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Cs intel vpro


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Cs intel vpro

  1. 1. Case Study Intel® vPro™ Technology A Strategy of Continuous IT Authorities Improvement Leads IT Authorities to Adopt Intel® vPro™ Technology Advanced PC Management Capabilities Help MSP’s Customers Do More, Spend Smarter, and be More Secure “Managing 5,000 PCs at IT Authorities has built its success as a managed service provider on continuous one company is infinitely improvement of both processes and tools. In the managed services arena, change is simpler than managing constant and yields both threats and opportunities — but no room to stand still. “Every one of our 22 employees believes that they will be a little bit better tomorrow than 5,000 machines at 100 they were today,” says Tom Beckman, chief technology officer at IT Authorities. “You’ve companies. So for an got to approach the managed services business that way if you’re going to grow and MSP, efficiency and remain competitive.” This approach to growth led IT Authorities to adopt Intel® vPro™ simplification are critical. technology-based HP desktop and laptop PCs as a standard part of their solution. By Intel vPro technology managing these advanced platforms through their N-able N-central* management extends our reach and console software, the company has been able to significantly cut the cost of delivering makes many activities services while at the same time significantly improving their customers’ IT experience. simpler.” “vPro-based HP PCs offer new ways to connect to our customers’ PCs, new ways – Tom Beckman, CTO, to troubleshoot, and new ways to remediate,” explains Doug Garrett, director of IT Authorities managed services for IT Authorities. “These are significant advantages. In addition, they’re advantages that can eventually be made standard across all our customers, regardless of the PC brand or location.” As a result, IT Authorities has made Intel vPro technology-based PCs their standard and preferred platform. “The cost addition for a vPro system is only $20, which is inconsequential compared to the ROI for the customer,” says Beckman. “Every PC we quote is now a vPro-based machine.”
  2. 2. Table 1. Delivering More to Customers Through Intel® vPro™ Technology IT Authorities’ deployment of PCs based on Intel vPro technology yields better IT functionality and lower service delivery cost2 Without With Activity Intel vPro Technology Intel vPro Technology Improvement Average time to resolve a hardware problem 48 hours 24 hours Reduced 50% Average time to resolve an OS problem 72 hours 3 hours Reduced 96% Average amount of downtime per PC per month 20 minutes 15 minutes Reduced 25% Time to achieve 95% patch saturation 168 hours 72 hours Reduced 67% Deskside visits per month 10 8 Reduced 20% Power cost savings per PC over 3-year life span $0 $561 TCO lowered by $561 Advanced Tools Cut Costs Advanced remote capabilities that significantly raise effi- and Improve Customer Service Levels ciency and lower costs. The advanced remote capabilities of Intel vPro technology allow IT Authorities to maintain and repair The advanced manageability and security features of Intel PCs more quickly and at lower cost. This is true for both normal vPro technology allow IT Authorities to significantly streamline maintenance activities and problem resolutions. “Clients often a number of key PC management tasks within their existing turn PCs off after hours, and that used to mean that we couldn’t management console software. This both reduces their cost reach that PC,” says Beckman. “Before vPro, we got at best a 50 and helps eliminate downtime and interruptions for PC users. percent success rate on updates, resulting in performance and The power of this solution has three elements: security problems.” With Intel vPro technology-based PCs, IT • Increased abilities to monitor, manage, and repair PCs remotely — Authorities can automatically power the PC on and execute the regardless of power state or operating system health1 — that updates seamlessly. “Showing clients how this improves their IT greatly reduce maintenance and management costs and increase function helps us in the push for standardization of their PCs,” the utilization of IT Authorities’ personnel. notes Beckman. • Increased security capabilities that better protect the customer’s For the repair of hardware and software problems, Intel vPro critical data while reducing downtime. technology’s remote capabilities eliminate many field service • A standardized, energy-efficient platform that can meet the calls by allowing IT Authorities to fix problems remotely. “Avoid- developing demands of the customer’s business while significantly ing a technician dispatch is a big deal,” says Beckman. “It can reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). easily save half a day of effort.” Recently, a client called with a blue-screened Intel vPro technology-based PC. “With vPro’s These capabilities