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Asigra Product Marketing Strategy


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THE original Strategy deck that reinvented Asigra and put it on the Backup and Recovery Map and the Gartner \'Magic Quardrant\'.

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Asigra Product Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Product Marketing Presentation - Jas Mann
  2. 2. Agenda1 Vision2 Messaging3 Routes to Market4 Awareness and Demand Generation5 Product Marketing Role6 Questions
  4. 4. What The Analysts Are SayingGartner MarketScope for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software 2008 The leading backup vendors continue to play a significant role in the overall recovery market, but the pressure to innovate and offer a range of recovery options has escalated because new market requirements are forcing customers to look at other vendors technologies and solutions.
  5. 5. Gartner MarketScopeGlobal Backup and Recovery Distributed Market Share Data(Distributed Backup Market = 1.5 Billion) Syncsort Atempo Time Backup Navigator Other Express 1% 11% 2% Symantec BakBone NBU NetVault 24% 2% HP Data Protector 4% Symantec CommVault BE 4% 20% EMC NetWorker IBM TSM CA ARCserve 9% 15% 8%
  6. 6. Competitive LandscapeBackup Software – Traditional Vendors Large Enterprise NetBackup Enterprise Market Segment Backup Simpana Mid-Market Exec Data Protection YOSEMITE Manager Small Business EXPRESS
  7. 7. Competitive LandscapeBackup SaaS Vendors (Online Backup, Online Storage) Large Enterprise Enterprise Market Segment Mid-Market MOZY EVault Small Business SPN
  8. 8. IDC FORECASTWorldwide Software on Demand Revenue, 2006-2011 “The software on demand market reached $3.6 billion in revenue in 2006, and IDC believes it will grow to $14.8 billion in revenue by 2011, with a compound annual growth rate of 32%....”
  9. 9. INDUSTRY TRENDSTop Strategic Technologies for 2009 identified by Gartner Virtualization Technology that leverages (1) Server Virtualization, (2) Virtualization in Storage and Client devices, (3) Virtualization to eliminate duplicate copies of data on real storage devices while maintaining the illusion to the accessing systems (data deduplication). Cloud Computing Technology with (1) delivery of capabilities “as a service”, (2) scalability of services, (3) use of Internet to deliver the services, (4)designed for delivery to external customers Web-oriented Architecture Technology that leverages the key design principles inherent in the web- centric approach to provide an agile and scalable service-oriented environment. Business Intelligence Technology that makes IT a strategic asset and lets them make faster, better, informed decisions – particularly in a difficult business environment. Green IT Technology that allows more equipment in the energy footprint.
  10. 10. Asigra – Technology LeaderTelevaulting – How it addresses the top strategic technology requirements Virtualization “Unobstrusive” Virtual Server Backup, Granular Recovery, Deduplication Cloud Computing  “SaaS model”, Unparalleled Scalability, Internal/External Vaulting ability Web-oriented Architecture Agent-less architecture, Integrated CDP Business Intelligence Centralized Administration, Service-oriented architecture Green IT Best-of-breed data reduction techniques
  11. 11. Comparison with a Traditional Backup VendorTelevaulting – How it compares to Symantec Netbackup and Backup Exec Capability NBU BE Agentless architecture Service-oriented architecture True pay-as-you-grow Integrated Deduplication Integrated Archival/Vaulting Agent-less Virtual/CDP Support
  12. 12. Comparison with a SaaS VendorTelevaulting – How it compares with EVault (Available as EVault Managed Serviceand via Service Providers) Capability E-Vault Agentless architecture Zero channel conflict Higher margins for MSPs Complete Virtual/CDP Support Non-disruptive implementation and operation
  13. 13. The Time is RightAsigra Televaulting – incorporating all the top strategic technology requirements Software as Extending to the a Service IT infrastructure Software as Growing adoption TechnologicalTelevaulting platform Extending to the IT for “on-demand” software. offers complete in- a Service Advances Established base of .MSPs house IT infrastructure Asigra infrastructure Televaulting protection. Technological Advances Growing adoption for “on- Technologyleader – – Technology leader Televaulting platform offers support for all strategic demand software.” support for technology trends. complete in-house IT Established base of MSPs all strategic technology infrastructure protection for trends. SMBs and Enterprises
