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Benefits and need of EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programs)


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Entrepreneurship Development Programs or EDP are helping the entrepreneurs of this country. In this presentation, we have covered everything you wanted to know about EDP including topics like objective, the importance of EDP and how to conduct EDP.

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Benefits and need of EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programs)

  1. 1. Topics  What is EDP?  Objectives of EDP  Benefits of EDP?  How to conduct EDP?  Role of Training Agencies in EDP  EDP in India
  2. 2. What is EDP? “Entrepreneurship development programme or EDP Training Programs as the name implies mean – entrepreneurship development training that are conducted to improve the skill set of professionals or existing entrepreneurs who are planning to turn into entrepreneurs. The programmes are running across the country by govt owned bodies and private organizations.”
  3. 3. Objectives of EDP?  To update the skill set of attendees.  To teach attendee about entrepreneurship.  To make the attendees understand the path they should take to be an entrepreneur.  Explain Students the process of setting up business with reference to business functions like finance, marketing, operations, etc
  4. 4. Benefits of EDP?  Helps in training the next generation of Entrepreneurs  Helps in raising funds through Govt schemes and private investments  Helps in creation of Employment Generation opportunities  Helps motivate Entrepreneurs  To update the skill set of attendees.  Provides access to Markets
  5. 5. How to conduct EDP? Area of expertise is selected along with location and budget Target audience is identified Promotions and advertisements are conducted EDP is conducted Mentorship and support is provided
  6. 6. Role of Training Agencies in EDP Training Mentoring Support Knowledge sharing Assessment of Attendees
  7. 7. EDP in India!  Conducted by Private and Govt Bodies to promote Entrepreneurship  Govt’s institutions like MSME, NIESBUD, NSIC, EDII conduct regular programmes through Training partners  Specific Programs designed to help Entrepreneurs in their specific fields such as solar energy, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, etc  Mentorship support provided with Programs
  8. 8. Thanks! For more information refer Importance of Entrepreneurship Development Programme