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Oracle dba


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Oracle dba

  1. 1. Summary of Experience: Over Seven years of professional experience as Oracle DBA, providing 24*7 support for multipledatabase and data warehousing environments on various platforms. Experience on high volume databases with sizes varying from 100GB to 5 TBs of data. Proficiency in Oracle database installations 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g on SUSE,UNIX/LINUX, HP-UX, IBMAIX, SUN Solaris, Windows environment with hands-on experience in upgrading the Oracledatabases.(10gR1 to 10gR2,9i to 10gR1,10gR2 to 11g). Having good knowledge on 11g Grid control and 12C Cloud control and intensively used forDiagnostic & tuning activities. Experience in applying oracle database patches using opatch utility. Experience in installation and configuration of Oracle 10g with RAC using ASM, configured userlog on load balancing and failover on RAC database for high availability. Installed and Administered Oracle 11g ASM & 10g RAC with ASM & Oracle Clusterware File system(OCFS2). Developed database monitoring/health check alert scripts for database uptime/downtime status, andsizing issues using grid control (OEM). Extensive experience in performing backups and tested crash recoveries using conventional hot, coldbackups and RMAN. Hands on experience of daily monitoring of Oracle instances and maintenance of databases usingOracle Enterprise Manager(OEM), Oracle GRID, ISQL*Plus, and SQL*Plus Command linescripts. Proactive database monitoring using 10g Grid monitoring tool. Experience with Data Guard, creation of physical standby and resolving the physical standbydatabase gap. Proficient with RAC, ASM, Standby Database, Data Guard, Replication. Experience in configuring oracle data guard and streams. Worked on distributed database configuration, creation of database links and snapshots usingSTREAMS for 2 way replication of data. Experience in basic and advanced replication using GoldenGate. Experience in using BITMAP, B-Tree indexes, composite indexes, hash partitioning and histograms. Experience in shell scripting for various CRON jobs to be run. Experience with data transfers and sharing using flat files. Expert in Performance Tuning of Database, Memory & I/O. Used tools such as AWR, ADDM,STATSPACK, HANGANALYZE, SYSTEMSTATE and analyzing queries using EXPLAINPLAN, SQL-TRACE, TKPROF, OEM. .Excellent experience in OLTP/DSS database systems, implementing and managing large Oracledatabases. (VLDB). Involved in the migration of Microsoft SQL Server to Solaris Oracle, doing schema re-engineering,conversion of TSQL stored procedure to Oracle PL/SQL, transformation of all MS-SQL data tablesto Oracle. Experience in SQL, PL/SQL, Database procedures, Triggers, Packages.
  2. 2.  Proficient in database administration activities such as upgrades, patches, TAR support, cloning,backups and recovery, performance tuning, capacity planning, script development anddocumentation. Implemented data replication through materialized views. Proficient with technology domains like User Management, Resource Accounting, Security andNetwork Management for various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Solaris, HP and Red Hat Linux Data Modeling activities include designing the database to support various applications of the client bydeveloping logical and physical models using Designer/ERWIN based on the requirements specified bythe client Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures, packages, triggers, forms and reports, DBMS_* andUTL_* packages. Efficient in security administration by creating and maintaining users with appropriate profiles, rolesand privileges to access network resources. Experience with data modeling, logical and physical database design. Experience in instance cloning and code migration processes. Knowledge of Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP) in RAC environments, which includesboth XA and distributed SQL transactions. UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts; CVS systeminstallation experience; Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs. SQL - Query optimization expertise, including data integrity analysis for application customizationtesting, and creating analytical metrics. Good verbal communication skills, both written and oral. Comfortable working alone or driving goals as part of a team.Technical skills:Education:B.Tech in Computer Science and EngineeringProfessional Experience:Kinectic Concepts Inc – San Antonio, TX Dec 2011- Till dateSr.Oracle DBAOperating Systems HP-UX 10.x,11.x, IBM AIX 4.x,5L,Sun Solaris 2.6/8/9/10, Linux 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.xand Windows NT/95/98/00/XP/Vista.RDBMS Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and MS SQL serverDatabase Servers Oracle Application Server 10g, HP 700 Series, HP Superdome, Sun Enterprise450 & 880, Sun 3500, 3800, 6800, Sun fire 4800, V1280, Dell PowerEdgeLanguages SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Perl, C, C++, UNIX Shell ScriptingTools RMAN, OEM, SQL*Loader, EXP, IMP, DataPump,Goldengate, Erwin, TOAD,ShareplexTuning tools TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, SQL*TRACE, AWR, ADDM
