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The American Campaign to Suppress Islam


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However, Islam, as an ideology, remained existent universally after the destruction of its state, the 'Uthmani Khilafah, in 1924 CE, because the Islamic Ummah with all her different peoples continued to embrace this ideology despite the fact that it was removed from their practical lives and from the international sphere.

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The American Campaign to Suppress Islam

  1. 1. TheAmerican Campaign to Suppress Islam Al-Khilafah Publications Suite 298 56 Gloucester Road London SW7 4UB e-mail: website:
  2. 2. Al-Khilafah Publications Suite 298 56 Gloucester Road London SW7 4UB e-mail: website: Hizb-ut Tahrir 6th of Zhil-Qidaa, 1416 AH 25th March, 1996 CE ISBN: 1 899 57422 0 Translation of the Qur’anIt should be perfectly clear that the Qur’an is only authentic in its original language,Arabic. Since perfect translation of the Qur’an is impossible, we have used the translation of the meaning of the Qur’an’ throughout the book, as the result is only a crude meaning of the Arabic text. Qur’anic Ayat and transliterated words have been italicised in main part of the book. Saying of the Messenger appear in bold - subhanahu wa ta’ala - sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam RA - radhi allaho anha/anho AH - After Hijrah CE - Common Era
  3. 3. 1 1 2Content Introduction 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 121 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 13 T he collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s was not just the break up of a state, it was the failure of an ideology, and its 142 The Pillars of the American Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 end, both internationally and universally. The conflict (Cold 15 War) which broke out after the Second World War between the 163 Democracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Western bloc, under the leadership of America, and the Eastern bloc 17 led by the Soviet Union, was not simply an international conflict 184 Pluralism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 between two camps, but also an ideological struggle between two 19 ideologies, Capitalism and Socialism. The arena of this conflict was 205 Human Rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 not confined to Europe alone, rather it extended to the whole world, 21 ending with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its fragmentation into 226 Freedom of Belief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 many states.The Marxist-Socialist ideology failed as a system and way 23 of life for these states and their people, and Marxism-Socialism ceased 247 Freedom of Expression . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 to exist internationally as well as universally. 25 268 Freedom of Ownership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 It was natural for America and the Western bloc as a whole to 27 consider this collapse of the Soviet Union and the downfall of 289 Personal Freedom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Socialism as a victory for the Capitalist ideology as a system and a 29 way of life. It was also natural for the followers of Capitalism to 3010 Free Market Policies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 exaggerate in portraying this victory even to the extent that the 31 Japanese philosopher Fukiyama, called it "The End of History". 3211 Conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 33 Ideologies do not end by the downfall of the states which embrace 34 them, even if this downfall led to the break up and fragmentation of 35 the states, rather they terminate when their nations and peoples 36 renounce them and embrace other ideologies and start moulding their 37 lives on their basis.This is what happened with Marxism-Socialism; all 38 the nations and people which the Eastern camp was composed of 39
  4. 4. 6 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam Introduction v 7abandoned it, and turned to Capitalism and started to build their lives America started to spread Capitalism from the moment she went out 1upon its basis. to the world as a colonialist state, because colonialism both in its old 2 or new form is the method for spreading this ideology. However, what 3 However, Islam, as an ideology, remained existent universally after has emerged recently is that since the domination internationally of its 4the destruction of its state, the Uthmani Khilafah, in 1924 CE, because ideology, America has begun to campaign to make it prevail in the 5the Islamic Ummah with all her different peoples continued to whole world.And in the same way that it succeeded with the help of 6embrace this ideology despite the fact that it was removed from their the other Capitalist states in making Capitalism the foundation of the 7practical lives and from the international sphere.The ideology remains international relationships and traditions, it now wants it to be the 8present in the world as long as there is an Ummah who embraces it, way of life for all the nations and peoples of the globe. Based upon this 9even though this Ummah does not implement its systems for reasons plan the people are not only to implement Capitalism as systems and 10beyond its will. However, it ceases to exist internationally if there is no laws but also to embrace its creed, and take its thoughts, its own 11state to convey it, and to direct international policies upon its basis. concepts, criteria and convictions in all the domains of life and not 12Accordingly the Islamic ideology has existed in the world from the simply be satisfied by merely implementing it. 13time that the Islamic Ummah in Madinah was formed on its basis, 14after the Hijrah of the Messenger to Madinah where the first Islamic America had endeavoured to make the Capitalist ideology the basis 15State was built. It continued to exist internationally since that date of international relations, traditions and laws, since the establishment 16until the demise of the Uthmani Khilafah in the first quarter of this of the United Nations, when it made the Capitalist traditions the 17century. cornerstone of the convention of this international organization.Yet 18 in reality America could not succeed in achieving this goal whilst the 19 Regarding Socialism, it began in the world towards the end of the Soviet Union still led the Eastern camp on the basis of Socialism and 2019th Century when it gained a public opinion amongst the peoples of imposed the presence of its ideology internationally and in the world. 