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A portfolio of my work from previous positions held.

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  1. 1. Portfolio A selection of my work from the Carolina Alumni Association, Florida Municipal Power Agency, Stalder/Green Advertising, and the San Diego International Beer Festival.
  2. 2. We switched from full-size membership cards to a three-up design. Each card is punched and ready to attach to a key ring. The new design saves money and is easier for members to use. The lower cost allowed us to differentiate one- and four-year members with separate card designs. Carolina Alumni Association
  3. 3. The student shirt features a wrap-around gamecock, a design style seldom seen at the university. It was revealed on the Facebook page. Carolina Alumni Association
  4. 4. The Facebook page improved interactivity between officers and members of the largest student organization on campus. Carolina Alumni Association
  5. 5. I ran several Facebook ads to promote a variety of student events. Word spread and many attendees mentioned seeing the ads. Carolina Alumni Association
  6. 6. The graduating class normally gets a coolie cup and a wristband for local discounts. I changed that to the more popular slap-and-wrap coolie and a benefits card. Carolina Alumni Association
  7. 7. The brand book and graphic identity standards are the cornerstone for all communications originating from the student alumni association. View the book here. Carolina Alumni Association
  8. 8. We sent FMPA’s news releases to local media outlets. Sometimes they turned into stories. View a release and its story. Florida Municipal Power Agency
  9. 9. We put together bags of promotional items for the office green initiative launch. Staff and constituents received the goodies. Florida Municipal Power Agency
  10. 10. During the green initiative launch on St. Patrick’s Day, staff received their promotional bags, along with green bagels and fruit. Florida Municipal Power Agency
  11. 11. A rolling snack-time slideshow educated staff about office-wide environmental initiatives, while a presentation with details followed. Florida Municipal Power Agency
  12. 12. I managed the creation of several ads at Stalder/Green, including one in Spanish for a Puerto Rican publication. Stalder/Green Advertising
  13. 13. I managed the Orlando Museum of Art’s Festival of Trees account, creating tickets, a mailer, a program, a poster, ads, and other items for the fundraising event. Stalder/Green Advertising
  14. 14. Each of the special events throughout the duration of the Festival of Trees received a unique ticket design. Stalder/Green Advertising
  15. 15. A special event featuring a collection of presidential Christmas memorabilia had a unique ticket, poster, and program. Stalder/Green Advertising
  16. 16. Special guests and donors received a folding invitation and ticket for the Patrons’ Gala event. Stalder/Green Advertising
  17. 17. The Patrons’ Gala invitation opened and revealed the event’s theme of Glisten, Glamour, Sparkle, Shine. Stalder/Green Advertising
  18. 18. Ads for the Festival of Trees were featured in Orlando Leisure magazine and the Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts guide. Stalder/Green Advertising
  19. 19. Other items for the Festival of Trees included a coloring book style flier for children’s admission discount and an e-mail blast. Stalder/Green Advertising
  20. 20. I designed the logo for the 2009 San Diego International Beer Festival. Used on the festival’s Web site, entry forms, posters, and other items, the logo is versatile, recognizable, and reproducible. San Diego International Beer Festival
  21. 21. Can I help? You have seen what I can do. Can you use my skills to achieve your objectives? Contact me and let me know.