  3. 3. Responsibilities: Provided 24*7 on call support for all the production and development databases ranging from 100GBto 4TBs.Installation, configuration and maintenance of 11g RAC and stand by databases. Installation and maintenance of oracle 10g, 11g databases. Worked on Multiple RAC clustered environments ranging from 2 nodes to 5 nodes per cluster. Implemented GoldenGate for data recovery and data migration for Oracle 11gR2 RAC 2 nodes onRHEL and debugging GoldenGate issues such as extract or replicate rebuild and abend. Implemented Oracle 11g new features like Real Application Testing (RAT), RMAN newcompression algorithm and tested active standby data guard. Involved in fresh installation of and and RAC databases on ASM andNFS file systems. Evaluate, resolve, and escalate database monitoring events as part of a Level 1 support staff. Configured DATA GUARD to provide high availability by implementing physical stand by databaseand worked with various Oracle 10g features: Streams, 10g Grid Control and Automatic StorageManagement (ASM). Implemented, and configured 11g grid control and 12C cloud control on RHEL 5U7 Installed agents on database servers and configured on 11g grid control and 12C cloud control Implement Advanced Replication to provide database load balancing, disaster recovery, and offlinedistributed transaction processing. Database patching using perl script. Developer environment setup, support, cloning and refreshes. Worked on data transfers and sharing using flat files. Reading Alert.log and user trace files and diagnosing the problem. Management of schemas, objects and partitioning the tables & indexes. Conducting sizing & capacity planning for oracle databases. Upgrading development and production databases to Oracle 10g. Developed logical and physical data models and data flows using Erwin. Scripts for startup and shutdown, health check of databases and backups. Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, granting required privileges to users. Responsible in Managing and optimizing transactional replication in OLTP environments. Optimization and tuning SQL queries using TRACE FILE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN. Continuous monitoring of database performance during peak and non-peak loads usingSTATSPACK. Implemented backup & recovery functions using hot, cold and RMAN procedures. Used RMAN for backup and recovery and performed backup validations using RMAN, TivoliStorage Manager (TSM) and NetBackup. Developed scripts to proactively monitor the databases and alert the DBA on events such as runningout of extents, disk space and actively involved in Shell Scripting for various CRON jobs to be run. Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning. Performed SQL tuning and assisted developers with coding PL/SQL. Automation of data load using shell scripting and SQL*Loader. Performed other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring. Involved in process improvement, oracle server installations/upgrades/patches, space management,capacity planning, backup & recovery, disaster recovery, database performance tuning, memory
  4. 4. tuning, application tuning, security administration, data warehousing, data guard, oracle advancedreplication, real application clusters, oracle standby. Code review to ensure that the new customizations were developed within corporate programmingstandards. Oracle database monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving the issues.Environment: Oracle 10g, 11gR2, RHEL 4U8, 5U8, OEM, DataGuard, Netapp NFS, Sql loader,RMAN, Datapump, Netapp, VLDBHitachi Global Storage Technologies, San Jose,CA Jun 2010- Nov 2011Sr. Oracle DBAResponsibilities Worked with a team of DBAs to migrate multiple corporate databases & application from 10g to11gR2, with post go-live stabilization. Proficient in implementing and maintaining Database Security (Users, Roles, Privileges), spacemanagement (logical structures such as table space and rollback segments) and auditing of users. Installed, Configured Oracle 10g RAC Cluster for a 6 node multi instances hybrid cluster. Performed Oracle RAC Cluster ware Installation of 10g ( Cluster Ready Services on 6nodes Configuration, RAC Database Creation, Node Administration. Responsible for Exporting