21Europe. It existed internationally in 1917 when a state was established So Moscow was able to prevent the absolute domination of Capitalism 22in Russia and its neighbouring countries, which was later known as the internationally by exploiting the hardship and slavery suffered by 23Soviet Union. Socialism continued to exist internationally until 1991, colonized nations and peoples which resulted from the oppression, 24when the Soviet Union collapsed and its peoples abandoned Socialism injustice and greed of the colonialist Western states. So it waged a 25and consequently Marxism-Socialism ended internationally and in the fierce campaign world-wide in which it portrayed colonialism in its 26world.With the downfall of Socialism, Capitalism prevailed alone on true ugly face, by making colonialism and Capitalism synonymous and 27the international arena because there was no longer any state in the expounding that the way for liberation from colonialism was only 28world carrying any other ideology able to build international policies through Socialist revolution.This campaign succeeded greatly to the 29upon its basis. extent that many people started to incline towards Socialism. The 30 states which gained independence and freed themselves from 31 In terms of universality, two ideologies remained, Islam and colonialism, by its old face, raised the slogan of Socialism. 32Capitalism.With Capitalism dominating internationally, a new world 33order emerged.Thus the term new world order is correct from this However, America realised that the old face of colonialism would 34perspective. Therefore it was natural for the American President be a danger to the Western international powers, and to Capitalism as 35George Bush to announce the birth of a new world order, because an ideology.Therefore, it cunningly worked to contain the aspirations 36America is the leading state, the leader of the Capitalist states, and the of the nations and the peoples towards Socialism and it started itself 37standard bearer for propagating the Capitalist ideology. to help these nations and peoples rid themselves of the overt form of 38 European colonialism, and started to restrict those independent states 39
  5. 5. 8 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam Introduction v 9with a new vicious form of colonialism based on an indirect implement Capitalism in a distorted form. It is the Islamic Ummah, 1economic, political and cultural hegemony which was represented in which did not vanish with the destruction of the Khilafah State, that 2military accords, alliances, mutual security agreements, economic and began from the early 1950s to perceive her path for revival on the 3financial aid and cultural programs. Thus, under the flags of basis of Islam. It began to make moves to mould her life according to 4independence and liberation a new colonialism replaced the old its basis, and look forward to save the world with it, despite the 5colonialism. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and division which the Kuffar created in her, before and after the 6Socialism, the international arena became open for Capitalism and destruction of the Khilafah, and despite that her rulers are agents for 7there was no longer any resistance to the sole domination of the Kuffar who maintain the dominance of Kufr established by the 8Capitalism internationally. West in the Muslim lands.These rulers guard the interests of the West, 9 consolidate its influence, and proceed in all their domestic and foreign 10 The UN, which since the 1940s had served only as a forum of policies according to Western directions and orders. 11speech, with no real power due to the Soviet right of veto, now 12changed to become a vast international organization with international Although the revival of the Ummah is not yet complete, and 13authority.And it became an important tool to reinforce the hegemony proceeds slowly due to the oppression and persecution against those 14of America on one side and consolidate the Capitalist traditions on who work for it by the agent rulers, and because of what those rulers 15the other. create of an atmosphere of suppression and terrorism and due to the 16 Kuffar plans that the agents implement against their own people to 17 As for the American campaign to make Capitalism an ideology for all make them succumb to the yoke of Kufr.Yet despite all this the Kaafir 18nations and people of the globe, it meets no resistance except in the West, led by America, is afraid of the Ummah completing its revival 19Islamic world.This is because the rest of the nations and people of the and the return of the Muslims as one Ummah distinct from all other 20world either already embrace Capitalism as is the case with the US, peoples which lives as a single entity; the Khilafah State.A state which 21Western Europe and their followers such as Canada,Australia and New will resume the conveyance of her message to the world to save it 22Zealand or others like Russia and the states of what once were known from the suffering, disorder and immorality to which it has sunk due 23as the Eastern bloc who have renounced Socialism and started to to the hegemony of Capitalism and its opportunistic and materialistic 24mould their lives on the basis of Capitalism.Although states like China, values. Values which have turned the world into a jungle without 25North Korea,Vietnam and Cuba are still raising the slogan of Socialism, security or tranquillity, and despite all the scientific and technological 26in reality they no longer believe in it and gradually turn to Capitalism fruits which humanity has achieved. 27without any official proclamation. Other nations and peoples of Latin 28America, the Far East, South East Asia and some countries and tribes in So the Kaafir West still recalls how Islam transformed Arabs from 29Africa who continually did not have any ideology, do not perceive fighting tribes living at the margin of history into a civilised, 30Capitalism as a doctrinal rival.The Islamic Ummah is the only nation distinguished Ummah, with a civilisation that illuminated the world, 31from amongst the non-Capitalist nations which has an ideology which an Ummah which was able to become the master of the world in a 32she embraces, despite the fact that currently she neither lives short span of time and continued to be so for ten centuries spreading 33according to it nor conveys it to the world.Therefore the American justice, security, high values and prosperity, in every place that the 34campaign to make Capitalism solely dominate the world is not met by standard of the Khilafah was raised. 35real resistance except in the Islamic world. 36 Therefore the West fears that the Islamic Ummah would make a 37 All the current governments in the Islamic world do not implement return again and destroy its influence and interests not over its land 38Islam, even though some of them claim to do so, but instead but over the whole globe. Upon America and the West realising this 39