  15. 15. What The Analysts Are SayingChief Sales Officer Insights – GETTING INTO THE GAME is #1 Sales Tool for Televaulting
  16. 16. www.asigra.comExternal Website Business Need Key Point of Exposure Customer Need Key Resource for Product Information Sales Need Key Sales Tool Channel Need Key Marketing and Content Resource
  17. 17. www.asigra.comExternal Website Suggested Messaging Updates Audience Enterprises and SMBs Target Primary and remote locations Vision Thought Leadership Solution Technology Leadership
  18. 18. www.asigra.comSuggested Thought Leadership Solution Categories and TechnologyLeadership Solution Categories BUSINESS DRIVERS Cloud DATA DISASTER Virtualization Computing PROTECTION RECOVERY Web-oriented Business DATA MIGRATION ARCHIVING architecture Intelligence IT POLICY REMOTE Green IT COMPLIANCE BACKUP
  19. 19. www.asigra.comLinking Solution Categories with Televaulting Features Virtualization Data Protection Televaulting Disaster Recovery Features Data Migration Archiving IT Policy Compliance Remote Backup Cloud Data Protection Televaulting Computing Disaster Recovery Features Data Migration Archiving IT Policy Compliance Remote Backup ETC>>>>
  20. 20. www.asigra.comTelevaulting Features DESKTOP/LAPTOP ENCRYPTION CDP BACKUP BLM DEDUPLICATION VMWare Support ETC>>>>and then creating content like Whitepapers on the high-level features
  21. 21. www.asigra.comCollateral Messaging Thought Technology Televaulting Leadership Leadership Features Content Content Content Website Content deployed in : Datasheets Whitepapers Customer Success Stories Solution Briefs Product Tours Demand Generation Tools FAQ
  24. 24. Channel Building BlocksRoutes to Market used by Traditional Vendors Customers (SMBs and Enterprises) Distributors LARs VARs (Unmanaged VARs) Inside External Channel Channel and Field Websites/ Marketing Sales Sales Collateral
  25. 25. CUSTOMERS – Information SourcesRoutes to Market used by Traditional Vendors Customers (IT Director, CIO, CTO, IT Admin, IT Manager and related) Inside Vendor and LARs VARs Website/ Field Sales Collateral Account Executives Product Info Inside Account Territory Account Pre-sales consultants Executives Reps Online Store Funded heads Pre-sales consultants Sales Engineers Customer Service LAR Onsite reps Events Websites
  26. 26. DISTRIBUTORS – Information SourcesRoutes to Market used by Traditional Vendors Distributors (Account Manager, Marketing, Sales, Licensing, Order-fulfillment) Vendor Channel Channel ISO Websites/ Marketing Sales Collateral Inside Partner Portal Distribution Sales Support Partner Distribution Vendor Website Account Managers Maintenance Marketing Renewal Desk Contacts Partner Collateral Technical Sales and support contacts Order Services Events Group
  27. 27. RESELLERS – Information SourcesRoutes to Market used by Traditional Vendors LARs/VARs (Funded heads, Sales, Marketing, Licensing, Pre-sales consultants) Vendor Channel Channel Disti-s ISO Websites/ Marketing Sales Collateral PartnerPortal Reseller Inside Pre-sales ChannelSales Reseller Intranet support Partner Field Channel Pages Marketing Account Technical Sales Licensing Desk Managers Managers support Vendor Website Order Maintenance Partner Management Renewal Desk Collateral
  29. 29. What The Analysts Are SayingMarketing Leadership Council- LEVERAGING B2B WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING INITIATIVES Viral Marketing : Creating entertaining or informative messages designed for organizations to pass on electronically , via email, online community, Web site, or other Internet channels.
  30. 30. THE NAKED IT GUYUsing a concept to capture attention CONCEPT : Today’s IT Managers are exposed - they need more coverage than they currently have- they do not have complete data and systems protection for their IT environments …Asigra Televaulting - helping IT managers be less exposed to IT risks
  31. 31. Awareness ToolCapturing the attention to generate Awareness and Demand Capture Create Generate Attention Awareness Demand 5 question quiz Check highlighting Out Televaulting Televaulting Technology differentiators. Are you wearing Discover your Try emperor’s Nakedness And clothes? Score-Card! Buy!
