Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Magazine and DVD Covers: Survey Monkey:I used the search engines on internet This is a website that Ibrowsers to research and analyse used to create andsimilar magazine and DVD covers to help share questionnairesme. Doing this helped me to understand with people throughwhat conventions were used within this my blog and socialgenre of product and what I had to do networking sites.when it came to creating my own covers. I Doing this made itembedded the images onto my blog and simple for me to Technologimade detailed analysis on each that I gather results andfound. es within find out what I needed to know about my my target audience. researchHere is an example ofone of the analysis’thatMicrosoft Excel: I used Microsoft excel to display the resultsthat I found from my surveys through graphs. I did this so thatmyself and others, could easily see the results that I had gathered.Having them in a graph format made the construction of my focusgroup a lot easier, as I was able to take a quick look at the graphsand see the results.
  3. 3. Using the internet within my researchI used various websites to enable the best possible research. I usedsites such as facebook.com, youtube.com and twitter.com, also I usedthe blogging site, blogger.com, to upload and share all of myresearch. I used YouTube to collect research on opening sequences tosimilar products, such as “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. I watchedthe videos, embedded them onto my blog and then analysed the videosbased on the conventions used, settings, sound etc. This gave me a verystrong knowledge of what I would need to use within my own openingsequence. I used Facebook and twitter to get feedback for myquestionnaires that I created. This was a simple and effective way ofcollecting results as millions of people log onto both sites each andevery day. I posted a link to my questionnaire on my facebook walland asked people to do it for me. I used blogger throughout myresearch to post all of my analysis’ and the results of my research.The blog was extremely good to use. It worked really well and wasgood for my specific needs. It embeds videos and uploads photossimply and effectively. It’s easy to navigate around and to collectresponses on my work. Without the internet Ibelieve I would have found it a lot harder to collect theinformation that I did, as I would have had to found old
  4. 4. Technologies used within my planningIn my planning I created a story I used Paint within my planningboard via Microsoft Word. I in many different ways. I used itcreated a table that gave me to help create my draft colourenough space to hand draw the schemes for the DVD covers andpictures in and gave me room to my magazine covers. I used paintdescribe the shot types I will be to help to crop some of theusing. I used Word because it is pictures that I used within myvery simple to create a graph planning to make them fit intoon this programme. I also used the areas I wanted them. ByMicrosoft Word to create draft using Paint I was able to save thefonts for my ancillary tasks. I file as a jpeg. fileused these are there are a widerange of fonts on theprogramme and I also used thisto make the draft work for mymagazine in my ancillary taskwork.
  5. 5. Technologies used within my construction Throughout the construction of my filming I used a tripod for the camera . Doing so made sure that all of the filming looked more professional as they camera wasn’t shacking, and all the shots were to a high standard. The group I worked within and myself found that this piece of technology really helped with the overall outcome of our final audio-visual piece. For the filming of our piece, we used Sony video recorders. These camera’s were very small and easy to use, with high quality pictures. They also had the ability to take still photos, which my group needed to complete our task, therefore it saved us some time when it came to constructing our piece. The camera was easy to use when itI uploaded came to uploading to a computer and it didBefore this my audio-visual piece to Apple MacBooks. everythingcourse, I had never needed it anddo. that we used one to found them very difficult at first,but after a short while I found them just as easy to use as anyother laptop. The MacBook had all the programmes I needed tocomplete my coursework to the standard I wanted and was veryuseful when it came to editing our piece.
  6. 6. Technologies used within my constructionFor the fonts of my ancillary tasks, I used a website calledDafont. This website had many different variations ofschool/child like fonts, which made my work morerelatable to the audience. Without this site I would have hadto use one of the default fonts from Word or Word Art,which would have meant that my fonts would not have beensuch a high standard. The site was easy to use and copying and The final piece of technology used was iMovie. This is an editingpasting the fonts into my own work was simple too. programme that was already on the MacBook’s. It was very simple to open our piece of audio-visual work and to start editing on straight away. Using this we were able to make a good final product thanks to our editing we did on this programme.
  7. 7. Technologiesused withinmyevaluation
  8. 8. MicrosoftPowerPointI chose this for my evaluation asit was a simple, yet fun way forme to present it. Having all the Prezianimations and being able to I had never used Prezi beforeinclude images makes PowerPoint but I found that using this sitepresentations more than just a for my evaluation has made itlong read. less dull and less text based. The site allows you to createSurvey Monkey text and images and lets youUsing survey monkey, I was able to put the focus on differentfind out what people thought of pieces of information at amy final product with one simple time. I found it fun to use andand easy questionnaire. I found very worthwhile towards mythis site was very good at getting work.feedback on my work and that itgives you to opportunity to askany questions you wish, thereforeit was very relevant.