give IT Authorities considerable advantages. out-of-band capabilities, we were able to remotely examine the “Managing 5,000 PCs at one company is infinitely simpler than machine and determine that it had a memory fault. That allowed managing 5,000 machines at 100 companies,” explains Beckman. us to check inventory and get the right part shipped overnight. “So for an MSP, efficiency and simplification are critical. Intel vPro Without vPro, we would have had to visit the site twice, once to technology extends our reach and makes many activities simpler.” diagnose and once to remediate,” explains Beckman. “We can even poll machines for hardware inventory information when “We can now re-image and rebuild a machine they’re turned off.” remotely – which means the turnaround time Remote repair of software problems. In addition to allowing IT has gone from two days to ten minutes.” Authorities to diagnose many hardware-related issues remotely, Intel vPro technology allows the company to diagnose and repair – Tom Beckman, CTO, many software-related issues without a service visit. “With vPro’s IT Authorities in-band and out-of-band capabilities, there really is no software problem that you can’t fix remotely,” notes Beckman. “We can
  3. 3. now re-image and rebuild a machine remotely — which means the turnaround time has gone from two days to ten minutes.” N-central* Fuels Managed Services IT Authorities recently dealt with a PC that failed to boot up. N-central from N-able Technologies is the leading remote “We looked at it remotely and determined that the user had a monitoring and management platform deployed globally by USB key plugged in that was preventing the boot from disk,” Managed Service Providers (MSPs) servicing the small and says Beckman. “By avoiding a field visit, vPro’s remote capability midsize business market. In addition to providing full support turned a 4½ hour remediation into a very quick fix.” Even simple for the capabilities of Intel® vPro™ technology, N-central maintenance tasks are greatly accelerated: “One of our clients had accelerates growing managed services businesses with a start-up utility that they wanted removed from every machine,” unique offerings: notes Beckman. “We could do it remotely without vPro, but only on the machines that were turned on – so the task took five days Unparalleled business support. N-able’s state-of-the-art to accomplish. With vPro, it would have been a snap.” knowledge management portal provides the training, tools, and materials you need to build a profitable, high-value “A vPro-based PC replacing an older PC saves $187 managed services business. per year [in energy costs] – and that’s for every PC. A low-risk, proven solution. N-central is deployed by 2,000 MSPs to monitor and manage 25,000 remote networks. This makes upgrading to a vPro PC very attractive Powerful PC and server management features. and makes our sales process easier.” A comprehensive set of remote management tools provide – Tom Beckman, CTO, the core functionality that all MSPs require to manage IT Authorities customers effectively and deliver more than 90 percent of services remotely. Built-in technologies that improve security and help lower customers’ risk. Because IT Authorities can reach machines that Lowest cost of service delivery. The combination of are powered down, security software updates are accomplished N-central, best-practice tutorials, Automated Configuration much more quickly, resulting in better customer protection. “vPro Management, and Remote Support Manager reduce your decreases the time it takes to reach 95 percent patch saturation cost of service delivery. at a typical customer from seven days to three days,” says Beck- Agent and agent-less monitoring. Only N-able offers the man. In addition, Intel vPro technology’s hardware-based filters flexibility of both agent- and probe-based network monitor- can automatically isolate an infected PC and keep it from spread- ing, allowing you to select the most efficient way to manage ing across the entire network while maintaining IT Authorities’ your customer’s environment. connection to the infected machine for remediation. “These are critical improvements,” says Beckman. “If one guy plugs in a USB Available as an on-premise or hosted solution. N-able’s key that his kid was playing with, he can take down an Exchange remote monitoring and management technology is offered server, an SQL database, or an entire company. vPro delivers both as a platform and as a hosted subscription service, marked improvements to the customer’s security profile, and allowing you to pick the option that best fits your needs. these are benefits that customers understand and want.” For more information on N-central, visit Active and passive power management capabilities that signif- icantly reduce energy costs. With the ability to turn off groups of PCs after hours and then power them back up before the start of Better customer experiences and improved account control. the next