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Edmodo in the classroom


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Edmodo in the classroom

  1. 1. Edmodo in the ClassroomLanguages Domain meeting May 23 2012
  2. 2. Edmodo
  3. 3. What is Edmodo? Secure, private online learning space for teachers & their students to communicate Extension of your classroom FREE Think Facebook for the classroom > layout Safe for students > no student email required. Only those with the group code can see what’s being posted. No individual student communication/messaging > students communicate to whole group (inc. teacher) or only the teacher.
  4. 4. • Teachers & students can post: o Classroom materials – upload and/or share links, videos, images, files, (documents, presentations), access homework, assignments, notices• All communication appears in timeline > remains archived• Facilitates sharing of resources• Encourages collaboration & communication• Encourages students to ask questions & share ideas – gives a voice to ‘quieter’ students• Tags & library help to manage shared
  5. 5. Ways to use Edmodo in your classroom Resource sharing in variety of formats, links, videos … Virtual study group before SACs & exams - students can connect with teachers & each other in real-time outside of the classroom – discuss texts, exam strategy, questions … Post materials for added revision Invite comments on added resources (links to sites, embeds, YouTube clips, images, document) in Italian, French, Japanese Post small class activities & homework tasks. Activities/tasks posted for absent students Calendar and alerts for important dates
  6. 6. Edmodo Resources Edmodo user guide – help to get started Teacher training presentations at a Glance