What is an auteur


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What is an auteur

  1. 1. Task 2Jasmine Fagg
  2. 2. What is an Auteur? An auteur is like a film director but auters have a lot more creative control when it comes to making films. It is the French word for “author” and it was founded by a man called Francois Traffaut in the 1950s. Directors are hired, given the vision of the film and expected to make It the way they are asked whereas an auteur is given a film and is allowed to make the film in their own creative vision. When an auteur has made a lot of films you begin to see similarities in the themes and concepts of the films because the auteur puts their personality and creative vision into all their films.
  3. 3. Woody Allen
  4. 4. Stephen Spielberg As you can see from his film posters Spielberg enjoys directing films that are sci-fi orientated. Most of his films revolve around aliens or killer animals. His early film posters are in the top row and are mostly illustrated where as his newer films use animations and CGI. There are lots of similarities in the themes of his films as well as the film posters. The film posters are mostly dark and the light is based around the characters or the main object.
  5. 5. Woody Allen From the top row of film posters you can tell that Woody Allen likes to make his posters cartoonish and uses very flat colours. A lot of his films are romantic comedies and romantic dramas and you can tell he is an Auteur because of his use of the same actors. He worked with the likes of Scarlett Johansson many times. He also likes to star in his own films and direct them to. He features in three of the film posters on the bottom row of the previous slide.
  6. 6. Quentin Tarantino
  7. 7. Quentin Tarantino This auteur specialises in action thrillers and is very keen on using UmaTherman as his leading lady. There is a lot of red in the titles and backgrounds of his film posters to symbolise the colour of blood as so much is shed in his films. In most of his film posters there is some sort of weapon, usually a gun, as they feature in nearly all of his films. In most of the posters he uses big bold fonts and bold colours to make the typography stand out.
  8. 8. Steven Spielberg
  9. 9. Stephen Spielberg • In his films Spielberg is really good at creating tension. He does this by using the characters facial expressions and dramatic music to anticipate the imminent danger. There is a famous piece of music form the movie jaws that builds tension in any situation because of the was Stephen Spielberg used it in the movie jaws. He used it to symbolise the imminent danger that was fast approaching. •He puts a lot of himself into his films and you can tell because all his films have the same sort of genre so you can tell he is passionate about the films he makes.