  6. 6. 10 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islamfact, the American campaign is directed primarily against the IslamicUmmah despite the fact that the campaign is on a world wide scale. 2 1 2 This campaign has other motives such as the Capitalist greed, theambitious desire of America and the West towards the resources of theMuslim lands, the geographic and strategic advantages of these lands, The Pillars of the 3 4 5 6and the fact that they constitute a huge market for the products of the American Campaign 7West and are a source for the raw materials necessary for its industries 8as well as its huge oil reserves vital for its life. Notwithstanding all 9these motives the principle motive behind this campaign is the 10potential threat from the Islamic Ummah against the interests of the 11 A merica depends, in her campaign against the Islamic world, onWest, and its international influence as well as upon its very existence a number of pillars. 12once the Islamic Ummah wakes up, revives, and carries her message 13to the world. 14 The first pillar: Its international weight and influence in the Islamic 15 world, particularly after the second Gulf War policy which resulted in 16 the consolidation of her influence in the whole Islamic region. Due to 17 this weight and influence the existing states in the Islamic world 18 became more compliant to American pressure and plans aimed at 19 suppressing Islam by forcing Muslims to embrace Capitalism. 20 21 The second pillar: While America is the leader of the Capitalist states, 22 she ensures that others participate in this campaign. She uses their 23 influence and their agents to guarantee the success of this campaign 24 in the whole Islamic world particularly as these states do not differ 25 from America in viewing Islam as a threat to them, to their proper 26 influence and interests. 27 28 The third pillar: The international law, and its tools represented by 29 the UN, its charter and its other sub-organisations and institutions 30 which America employs to implement its plans and cover with the 31 international law.And the measures which it deems necessary to take, 32 whether these measures are political, economic, military or other. 33 34 The fourth pillar: The world media dominated by America and her 35 allies, which is used as one of the most deadly weapons in its 36 campaign by using them to propagate its slogans.The media is used to 37 distort the image of Islam and to incite the world against those who 38 adhere to it, portraying them as fundamentalists, zealots, extremists 39
  7. 7. 12 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam The Pillars of the American Campaign v 13and terrorists.This weapon should not be underestimated especially This basis is the Capitalist creed, i.e. the creed of detaching "Religion" 1after the revolution in telecommunications in the second half of this from life.This creed does not result from a rational process, nor even 2century which has transformed the world into a tiny village where the from a logical one, rather it is a compromise between two 3written, audible and visual media has access into every single home. contradictory ideas; the idea which the clergy used to call for in the 4 "Medieval Ages", namely the submission of everything in this life to the 5 The fifth pillar: Perhaps the ugliest and most dangerous of these "Religion", i.e. Christianity and the idea which some thinkers and 6pillars are the agent rulers and the circle around them of underlings, philosophers called for, namely the denial of the existence of a Creator. 7hypocrites, opportunists and those lured by the Kaafir culture and 8fascinated by its way of life.This circle also includes those who pretend So the idea of detachment of the "Religion" from life is a compromise 9to care about Islam whether they are government scholars or those solution between these two sides. A compromise solution is 10presented to the people as Islamic intellectuals from some Islamic conceivable between two similar views where there is some disparity, 11movements who are in reality nothing more than secularists, calling for but it is inconceivable to exist between two contradictory views. 12the detachment of the Deen from life. Either there is a Creator who created man, universe and life and 13 accordingly this discussion will then be about whether this Creator 14 All of these serve the American campaign by turning the Muslims has prescribed a system for man to proceed with, in this worldly life, 15away from their deen to Capitalism by all ways and means including and Who will account him after death on his adherence to this system, 16media misinformation, distortion of the concepts and rules of Islam, or, there is no Creator and accordingly the religion would not be 17the implementation of Kufr laws, as well as setting up legislation detached from worldly life but rather would be rejected from it. 18necessary for this implementation.They also serve it by subjugating 19the state in the Islamic world with various treaties, pacts and But to say there is no importance in the existence or non-existence 20constraints to keep them under the influence of the Kuffar and of a Creator is a matter which does not convince the mind or reassure 21fulfiling their role in executing the plots of the Kuffar to impoverish the Nafs (soul).Therefore the mere fact that the Capitalist doctrine is 22the Ummah to do away with the Islamic values in her besides the a result of a compromise in an issue which allows no such 23attack against the sincere aware sons of the Ummah to silence them, compromise is enough in itself to refute this doctrine for both those 24thereby spreading an atmosphere of submission and intimidation over who believe in the existence of a Creator or those who deny His 25the people, so that no one dares to voice the truth.All for the purpose existence. 