  32. 32. Televaulting Demand GenerationDemand Generation StrategyTarget Awareness Consideration Try Buy Call Blitz Registration/Tracking White Papers Email to prospects Sales Script FIT Talk With & & Sales Rep Asigra/ Overview SIT Partner Websites Trialware Other? Email scorecard ACTIVITY OFFER BUY
  33. 33. After Leads ManagementConverting Marketing Responses into Sales Inside Sales Qualify Marketing Capture Score Route Channel (Follow-Up) Field Sales Response Lead Opportunity
  35. 35. What The Analysts Are SayingDifference between Product Management and Product Marketing Product management is more inclined to work closely with development and engineering while product marketing tends to work more closely with marketing communications.
  36. 36. PM/PMM Responsibilities Framework Business Marketing Positioning Case Plan Distinctive Market Sales Customer PricingCompetence Sizing Process Acquisition Market Product Buy, Build Market Customer Research Performance or Partner Requirements Retention Market Operational Product Product Launch Plan Problems Metrics Portfolio Roadmap Market Quantitative Product Product Program Sales Channel Analysis Analysis Strategy Planning Strategy Readiness Support SalesTechnology Win/Loss User Buyer Channel Innovation Presentations &Assessment Analysis Personas Personas Training Technical DemosCompetitive Success Collateral & “Special” Use Scenarios Analysis Stories Sales Tools Calls Release Thought White Event Milestones Leaders Papers Support Product Manager Technical Product Manager Lead Competitive Answer Product Marketing Manager Generation Write-Up Desk Program Manager © 1993-2006 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc.
  37. 37. Channel Marketing ManagerJob Description Responsible for planning and implementing channel marketing programs designed to increase product sales, brand exposure and market share with channel distributors and resellers. Key Objectives: Develop channel marketing strategies and account specific marketing plans by managing MDF expenditure and contracts. Control product content and messaging on partner sites to ensure maximum efficiency and brand consistency. Maintain relationships through ongoing contact with partners in joint go-to-market strategies. Work to identify the best marketing methods and tactics to increasing product sell-through and brand exposure. Visit accounts on a quarterly basis for strategic and promotional planning. Help coordinate, plan, and participate in channel sales training and partner tradeshow events. Develop and implement channel incentive and promotional programs. Conduct partner audits to ensure that partners are aware of and take advantage of Partner Programs. Prepare program collateral and manage Partner communications in order to make sure they are aware of requirements, promotional campaigns and training opportunities. Plan and negotiate partner launch marketing campaigns for new products and programs. Track and report against MDF spend and promotional campaign effectiveness; update monthly metric tracking and reports.
  38. 38. Product Marketing ManagerJob Description Responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy, market analysis, and positioning. Converting these execution plans into messages and materials to drive thought leadership, lead generation and sales/channel enablement. Working closely with the Product Management, the Executive team and across the organization to maximize the effectiveness of the message to market and point of sale. Ultimate outcome is to win the hearts and minds of customers, partners, analysts, and media. Key Objectives: Solution, product, vertical and alliance positioning and messaging. Writing and providing input to create compelling press releases.Conducting press interviews, press briefings, and analyst briefings. Work with Corporate Marketing to create sales campaigns. Create and maintain sales tools, collateral, training, ROI tools, case studies, whitepapers. Conducting presentations and web seminars at various venues globally for lead generation and brand awareness. Internal and external product and solution evangelism. Working with marketing team and product management to create marketing roadmap and strategy to break into new markets and solidify existing ones.
  39. 39. A Connected WorldProduct Marketing – Strategic and Tactical Role Asigra Sales Asigra Customers Sales Enablement Marketing Messages Product Marketing Manager Channel Enablement Collaboration Asigra Product Partners Management
  40. 40. Channel EnablementKey areas of Product Marketing Input in Channel Enablement Strategy Asigra Partner Portal Shared Resources SFDC Leads Education Quoting Partner Custom Partner Partner and Price Lists and Tool Locator Marketing Ordering Reporting Renewals Training Partner Data Opp ortu nity Da ta O ppo rtunit y Data P artner Data Con te nt Pa rt ner Data O rders Da ta Enterprise Partner Resource System Sales Automation Content Financial Databases Management Partner Program Database System Management System Administrative and Management Reporting
  41. 41. Questions?