Ras Laffan Pearl to Gas Liquids Plant Doha International Airport Maintenance  Singapore MRT Circle Line Hanger  Staythorpe Power Station DTSS and Changi Water Reclamation Plant  Taiwan High Speed Rail Dubai Mall  Terminal 5 – Heathrow Dubai Metro Light Railway System  The Western Corridor Recycled Water Project Duisburg Walsum Power Plant  Walsall Hospital East London Line  Washington Dulles Airport – Automated People Mover Glasgow Schools PFI  West Los Angeles College Great Manmade River Project  Yas Marina – F1 10
  11. 11. Systech InternationalCorporate ProfileRegional Head OfficesBob Chapman Simon Chew Geoff LaneUK South UK North Continental EuropeanRegional Managing Director Regional Managing Director Regional Managing geoff.lane@systech-int.comChapter House York House 13-15 rue Taitbout18 –20 Crucifix Lane York Street 75009 ParisLondon, SE1 3JW Manchester, M2 3BB FranceTel: +44 (0) 20 7940 7656 Tel: +44 (0) 161 237 3080 Tel: +33 (0) 1 73 02 89 86Fax: +44 (0) 20 7940 7657 Fax: +44 (0) 161 237 3081 Fax: +33 (0) 1 72 71 25 99Nigel White Gary Howells Craig SilcockMiddle East and Africa Asia Pacific AmericasRegional Managing Director Regional Managing Director Regional Managing craig.silcock@systech-int.comAl Emadi Business Centre Level 27, Prudential Tower 3399 Peachtree Road NEOffice No.52 30 Cecil Street Suite 1750, The Lenox BuildingC Ring Road Singapore, 049712 Atlanta, 30326, USAPO Box 19613Doha Tel: (+65) 6631 2930Qatar Fax: (+65) 6631 2880 Tel: (+1) 404 949 1174 Fax: (+1) 404 949 0365Tel: (+974) 4491 5300Fax: (+974) 4491 11
  12. 12.