26of humiliating the Ummah and forcing her to submit to Kufr and the 27Kuffar. The decisive rational evidence leads to the conclusion that there is 28 a Creator Who created man, universe and life, and that this Creator has 29 These are the most important pillars which America relies upon in prescribed a system for man to follow in this life and He will 30her campaign against Islam and the Muslims, for the purpose of account him after death on his adherence to this system. However, the 31suppressing Islam through forcing the Muslims to embrace Capitalism. issue at hand is neither to discuss the existence of the Creator nor the 32This campaign manifests itself in four slogans which essentially system which He set up for man, rather it is to discuss the Capitalist 33constitute the core of Capitalism: democracy, pluralism, human rights doctrine and to expose its falsehood. In this regard it is enough to 34and free market policies. establish the falsehood by the fact that this creed is a compromise 35 between two contradictory opinions and that it is not built on reason. 36 Before addressing these slogans and refuting them in detail it is 37necessary to explain the falsehood of the basis from which they The refutation of the Capitalist creed is sufficient to refute the whole 38emanate. of the Capitalist ideology because whatever is built on falsehood is 39
  8. 8. 14 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islamitself false.This means that there is no need to discuss in detail thefundamentals of the ideology. But as some of these ideas have achieved 3 1 2 3 Democracywidespread circulation throughout the world and they have gainedacceptance by some Muslims, and because they form the slogans of 4the American Campaign in its ferocious attack on Muslims and Islam, 5it has become necessary to address them, show their falsehood as 6well as their contradiction with Islam. Accordingly it is prohibited 7for Muslims to adopt them and it is obligatory to reject them and 8challenge all those who propagate them. 9 10 The four slogans of this campaign are democracy, pluralism, human 11 D emocracy is the political framework of the Capitalistrights, and free market policies. thought, i.e. the ruling system that the Capitalist states and 12 their like implement. Democracy, for those who embrace it, 13 means that people rule themselves by themselves with the systems 14 that they choose. Oftentimes, Capitalists refer to their system as "The 15 Democratic System", but such a connotation is incorrect for more 16 than one reason: Democracy was not innovated by the Capitalists but 17 had been preceded by the Greeks. Moreover, they were not the only 18 ones who implemented it; the Marxist-Socialists claimed that they 19 were democrats and they consistently pretended that they 20 implemented democracy. 21 22 The most important element of democracy is that it makes the 23 human being and not the Creator as the legislator, which is logical 24 for those who call for the detachment of religion from life because this 25 detachment means to transfer the right to legislate from the Creator 26 to the human being. The Capitalists, in this issue did not discuss 27 whether the Creator has obliged man to follow a certain law and 28 implement it in his life, nor did they even examine this issue at all, 29 rather they appointed man as the legislator without any discussion. 30 31 For Muslims to adopt democracy means to disbelieve in all - may 32 Allah forbid - the decisive and conclusive evidences, among which 33 are many Quranic verses which oblige them to follow the law of Allah 34 and to reject any other law. Moreover, these verses consider any 35 one of them who does not follow or implement the law of Allah as 36 either a Kaafir, a Zalim, or a Fasiq, 37 38 39
  9. 9. 16 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam Democracy v 17 The remaining claims of democracy have no actual reality, the claim 1 that people rule themselves by themselves is a major fallacy. In all 2 Capitalist Democratic societies, people do not rule themselves by 3 "And those who do not rule by whatever Allah has revealed are themselves, because this is a fanciful idea. In reality, people are ruled 4non-believers (Kaafiroon)." [TMQ AL-Maidah: 44] by a certain group of influential people, such as the prominent 5 Capitalists in the United States and the aristocrats in England, which 6 are two of the most deeply-rooted Capitalist Democratic countries. 7 These influential groups in the Capitalist countries hold the necessary 8 means to bring whoever they want into the government and 9 legislative assemblies (parliaments) so that the laws which are passed 10 "And those who do not rule by whatever Allah has revealed are and those charged with their implementation would be serving their 11oppressors (zalimoon)." [TMQ AL-Maidah: 45] interests. 12 13 Regarding what is claimed about equality, justice, and accountability 14 of the rulers, these are all theoretical, without any compatibility with 15 reality. It is enough for one to look to America, the leader of the 16 democratic world, to find that equality, justice, and accountability are 17 "And those who do not rule by whatever Allah has revealed are all selective, enjoyed and practiced by those who have a particular 18transgressors (fasiqoon)." [TMQ AL-Maidah: 47] colour, religion, race, or financial wealth.The suffering faced by the 19 blacks, Indians, those of Latin and Asian origins, those who are not 20 Thus, whoever does not rule by whatever Allah has revealed, Protestant, and those who are not from Western European 21denying Allah s right to legislate, as is the case with those who backgrounds is evidence enough that what is claimed of democracy 22believe in democracy, is a Kaafir according to the explicit words of the is - despite some exceptional cases - merely theory. Consequently, it is 23Quran, because by doing so he is rejecting those decisive verses, and not allowed for a Muslim to accept democracy, because it is Kufr and 24denying a conclusive text makes a person a Kaafir as the Muslim gives man what is entitled exclusively for the Creator. It is obligatory 25Fuqaha agreed unanimously. upon every Muslim to reject it and to challenge all those who 26 propagate it. 27 The Kaafiroon and their agents who rule the Muslim countries, as 28well as all those who call for democracy who are counted from among 29the Muslims, whether they are individuals or movements, realise that 30the basis for democracy is the rejection of the law of Allah and 31putting man in the place of the Creator. For this reason, they do not 32present democracy from this perspective, but instead claim that 33democracy means people ruling themselves by themselves, with 34equality and justice prevailing among the people, and the 35accountability of the ruler guaranteed.Although democracy explicitly 36implies the rejection of the laws of Allah and following the law of 37His creation, the advocates of democracy intentionally avoid 38addressing the issue of rejecting the law of Allah . 39