and importing database using Data Pump. Implemented GoldenGate for data recovery and data migration for Oracle 11gR1 RAC 2 nodesand debugging GoldenGate issues such as extract or replicate rebuild and abend. Involved in implementing Load balancing and testing failover on 6 node RAC Database. Wrote scripts to improve the performance of importing indexes. Created Materialized views on big tables and enabled the AUDITING on few tables in production. Responsible for implementing cold/hot/logical backup procedures using shell (LINUX) scripting andalso using RMAN. Developing, testing & implementing strong backup and recovery strategy. Alsoresponsible for monitoring backups. Responsible for creating RMAN catalog Database and Registering the Databases in Catalog Databaseand Cloned production RAC instances to development and QA systems using RMAN duplication. Extensively worked in various areas of Dataguard i.e. Installation, Recovery, RTA (Real TimeApply), Patching, Tuning, Switchover, Switchback and Failover. Created Physical Standby databases using RMAN with zero downtime, performed Failover andSwitchover using Data Guard Broker and manually as and when required. Worked extensively with Physical Standby database, troubleshooting, switchover and switchbackwith Physical standby setup. Good knowledge in basic and advance replication using Oracle Streams. Implemented, and configured 10g grid control and 11g grid control on RHEL. Involved in checking and managing table space growth, monitoring the data file growth and extentstoo. Involved in export and import of database objects in order to copy them from one database toanother & for backup the tables. Responsible for continuous Monitoring of CPU usage, I/O contention, memory paging andidentify the resource and performance bottleneck and reorganization for ensuring performance. Monitored queries with high response time and high disk read per execution (Top SQLs) and tuningthe same using Explain Plan, TKPROF and SQL tuning advisor. Involved in De fragmenting data blocks of table spaces for optimized performance. Also partitionedlarge tables to increase performance.
  5. 5.  Responsible for all database activities such as User management, space management, databasesecurity management. Implemented the resizing the online redo logs in production and in standby database. Applied patches whenever necessary by downloading them from Metalink. Automated Database refresh from the Host system to Oracle using, SQL and PL*SQLprocedures. Worked on performance and tuning on SQL queries wherever it is required. Experience in using 10g features such as Data Pump, Flash Back Recovery, ASM, AWR, andADDM. Managed Oracle SR / tars, research application bugs, apply patches, data-fixes to resolve application,user functional issues Created Partition’s, estimated stats on one partition and copied the stats to remaining partitions usingdbms, stats. Provided 24*7 supports with an on call pager.ENVIRONMENT: Oracle, OEL 5.3, HP-Unix 11.11, Windows XP, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader,OEM, DataPump, TOADNAVTEQ MAPS - Chicago,IL Jun 2009- May 2010Oracle DBAResponsibilities Provided Database Administration and support (24*7) for 2TB production oracle 10g OLTPDatabases Responsible for all database activities such as space management, User management, databasesecurity management, rollback segments & creation of DB links. Responsible for installation and creation of databases (10g) (RAC) for Development and useracceptance test. Responsible for Installation of 10g ( cluster ready services and database in OCFSand ASM file systems. Responsible for Upgrading the Database from to and Upgrading CRS from10.2.01 to Configured ASM file system and administering ASM Instances and Disk Groups in RAC. Involved in administering and maintaining Oracle Application Server 10gR2 (10.1.2). Responsible for implementing Load Balancing in RAC Database. Implemented Fast Connection Failover and Transparent Application Failover for ensuringDatabase High Availability. Responsible for using Flashback query mechanism along with automatic undo management. Refresh/Cloning of Database from production environment to test environment and application ofpatches. An active member of the backup and recovery team and was responsible for configuration andimplementation of backup and recovery using RMAN and Data Guard. Tested many backup and crash recovery scenarios on test environment, using RMAN tool. Implemented 10g Oracle STREAMS for DATA REPLICATION across databases in a hightransactional 10g RAC data environment. Responsible for automation of startup and shutdown on all production and development databases. Increased availability of development instances by reducing cloning time by implanting cloneautomation using Grid.
