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The battle of the gods


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Titanomachy and Gigantomachy

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The battle of the gods

  1. 1. The Battles of the Gods Titanomachy Cronus with brothers and sisters (except Prometheus, Epimetheus and Oceanus) fought Zeus to retain their power. Zeus being outnumbered set free the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires The Titans appointed Atlas, son ofIapetus, as their military commander – war broke out for 10 years
  2. 2. Zeus , Hades and Poseidonheld a war council, a plot was laid. The gods gained victory anddragged all titans to Tartarus, guarded by Hecatoncheires Zeus punished Atlas to standforever and bear upon his shoulder the vault of heaven (Universe)
  3. 3. GigantomachyGaia got angry that her childrenwere imprisoned gave birth to TYPHOEUS . Zeus killed the monster usinghis lightning bolts and buried it under Mt. Etna in Sicily. Zeus final challenge – the The Giants filed mountain upon Giants led by Alcyoneus –an mountain to reach the top but with enormous monsters with a the help of Heracles, they were killed.thousand hands, and snakes for legs
  4. 4. Man’s Prometheus (who foresee) and brother Epimetheus (who reflectsCreation after the event) were given the task of creating man and animals. Admitted to Olympus but carried a grudge Four Ages of Men: against the gods • Golden Age • Silver Age • Bronze Age Made man out • Heroic / Iron Age of clay and water (tears)
  5. 5. Prometheus • Gave life to men without Zeus permission • Cheated Zeus by hiding the best part of the ox mes for the men and the gods got the bones and fat (meeting of gods at Sicyon)• Stole fire and gave it to men• Made Zeus angry
  6. 6. Pandora’s Box
  7. 7. Zeus made great evil for men Given a vase (Pithos) wherein encased are plagues, sorrow &PANDORA mischief – advised not to“the gift of all” open the vase Sent as a gift to EpimetheusComes the race ofwomen, who are evil tomen with a nature to do Lifted the lid of the vase andevil. out came EVIL thingsHermes put perfidy –betrayal and curiosity inher heart and lies into hermouth
  8. 8. The Torture of PROMETHEUS • has to pay for his trickery and theft • was arrested by Zeus servants KRATOS – Force and BIA - Violence • seized in Mt. Caucasus where an eagle fed on his liver which grows back at night • was tortured for 30, 000 years so to disclose a secret important to Zeus
  9. 9. • The secret: a son should someday be bornP to Zeus who would dethrone him andR drive the gods from their home (ThetisO - sea nymph who was arranged to marryM Peleus ---- Achilles parents)ET • was savedsomeday by Heracles with Zeus permissionHE • could not acquire divine immortality unlessU some immortal consented to exchangeS destinies with him. • The Centaur (half-man half-horse) Chiron exchange places with him and took permanent place on Olympus