  10. 10. Pluralism v 194 Likewise, it is allowed to establish movements that call for things which Allah prohibits, such as sexual perversion, adultery, to 1 2Pluralism establish groups defending gambling, drinking alcohol, abortion, and the use of women as sexual objects. Therefore, a Muslim cannot accept both the pluralism which 3 4 5 6 America propagates and the unrestricted pluralism which means 7 accepting the existence of calls for Kufr and anything which Allah 8 has prohibited. A matter which is unacceptable for anyone who 9 believes in Allah and His Messenger because he knows, without a 10 11 A s for pluralism, it emerged in the minds of Capitalists as a doubt, that Allah will punish him for such in the Hereafter. result of their view of society, which they view to be 12 composed of individuals who have various beliefs, opinions, 13interests, needs, and backgrounds. For this reason, they see that it is 14inevitable to have different groups in the society, each with their own 15goals that must be represented by a party, a movement, or an 16organisation. These should all be recognised and allowed political 17participation. So they view pluralism as being contradictory to the 18one-group or one party system. However, this pluralism exists only 19within the framework of the Capitalist system. There is no place in 20Capitalist societies for a group or party which does not believe in the 21Capitalist ideology or which works to undermine the existing 22Capitalist system. 23 24 From this perspective, that is to say, multiple parties within or based 25on the same doctrine and in the same framework of one system, Islam 26has its own multiplicity which is different from that claimed by the 27Capitalists. Islam allows the multiplicity of parties and movements 28which are established on the Islamic ‘Aqeedah and do not work to 29undermine its system, as long as their opinions are Islamic i.e. emanate 30from the Islamic doctrine, or built on its basis. However, the 31permissibility of multiple parties in Islam does not mean that Islam 32permits pluralism based upon the Capitalist understanding as called 33for by America and the West.The Capitalist pluralism emanates from 34the Capitalist doctrine of detachment of religion from worldly life. 35So, according to the Capitalist pluralism, it is allowed to establish 36parties and movements to call for a Kufr doctrine or idea, such as the 37doctrine of detachment of religion from life, or to be established on a 38basis prohibited by Islam, such as patriotic and nationalist parties. 39
  11. 11. Human Rights v 215 used to claim returning to old philosophies based on the concept of mans inheritance of Adams sin.The correct view of mans nature is 1 2Human Rights that he has organic needs which have to be satisfied. Owing to the mind bestowed upon him by Allah , he acquired the will to choose the way by which he satisfies his instincts and organic needs. If he satisfies them correctly, he will have done good, but if he satisfies 3 4 5 6 them incorrectly or abnormally, he will have done bad. Thus man 7 inherently is ready to do both good or bad, and he is the one who 8 chooses the good or bad by his own will.This is the view that Islam 9 adopts and which Allah taala explained in His words, 10 11 T he third slogan that America and the West calls for and strives to force Muslims to adopt is "human rights". Many Muslims 12 are attracted to this slogan because of the oppression, torture, 13and persecution they suffer from their rulers.The origin of these rights 14is the Capitalist ideologys view of the nature of man, the relationship "And a soul and what made it so. He (Allah) inspired in it its 15between the individual and the group, the reality of society, and the evil and righteousness." [TMQ Ash-Shams: 7-8] 16function of the state. In its view of the nature of man, this principle 17conceives man as inherently good and not bad, and that any evil that 18is committed by man is a result of restricting his will. For this reason, 19the Capitalists call for freeing mans will in order to express his good "And We guided him to both ways." [TMQ Al-Balad: 10] 20nature. From this perspective, the concept of "freedom" emanated 21and became the most prominent idea in the Capitalist ideology.The 22Capitalists also claim that the relationship between the individual and 23the community is incompatible. Hence, the individual must be "We guided him to the way so he is either thankful or ungrateful." 24protected from the community, and his freedoms must be secured [TMQ Al-Insan: 3] 25and protected.This is contrary to what prevailed at the time of the 26Feudal system, in which the interests of the community were Also, saying that the relationship between the individual and the 27prioritised over the interests of the individual, whereas the Capitalists community is a relation of incompatibility and confrontation is an 28favour prioritising the interests of the individual and they consider erroneous representation, whether it is claimed by the Capitalists who 29the states main function to be securing and protecting these interests. prioritise the interests of the individual over the interests of the 30 community, or claimed by the Feudalists who called for the dissolution 31 As to their view of society, they said that society consists merely of of the interests of the individual in the community, or as pretended by 32the group of individuals who live in it. If the interests of the individual the Marxist-Socialists who made the individual nothing more than a 33were secured, the interests of the society would be naturally secured. spoke in the wheel of the society. 34 35 All that the Capitalists claim about man and his nature, about the Islam has prescribed the correct relationship between the individual 36relationship between the individual and the community, about the and the community as a symbiotic and fulfiling relation, and not a 37reality of the society, and the function of the state, is incorrect. Man is relation of incoherence.The individual is part of the community as the 38neither inherently good, as the Capitalists claim, nor bad, as the Church hand is part of the human body. Just as the body cannot dispense 39