business day, IT Authorities can now save their customers Because Intel vPro technology helps IT Authorities respond more money through lower energy usage, making a substantial positive quickly to customer issues, customer’s productivity and satisfac- impact on their ROI. “Unlike server power consumption, most people tion are improved. “We can show customers that we’re doing are not aware of how PC power usage adds up,” explains Beckman. more proactively, and the customer instinctively understands “We estimate that a vPro-based PC replacing an older PC saves how responsive we are to reactive issues,” says Beckman. “In $187 per year — and that’s for every PC. This makes upgrading to both cases, Intel vPro technology puts us ahead.” Especially in a vPro PC very attractive and makes our sales process easier.” the case of problem remediation, Intel vPro technology brings According to Beckman, energy-efficient IT is becoming a client clear advantages. “When a vPro-based system has an issue, we priority, and Intel vPro technology’s power savings is an important can start the process faster; fix the problem faster; and eliminate part of the sales process. “In terms of energy cost, the dollars that frustrating ‘middle-time’ when the customer knows help is saved for many of our clients are monumental.” coming but the help isn’t there yet.”
  4. 4. Delivering Increased Margins and Competitive Advantage Overview of Intel® vPro™ Technology According to Beckman, Intel vPro technology’s capabilities are Desktop, notebook, and tablet PCs based on Intel vPro resulting in higher margins. “It’s clear that for each client that has technology, combined with a leading software management deployed Intel vPro technology-based PCs, our margins are higher,” application such as N-able’s N-central* provide unprecedented , says Beckman. “We estimate that overall service profit margins at capabilities. These advances allow you to deliver more value those clients average 5 percent higher after the implementation of to your managed services customers by helping them spend vPro systems. This in turn allows us to enhance our offering to the smarter, get more done, and be more secure. client, with additional tools such as backup, change management, and • Remote diagnosis and repair reduce costly and time-consuming richer monitoring.” Not only does the technology build profitability, deskside and service depot visits by resolving problems and but it also delivers competitive advantages that build revenue. “The repairing PCs quickly from the console – even if the PC is capabilities of Intel vPro technology make IT Authorities faster than powered off or in standby mode, is connected to a wireless our competitors, with better capabilities for monitoring and remedia- tion,” he says. “As vPro becomes more and more the standard in the network, or has a disabled OS.1 small and midsized business market, we have an advantage because • Automated proactive alerts identify issues before they we know how to leverage those capabilities. We can bring better become problems or costly repairs. These include alerts resolution times and greater flexibility in the delivery of our services.” about missing or disabled software, memory usage, hard drive health, fans, and power supplies. For More Information • Secure remote power up and power cycling allow you to For more information on the benefits of Intel vPro technology perform scheduled maintenance, backups, and monitoring for small and midsize businesses, visit after hours.1 For more information on IT Authorities, visit • Encrypted, remote security updates ensure that security patches are up to date and speed the deployment of For more information on N-able’s N-central management console critical patches, even to systems that are off or down. software, visit • Remote asset tracking eliminates time-consuming manual inventory of hardware and software with remote inventory management, even if the system is off or down. Solution provided by: 1 PCs with Intel® vPro™ processor technology include Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Intel Active Management Technology requires the computer system to have an Intel AMT-enabled chipset, network hardware and software, as well as connection with a power source and a corporate network connection. Setup requires configuration by the purchaser and may require scripting with the management console or further integration into existing security frameworks to enable certain functionality. It may also require modifications of implementation of new business processes. For more information, see 2 Source: IT Authorities based on field testing performed during July 2009. This document is for informational purposes only. Intel makes no warranties, express or implied, in this document. Copyright © 2009 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, Intel vPro, Core 2 inside, and Centrino 2 inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Printed in USA 1109/ET/OCG/XX/PDF Please Recycle 322767-001US