Bariatric surgery powerpoint


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Bariatric surgery powerpoint

  1. 1. By William J. Rivera BARIATRIC SURGERY
  2. 2. • You must have a BMI of 50 • Proof of diet history • Medical history of obesity causing illness BARIATRIC ELIGIBILITY
  3. 3. ILLNESSES CAUSED BY OBESITY Photo from: a09696527a33aee9d7d43aa8e0eb39a71f05a49305066184f
  4. 4. Bariatric surgery saves lives and money
  5. 5. According to CNN Health, a 2009 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the direct and indirect cost of obesity is as high as 147 billion annually. The 2009 Journal of Health Affairs concluded that the costs of hospitalizations related to obesity rose from 125.9 million in 2001 to 237.6 million in 2005. A report released in November from the American Public Health Association and other groups projected that healthcare costs related to obesity would quadruple in 10 years, accounting for 21 percent of healthcare spending. RESEARCH STUDIES
  6. 6. Based on the New England Journal of Medicine study last month, healthcare costs would quadruple in 10 years, accounting for 21 percent of healthcare spending. If current trends don’t change, one in three American adults will have diabetes by 2050. ADDITIONAL RESEARCH
  7. 7. • According to the average morbidly obese person with a BMI of 35 or higher would pay the same amount for medicine in just 5 years as it would cost to pay for bariatric surgery. • A Columbia University professor, Dr. Blandine Laferre who is a diabetes expert says that “It’s a fact that bariatric surgery is the only efficient method of long-term weight loss. • Bariatric surgery is a positive solution towards the lowering of the BMI and therefore reduces the likelihood of other health impairments occuring. A WELCOMED SOLUTION
  8. 8. • The insurance companies should welcome the request to approve Bariatric surgery. • The insurance companies would save money and the morbidly obese would get a second lease on life. ADVICE TO THE INSURANCE COMPANIES
  9. 9. We cannot afford to wait because waiting too long will result in death LET’S DIFFUSE THAT TICKING TIME BOMB
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