  12. 12. 22 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam Human Rights v 23from the hand, so the hand is useless if it is separated from the body. amount to thousands, whereas the inhabitants of a small village 1 constitute a society even if they do not surpass hundreds. 2 Islam has assigned rights for the individual as well as for the 3community.These rights are neither incompatible nor contradictory, Based on these facts, the view of the Capitalist ideology towards 4but complementary. Islam also assigned certain duties upon each the nature of society, as well as its conception of human nature and the 5towards the other, and charges the state with the obligation of relationship between the individual and the community, is in error.As 6securing the balance between the two sides to ensure that neither for its error in understanding the function of the state, it is even 7will dominate over the other, so that each side must obtain its rights clearer.The state is not only a tool to secure and protect the interests 8and accomplish its duties.The Prophet magnificently described the of the individual, but also the entity that takes care of all the affairs of 9relationship between the individual and the community by saying, the individual, the community, and the society both internally and 10 externally according to a specific system that determines the rights 11 and duties of all parties. In addition to carrying its message to the 12 entire world if it is built upon an ideology that addresses human beings 13 in his quality as a human being regardless of any other consideration. 14 15 In summary the view of the Capitalist ideology towards the nature 16 of the human being, the individuals relationship with the community 17 which he belongs to and the society in which he lives, and the role of 18 the state in securing and protecting the individuals interests, made it 19 (the Capitalist ideology) call to secure four kinds of individual liberty: 20 freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of ownership, and 21 the personal freedom.These freedoms are the basis from which the 22 human rights emanate, and they are the components of the 23"The example of a man who watches for the limits of Allah and he tribulations in the Capitalist societies, which, as a consequence, have 24who is a transgressor resembles people who boarded a ship; some of turned into jungles of wild animals in which the strong devours the 25them ended up in the upper deck and some in the lower deck. When weak and man degenerates to the level of the animal as a result of 26those in the lower deck want to drink, they would pass by those on unleashing his instincts and organic needs. People in Western societies 27the upper deck. Then, the people in the lower deck would say, What make the issue of attaining as much physical enjoyment as possible 28if we make a hole in our part of the ship without annoying those their only concern.The Capitalist ideology considers this as the peak 29above us? If the people in the upper deck let them do so, they will all of happiness, despite the fact that these societies know not the taste 30perish, while if they stop them, all will be saved." of happiness. Rather, they are overwhelmed by hardship, disorder and 31 unending anxiety. 32 Furthermore, the Capitalist claim, that society is composed of 33nothing more than a summation of individuals who live in it, is by no 34means correct.The society does not only consist of individuals, but 35comprises individuals, the thoughts prevailing amongst them, together 36with the system applied upon them.The correct definition of a society 37is a group of individuals who share permanent relationships. The 38passengers in a ship or a train do not form a society, even if they 39
  13. 13. Freedom of Belief v 256 1 2Freedom of Belief "Whoever changes his deen, kill him." Therefore, freedom of belief does not exist for Muslims because 3 4 5 6 they are obliged to embrace the Islamic ‘Aqeedah. It is not allowed for 7 a Muslim to embrace any other creed, whether it is based on an 8 originally revealed religion, such as Judaism and Christianity, or another 9 ideologys creed, such as Capitalism or Socialism, or any creed from 10 11 A ccording to the Capitalists, freedom of belief means that man any way of life, or any thought other than the creed of Islam.Thus it has the right to believe or to disbelieve in any ideology, is evident that the Muslim is prohibited to accept the freedom of 12 religion and thought. Furthermore, he has the right to change religion which Capitalists call for. Consequently, he is obliged to reject 13his religion, or he has the right not to believe in any religion at all. it and to challenge anyone who calls for it. 14Some of the "trumpets of the Kuffar" who are counted from the 15Muslims claim that the freedom of belief that the Capitalists call for 16does not contradict Islam.They support their claim by the words of 17the Quran, 18 19 20 21 22 "There is no compulsion in religion." [TMQ Al-Baqarah: 256] 23 24 25 26 27 "Whoever wants to believe, let them believe, and whoever wants 28to disbelieve, let them disbelieve." [TMQ Al-Kahf: 29] 29 30 They intentionally ignore the subject matter of these two texts; the 31address in both of them is limited to the non-believers. Muslims cannot 32force the non-believer to believe in Islam, and the non-believers can 33accept Islam or reject it, as individuals, so Muslims should not force 34them to believe in Islam. Such rules do not apply to Muslims because 35they have no option after embracing Islam to disbelieve in it and to 36renounce it.The rule regarding the Muslim who becomes apostate is 37to require his repentance. If he insists on his disbelief, the capital 38punishment is applied on him because the Prophet said, 39
  14. 14. Freedom of Expression v 277 even if it contradicts the Islamic creed or disagrees with the rules emanating from it, such as the call and promotion to what Allah 1 2Freedom of has forbidden like usury, gambling, alcohol, fornication and sexual perversion, and for many ideas that undermine the Islamic values, which Allah has commanded Muslims to hold fast to and protect. 3 4 5 6Expression Freedom of expression means allowing the agents, the hypocrites, 7 those who are disobedient to Allah , and the enemies of Islam, to 8 openly call against Islam and destroying the entity of the Ummah, 9 fragmenting her into ethnic groups, regions, sects and groups. It allows 10 11 F reedom of expression means for the Capitalists that man has the calls for racist tribalism, which Islam rejects and forbade Muslims the right to express and advocate openly any opinion about any to call for and which the Prophet himself described as "rotten". 