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How to Turn Your Website into a Sales funnel


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How to Turn Your Website into a Sales funnel

  1. 1. How to turn your websiteinto a sales funnelThe webinar will start shortly…
  2. 2. Nice to Meet You Jason Rudland Owner of Get Me In Google! Hash Tag: #gmig
  3. 3. AGENDA1 Fill the top of the sales funnel2 Apply downward pressure3 Handover to sales4 Takeaways5 Q&A
  4. 4. Fi l l t h et o p o f y o u r s a l e s f u n n e l 1
  5. 5. 500 words!
  6. 6. Filling the sales funnel with ablog• Think of some advice your potential clients will like• Write a 500 word article• Include a call-to-action• Link to a landing page with a short form• Pimp it out!
  7. 7. Ap p l yDo wn wa r dPr e s s u r e2
  8. 8. Lead nurturing• Think of 3 follow up offers – Subscribe to your social media channels – Invite them to an event – Read a new blog post• eMail your leads
  9. 9. Ha n d o v e rt o Sa l e s3
  10. 10. Lead scoring• Visit the website – 5 points• Subscribe to the blog – 10 points• Download an eBook – 20 points• Online tool – 25 points• Free consultation – 50 points
  11. 11. Key Takeaways• Generate some leads with a blog• Nurture them with follow up offers• Score your leads and call the best ones
  12. 12. Qu e s t i o n s5
  13. 13. Inspired?Book a free expert review