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Media plot ideas


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Media plot ideas

Published in: Education
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Media plot ideas

  1. 1. Idea 1 (death at the party) Death at the party
  2. 2. • Location: Nice sized house located in a village/small town setting • A teenage party • Cast: 30/40 teenagers drinking, dancing, talking. The whole house is full of the teens • The trailer shows how a girl has been killed and found dead at the party. Sprayed onto the wall with red paint next to the dead body are the words “Enjoy the rest of your party, I know I will”. • The rest of the trailer shows a kind of murder mystery of “who done it”.
  3. 3. • The trailer shows a lot of violence from this point onwards from main character (jock?) who tried to take over the situation. • People start to speculate that it could be him who killed her and is trying to cover his tracks. • One girl is blamed as she wasn’t seen for a short period (may have been outside) • Doors are barricaded and no one is let out until they find who did it.
  4. 4. Horror Film Plot Idea #2 (haunted school) Brina, Jasmine, Lucy, Charlotte
  5. 5. Characters • Main Character- Lucy. (played by Annie Peers) She is a ‘dumb blonde’ type character, very ditzy and popular within school. She is mischievous and will get herself into trouble for popularity. • Villain/ghost • Other classmates • Caretaker
  6. 6. Plot • Lucy’s late to assembly, there’s nobody about in school but she hears a tapping noise coming from one of the empty classrooms. She slowly creeps in to see what it is, but then it turns out to only be a caretaker in the cupboard tidying up. • He is angry at her and told her she should not go exploring alone if she hears noises. She’s confused and questions him, and he finally reveals that the school is haunted at night. He told her to return to her assembly and to never go looking for trouble otherwise it could lure the ghost out to start haunting the school in the daytime.
  7. 7. Plot • It then cuts to when she is sat with her friends. She tells her friends what she found out, about the school being haunted. • They all find it funny and dare her to come into school at night and find out for herself if it’s real. • She is certain that the caretaker was just scaremongering, so she accepts the challenge.
  8. 8. Idea 3 Webcam
  9. 9. Characters • 2 girls which are on the webcam • The one girl who is unknown and is scary the other 2 girls. • Guys who are talking to the 2 girls on the webcam.
  10. 10. Plot 2 best friends ditch their other close friend as she isn't as "cool" as them. A few days later the 2 best friends are on social media using a web cam to chat to strangers. After they have chatted to a few guys another girl hacks into their call (unknown to them it's the girl they ditched).The girl isn't using the web cam, only audio. She is scaring the girls and they can't decline her call. The girl forces the girls to reveal certain things about them and torturing them in different ways. At the end of the trailer the face is slightly revealed yet you can't identify who it is.
  11. 11. Horror Film Plot Idea #4 (text)
  12. 12. SuicidalA young girl was found dead in a park as she committed suicide, police investigated and found out she did it because she was being bullied, people who were bullying her then received threatening texts from the girls phone, she scares them to the point where she wants them to feel neglected and alone like they did to her
  13. 13. • Location – park, school, houses – where the girl was found and where her friends go to school and where they live • Characters – popular group of friends young 16-18years old boys and girls – the girl who commits suicide is different to them more shy, insecure and un-popular
  14. 14. Idea 5 (bully) -Shots of groups of friends walking through the corridor having a laugh, being “normal” Shot of girl walking along on her own with reserved body language and looking at the floor very unconfidently. Group of people barge past her and she’s thrown into a set of lockers. Shot of students turning round, acknowledging that they pushed her but finding it funny and continuing to walk along. Classroom scene. Teacher is teaching but she’s aggressively scribbling the symbol down on her page. So much that it begins to tear the paper. Other students throw a ball of paper at her head. Reaction shot of her which makes the audience sympathise with her. Teacher pulls her to one side and asks if she is alright, she says fine but voices begin to appear, whispers get louder and the teacher’s voice blurs out and the voices get louder. The teacher clicks it goes silent Establishing shot of the bedroom. Lots of books all over the room, she’s frantically reading and scribbling things down. Girl obsessed with legend or something. Over the shoulder shot of her laptop, lots of flashes of different news articles and killings. She’s asleep, suddenly wakes up, faint whispers of the voices. Goes downstairs. Picks up knife, staring at the knife, mum walks in she drops knife, sudden cut. Back to school, she’s in toilets. One of the bullies is in the toilet cubicle. Girl locks her in, turns light off, girl is screaming for help. See flash of crazy girls face looking amused. Cuts to black. Shot of mirror with symbol drawn in red blood. Bully is walking through corridor being comforted by friends, very shaken, crazy girl walks past and shows no remorse, but instead amusement. Goes back to the girl in her room, home alone, candles lit & very dim lighting. Mum comes home and hears daughter having conversation and goes into her room. Girl tells mum to get out and says they don’t like you being here. Girl at school, bullies pushing her against the wall and scribbled bit of paper falls out of bag and bullies screw it up and throw it at her. Voices tell her to kill the bullies- see her holding something up to the bullies and cuts to blank screen. Lots of fast cuts from this point onwards. Scenes of violence. 1.Rocking in the corner of a room, screaming, covering her ears 2. Image of her, followed by sinister version of her (possibly in a mirror) 3. Girl making markings on the floor 4. Bullies in the corner of the room, her approaching them with an axe Ending scene- Bullies are tied to chairs in a circle on the field. They are struggling to break free. She is laughing and acting possessed, still hearing voices, throwing petrol (water) all over them. Hear begging and voices laughing. Cuts to black Close up of her amused face. She flickers the lighter, then throws it towards them. Hear loud screams and she smiles as flames appear in her eyes.