12 matter or issue without restriction.This freedom is attractive to Freedom of opinion also allows the calls for Kufr ideas that encourage 13some Muslims, because they live in suppressive police ruled states immorality among women, vice, profanity, and corruption, and 14that prevent any person from expressing his opinion if it is against the undermines the high values of honour. It is enough for a person to 15opinion of the ruler, even if his opinion is based on Islam, and even if remember how this freedom allowed the apostate Salman Rushdie to 16his opinion is an Ayah from the Quran or a noble Hadith as long as openly proclaim and distribute what he said about the Prophet and 17the content of the Ayah or Hadith contradicts the opinions or policies the mothers of the believers to realise the extent to which this 18of the ruler.As an example, one of the rulers of the Muslims ordered freedom has reached for Capitalists. It is true that Islam allows a 19his agents of suppression to remove Ayat and Ahadith from walls of Muslim to express his opinion about anything or any issue, but it 20mosques and public places and to destroy them because they reveal restricts him only to opinions derived from the Islamic creed or those 21the truth of the Jews, such as Allah s words, built upon it, or within what Islam allows him to discuss. He has the 22 right to express any opinion, even if it contradicts the opinion of the 23 Khaleefah and his adoption, and even if it contradicts the opinions of 24 a majority of Muslims.The only condition, though, is that his opinion 25 should be based on an evidence from Shar’a or within the limits of 26 Shar’a. Islam even obliges the Muslim to express his opinion and take 27 "You will surely find that the people who hold the most enmity to the ruler to task if he abuses his authority by saying or ordering 28the believers are the Jews and those who associate (partners in something that displeases Allah . Islam even elevated this act of 29their worship of Allah)." [TMQ Al-Maidah: 82] standing up to the rulers to the level of Jihad for the sake of Allah . 30 The Prophet said, 31 In spite of the suffering imposed upon the Muslims - the oppression 32of the rulers, their tyranny, and their transgression against the limits of 33Allah , they are not allowed to accept what displeases Allah . 34 35 Freedom of expression for the Capitalists is not simply confined to 36the accountability of the rulers, or criticising the behaviour of 37politicians and others, but it also includes the freedom to openly "The master of Shuhada is Hamzah ibn Abdul-Muttalib and a man 38proclaim Kufr, deny the existence of Allah , and to call for any idea who challenges an oppressive ruler, ordered him (to do good) and 39
  15. 15. 28 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islamforbids him (from doing evil) and is killed by him." 8 1 2 However, it is not allowed for a Muslim to express any opinion thatcontradicts Islam, whether regarding the Islamic creed or anythingemanating from it. Accordingly, he is not allowed to call for the"liberation of women", or Nationalism, or Patriotism, or Regionalism, Freedom of 3 4 5 6or a Kufr principle like Capitalism or Socialism, or indeed any idea that Ownership 7contradicts Islam. Therefore, it is not allowed for Muslims to adopt 8the freedom of opinion which the Capitalists call for. Everything that 9is initiated by a Muslim should be confined by the Shar’a.The Prophet 10 said, 11 B ased on the Capitalist thought, freedom of ownership implies that man has the right to own anything by any means and to 12 do whatever he wants with what he owns.The only condition 13 is that he does not transgress against the rights of others, which are 14 "Whoever believes in Allah and in the Hereafter, let him say good or defined as such by the Capitalists.According to this definition, man has 15refrain from saying anything." the right to possess anything, whether Allah has allowed it or not, 16 and he has the right to do whatever he wishes with what he owns, 17 The "good" referred to in the Hadith is Islam, or what Islam whether he acts according to Allah s commands or not. 18approves of. Islam forbids Muslims to even show any inclination 19toward what contradicts Islam because the Prophet said, According to this type of freedom, an individual can possess public 20 property such as oil wells, mineral mines (which is considered like 21 inexhaustible water springs), sea shores and rivers, and water which 22 is needed by the community, etc. Also, he has the right to possess 23 "You are not considered a (true) believer until your desires are items that Allah allowed, such as a house, a garden, a shop, or a 24according to what I came with." factory, as well as possessing things that Allah prohibited, such as a 25 pub, a bank dealing in usury, a pig farm, a brothel, or a casino, etc. 26 Furthermore, according to this freedom, man has the right to earn 27 money and invest it through allowed means like inheritance, gifts, 28 business, hunting, agriculture, and manufacturing as well as through 29 forbidden means like gambling, usury, trade in alcohol, or drugs, and 30 many other prohibited means. 31 32 Its clear that freedom of ownership as such contradicts Islam and 33 is therefore forbidden for the Muslims to accept.As a result of adopting 34 freedom of ownership, the Capitalist societies suffer from innumerable 35 diseases. Immorality, organised crime, selfishness, and love of oneself 36 at the expense of others have become established norms. Deadly 37 diseases, crime, deterioration of the social fabric including the family, 38 and epidemic social problems, have spread as a result of promoting 39
  16. 16. 30 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islameverything whether beneficial for people or harmful, like drugs forexample. 9 1 2 As a result of this kind of freedom, wealth is concentrated in thehands of a few, called Capitalists, who because of this wealth, becamethe dominant force that rule societies and states in their internal and Personal Freedom 3 4 5 6external policies.The Capitalist system derived its name from these 7people (as a connotation for its most important matter). Some of these 8Capitalists who became owners of arms factories and arms traders 9have incited their states, or other states under their influence, into 10wars which their people derive no benefit from.Their only concern 11 T he fourth type of freedom which the Capitalist system calls foris the profit that they accumulate from selling weapons for the sake and works to achieve and protect is the personal freedom. 