  6. 6.  Involved in export and import of database objects in order to copy them from one database toanother & copying the export dump file to tape. Wrote scripts (Linux Shell) for database maintenance activities such as monitoring the growth rate oftable space and extents. Also wrote UNIX scripts to process batch jobs. Project Documentation, creation and adhering to standards of Implementation and Projectmanagement.ENVIRONMENT: Oracle, &, RHEL 4.2, IBM AIX 5.2, Windows XP,SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, OEM, PL/SQL Developer, Import/Export, TOADVirtusa– Hyderabad,India Jul 2007- Feb 2009Oracle DBAResponsibilities Responsible for Installation, administration and upgrade of Oracle RAC 9i/10g & Oracle 9i/10gproduction and development databases. Performed cloning using RMAN to set up development and test databases from Production database. Upgraded the single instance database from to Involved in database migration from single instance to 3 nodes RAC Database. Creation and Configuring Services using SRVCTL and DBCA. Responsible for installation and configuration of Oracle 10g Grid Control and agents and Manageddatabases using Oracle 10g Grid Control. Responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining the Physical standby database. Used Data Guard broker to monitor Data Guard configurations on standby database. Good working and implementation knowledge on Data Guard and Stand-by databases for fail-overand recovery. Responsible for configuring and taking level 0 and level1 incremental RMAN backups and resolvingissues arising out of those. Performed daily health check of the databases by implementing abovebackup and recovery procedures. Also implemented logical, cold and hot backups. Responsible for managing both rollback and temporary segments. Worked with Development team to fulfill the requirements of applications with Database design. Involved in applying latest patches on the oracle database and also upgrading the database bydownloading them from Metalink. Responsible for modifying the database structure as required based on information given by thedevelopers. Loaded data into staging tables using SQLLDR, automated data loading using shell scripts (LinuxShell) Rebuilt indexes for better performance of Oracle database. Worked extensively in Performance Tuning at various levels including instance tuning, Querytuning, Database performance tuning. Performance tuning using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*TRACE, TKPROF, STATSPACKfor optimized results. Involved in listing out recommendations for data modeling and optimization.ENVIRONMENT: RDBMS 9i, 10g, Solaris 8 (SPARC), SUSE Linux 9.2, AIX 5.1, Windows 2000/XP,TOAD, OEM, EXPALIN PLAN, TKPROF, EXPORT/IMPORT, SQLLDR, RMAN, NETCAApp labs, Hyderabad, India Nov 2005- May 2007Oracle DBA
  7. 7. Responsibilities• The work involves overall Maintenance of ORACLE Database, Performance Tuning, Backup,Recovery and other database related activities.• Created database users, roles; manage database user security, passwords for all Developmentengineers/users.• Performed daily maintenance tasks like space management, managed quotas etc.• Used Oracle export and import to transfer bridge specification data from production to developmentsystems• Worked with PL/SQL developers to write limited database code, Packages, Procedure, functions andDB triggers to query bridge data.• Managed Oracle space, performed Oracle table space management tasks, maintained tables, databaseobjects.• Monitoring of database objects like rollback segments, temp segments and table spaces• Involved in the installation of Oracle 9i on Solaris and UNIX platform. Responsible for regular Physical as well as Logical Backups and maintaining the databases usingRMAN.• Configuring network components like TNSNAMES, SQLNET etc. For easy and effectivemanagement of Oracle networking. Configured listener for external procedure calls.• Assured Load balancing, monitored disk I/O statistics, Data file I/O statistics, read/write ratiosand fixed problems.• Identifying the poorly performing queries using TKPROF, STATSPACK reports and assisting thedevelopers in optimizing and tuning the SQL and PL/SQL code using SQL trace.• Tuning SGA, Rollback segments, Latch contention issues, Optimize sort operations.• Used SQL Loader to load data from bridge survey sheet text files to Oracle tables• Performed on-call technical support to minimize the impact of system disruptions.ENVIRONMENT: Oracle Server 8i , 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SunOS 5.7, Shell scripting, EXPORT/IMPORT,TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.