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F1 ferdinjoe

  1. 1. Impact of SOA and Web 2.0 in Tamil Blogs and Social Networks Ferdin Joe J PG Scholar/CSE, Einstein College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, IndiaAbstractSocial Networks and Blogs are the most powerful electronic media which reaches every nook andcorner of the planet. They are being viewed and managed by even devices using the embeddedtechnology. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 are the technologies which are the basefor social networks and blogs. Tamil blogs are also gaining popularity among readers with amplecontribution from Unicode format of data management. Many Tamils all over the globe; especially theNon Residential Indians (NRIs) have a powerful base of reflecting their thoughts on the social issuesof India using the Tamil Blogs. Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook etc., are also supporting theTamil Unicode nowadays and the Tamil Internet User Community is benefited in many ways. The useof SOA and Web 2.0 plays a vital role in Tamil Unicode with Social Networks and Tamil Blogs. In thispaper, various Social Networks and Tamil blogs from all over the globe are evaluated. This evaluationstudy is done to find the impact of SOA and Web 2.0 on the web. The views, target audience andsignificant features of various Tamil bloggers and Social Network users are also taken into account forthis evaluation.Index Terms: Social Networks, Tamil BlogsIntroductionTamil is powered by Unicode in the web, especially in the social networking is in the increase. Policieswere framed after the Tamil Internet Conference 2010 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, India. Theusage of Tamil Unicode was approved officially for any communication with the Government offices.With the collaboration of Microsoft, Tamil Unicode was given a sort of recognition at the level ofsilverlight frameworks. Due to these policies, the use of Tamil Unicode has increased proportionallywith the increase in the number of internet users. Lot many Tamil Language Researchers who werenew to internet usage, utilized this technology as a boon for their research. Encouragement for theusage was enormous by the release of free and open source softwares like NHM writer released in theCD of CDAC, Govt of India, Azhagi word processor and many more. Nowadays Tamil Unicode isused to comment in various social networking sites like orkut, facebook, twitter etc and chatapplications of gmail, yahoo etc. Tamil journalists and magazine column writers found thistechnology easy and quicker way to reach the editorial board. These areas are powered by the serviceoriented architecture (SOA) and web 2.0 using blogs and social networking sites. These sites reach thepeople with the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and Atom feeds in a more effective way. TamilUnicode is used by the users to express the culture, activities and emotions of Tamils around theglobe. 213
  2. 2. In this paper, I have analyzed many social networks and Tamil blogs. The use of SOA and Web 2.0 istaken as the usage of these sites. From these websites, the impact of Tamil Users are analyzed for thepast one year and the major issues of the Tamil Unicode users are listed out as conclusion of the study.Study sites & CriteriaVarious sites like, athirvu and many bloggers in blogspot and wordpress are taken intoaccount. They were monitored throughout the year and the issues were listed. This listing was doneuntil the release of wikileaks cables and the UNO report on Srilankan war. Most of the bloggersfocused on the Srilankan Tamils issue by slamming the Governement of India. Then the 2G spectrumscam which is currently blaming the ruling parties of India and the State Government of Tamil Nadu.Apart from these, the issues were raised on the byelections and the small incidents happened in andacross Tamil Nadu.Aim of writersThe main aim of these writers was to change the minds of the people and they have succeededpartially by getting positive comments from exclusive and anonymous users. They use to write thisstuff in Tamil Unicode and therefore the reader base has increased but the contents were not reliable.The quality of writing included many third rated comments on National leaders.Impact on readersThe impact of these articles made both positive and negative impact on the reader base. Though theygot an increased reader base, they failed to give quality articles. The issues raised on the Srilankan warbecame a success with the advent of the UNO report on war crime. But in the case of 2G spectrumscam, it is not. In the case of 2G spectrum scam, no one has the rights to comment on either theGovernment or the politicians. The scam is still under the trial in the special court of Central Bureau ofInvestigation, India. Based on some filthy youtube released tapes and opposition partydemonstrations, the real conclusion could not be made. But the Tamil content writers made theirattempt in this issue with ghost referred knowledge. The Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) isheaded by Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi from the opposition party in the Parliament of India. The initialaudit report gave a doubt of loss of money due to the spectrum auction. But the writers were justslamming on the Government for the illusion created. The Joint Parliament Committee (JPC) is formedas per the demand of the opposition party and the trial is going on. Recently, “The Hindu” has given anews stating that, the effect of JPC is becoming a boon to the ruling party itself and the oppositionparties want the committee to retire as they couldn’t achieve what they felt too. On April 28th, 2011,the Parliament Accounts Committee’s report was rejected whole heartedly rejected by the committeeand a new Head was appointed. These activities show that the scam is not the offence of only rulingparty but there are some others who are behind. In this scenario, the content of Tamil writers in theweb came to be known as just illusions and confused the reader base. Similarly, the Government ofTamilNadu was criticized for freebies in the 2011 Assembly Elections Poll campaign. Elections arenormally the reflection of the pulse of voters. Without knowing the this pulse, the content waspublished just by slamming the welfare schemes done. We need to wait till May 13th to see whetherthe voters have rejected the freebies or they welcomed with red carpet. Without this made clear, themedia will never have rights to comment on the Government to change the mindset of people. 214
  3. 3. ConclusionIn this scenario, as a neutral reader, the issues stated in the social networks and blogs need to beanalyzed thoroughly by the readers and then the issues should be taken into account. It is really anoffense to feed the people with wrong news. Tamil internet users need to take all these concepts inmind before they read any sort of sensitive news in the media. The links posted in the social networksneed to be audited by any neutral organization upon appeal. The negative certificate on the contentwill make the users to understand the difference between reality and illusions. Currently the Tamilmedia in the form of blogs, social networks, TV channels are not reliable because of the backing ofsingle person opinion being stuffed on reader base. The auditing on the reality of content and thecertification of content will definitely lead the readers to get the correct picture on the issue.ReferencesNothing in specific. Most of the eminent social networks and blogs were taken for this sudy. 215