12of business, regardless of the blood that is shed and the tragedies that According to this system, every human being has the right to 13may result. live his private life as he wishes unless he transgresses against the 14 private lives of other people. He has the right to marry or to have an 15 extra-marital relationship with any woman as long as it is done with 16 her consent. He has the right to practice sexual perversion as long as 17 this practice does not involve a minor. Also, he has the right to eat, 18 drink and wear whatever he wants within the public laws. For these 19 Capitalists, the concept of Halal and Haram does not exist when it 20 comes to personal conduct, as long as the person behaves lawfully, and 21 "lawful behaviour" in the Capitalist societies is subject to disparity 22 from one society to another and from one time to another. 23 24 Religion has no influence upon this freedom.The system is detached 25 from religion according to the Capitalist ideology. As a result of 26 applying this type of freedom in the Capitalist societies, immorality has 27 spread. Men and women live together without any legal relationship, 28 and even men and women have partners of the same sex and establish 29 abnormal relationships amongst themselves under the protection of 30 the law. The personal and sexual perversions that prevail in the 31 Capitalist societies result from personal freedom which has also led to 32 unbelievable conflicts. Pornographic magazines and movies, sex phone 33 lines, and nude bars are just a few examples of the abnormalities and 34 perversions which the Capitalist societies have degenerated to as a 35 result of personal freedom. The evident disparity between one 36 Capitalist society and another in the practice of this freedom results 37 from the origin of the Capitalist societies and their gradual application 38 of the Capitalist ideology. 39
  17. 17. 32 v The American Campaign to Suppress Islam Personal freedom v 33 The Capitalist societies were established on the ruins of the Feudal Human rights within this context were first advocated at the time of 1system and the traditions and culture upheld by the Church. Because the French Revolution in 1789 CE and were added as a document to 2it was impossible to change these traditions overnight, the Capitalists the French Constitution issued in 1791 CE. Before that, the American 3were divided among themselves. One group pushed to immediately Revolution had called for these rights (1776), and the rest of the 4abandon these traditions, whilst another group called for removing the European countries adopted them in the 19th century. However, they 5old traditions and culture gradually by taking into consideration the (human rights) remained an internal affair for each state. Human rights 6reality of the societies and the prevalent culture and traditions at the did not emerge into an international law until after the second World 7time.Those who called for the immediate practice of freedom were War and the establishment of the United Nations in 1948, when the 8called Liberals, and those who called for the gradual application of International Declaration for Human Rights was issued.And, in 1961, 9freedom were called Conservatives.Another intermediate group has the "International Agreement of Human Civil and Political Rights" was 10surfaced between these two groups who were called Moderates.This added to it. Moreover in 1966, the "World Pledge for Economic, 11"Middle Group" was also divided; some of them were more inclined to Educational and Social human rights" was issued. These concepts 12the Conservatives and were called Rightists, and some of them were remained only international. Only in 1993 efforts were initiated to 13more inclined to the Liberals and were called Leftist. The Capitalist make them universal: i.e. a law adopted by people and not only by 14societies still have these classifications of groups today. states.Two years after the collapse of Socialism and the dominance of 15 Capitalism in the world, a conference was held in Vienna for the non- 16 A Muslim is not allowed to accept personal freedom because it governmental organisations for human rights, and the "Vienna 17allows what Allah has forbidden, even aside from it being a source Declaration for the Non-Governmental Organisations for Human 18of various social diseases. Personal freedom is the freedom of Rights" was issued, elevating human rights from an international into 19fornication, sexual perversion, immorality, drinking alcohol, and other a universal tradition that the states as well as the people had to adopt. 20diseases. It emphasised the universality of human rights and the need to 21 implement them equally on various educational and legal levels whilst 22 These are the four fundamental freedoms which the Capitalist rejecting the claim that these rights differ from one society to another. 23ideology calls for and the Capitalist states implement, the Capitalists This means to reject taking Islam into consideration when 24would even sometimes ascribe these freedoms to their ideology by implementing "human rights" in the Muslim lands. 25calling it "The Free Ideology" or the "Free World". These freedoms 26form the basis of the concept of human rights which America calls for, To emphasise human rights as an international law, the United States 27they contradict Islam and it is consequently forbidden to accept or call adopted this concept as one of the pillars of its foreign policy in the 28for them. Despite this, many call for human rights including from late seventies during the term of Carter. The State Department has, 29amongst the rulers presiding over the Muslims as well as their ever since, been issuing an annual report covering all the states of the 30supporters and advocates, who are counted among the Muslims, world and their compliance with these rights, as well as the extent to 31together with those enchanted by the Western culture and the which their people are allowed to practice these rights.America has 32misguided and naive who are either ignorant, transgressors or Kaafir. embarked on taking a certain stance against those states that do not 33A person who does not realise the contradiction between "human abide by these rights. As an example, America linked the selling of 34rights" and Islam, and calls for it is Fajir, however the person who American wheat to the Soviet Union to its permission for the Soviet 35believes in it as an idea emanating from the creed of detachment of Jews to migrate to Israel.Also,America took violation of human rights 36Deen from life, which is a Kufr creed, and calls for it upon this basis as an excuse to intervene militarily in Haiti in 1994. As is the case 37is undoubtedly a Kaafir because in this case he does not embrace with American foreign policy in general,American policy on "human 38the creed of Islam. rights" is also selective towards the world states. It ignores the violation 39