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How to use Ttwitter for Business


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How to use Ttwitter for Business

  1. 1. How to use Twitter forBusinessThe webinar will start shortly…
  2. 2. Nice to Meet You Jason Rudland Owner of Get Me In Google! Hash Tag: #gmig
  3. 3. AGENDA1 Where does Twitter fit in?2 Twitter Central3 Key Takeaways4 Questions
  4. 4. Wh e r e d o e s T wi t t e r f i t i n ?1
  5. 5. Do you Want to Buy my stuff?
  6. 6. 16
  7. 7. http:/ / inbound1013 Steps: 1 2 3Get Found Convert Analyze (Measure What Matters)
  8. 8. Marketing wasaboutpushingmessages out.
  9. 9. Today it’s aboutpullingpeople in.
  10. 10. T wi t t e rCe n t r a l2
  11. 11. Image: http:/ /
  12. 12. What’s In It For Them?
  13. 13. CREATE &CURATE
  14. 14. Ke yT a k e a wa y s3
  15. 15. Key Takeaways• Twitter works as a recruiter of consumers• It’s not about you• Create & Curate remarkable content• Tweet others as you want to be Tweeted yourself
  16. 16. Qu e s t i o n s5
  17. 17. Inspired?Book a free expert review