People skills for Oriflame Consultants


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This module is part of the training program for Oriflame Consultants to reach higher levels in Oriflame.
Mrs Jashmi (Oriflame Director)

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People skills for Oriflame Consultants

  1. 1. People SkillsIt is very important todevelop your PeopleSkills because Oriflame isa peoples business. Wemeet and interact with somany people everyday.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  2. 2. Success comes with friendliness!Your success comes not only fromyour knowledge about the Oriflamebusiness / products but also from yourability to build friendly relationshipswith people.People don’t care how much you know,but if they can connect with you, trustyou and respect you, they will doanything for you.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  3. 3. Communicate with loveWhen you are talking to someone beaware of the words you speak, as well asthe tone in which you say those words.Especially when you talk on phone, makesure your tone is friendly. They can notsee you so they depend on your voicetone to make judgements about you.Make sure your tone is loving, supportive,positive and encouraging.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  4. 4. Listen keenly!People love to talk to good listeners sodon’t just keep talking.Give at least 50% chance to the otherperson to express his/her thoughts,opinions, etc. Encourage people to talk.Note their emotions and feelings.Summarize the conversation from time totime to let them know that you arelistening and you understand them.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  5. 5. Appreciate often.When dealing with people, put your egoaside. If you make a mistake, be quick inadmitting it and saying sorry.Appreciate at least 1 thing about the otherperson in each and every conversationyou have with each and every person.Use the golden words thank you andplease as often as required and mean itwhen you say them.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  6. 6. Guide & Support them.Be willing to support others when theyneed it. If you are busy and you miss theircall, give them a call back as soon as youare free.You may not be able to solve all problemsbut you can guide them to solve theproblem or direct them to the right person.When you are there for people when theyneed you, you will develop a strongerrelationship / friendship.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  7. 7. Understand people.Build a rapport with the people in yourteam by knowing their values, beliefs,thoughts and ideas.Be interested in knowing them- theiremotions, priorities, goals, desires,objectives, purpose, needs, etc.Guide them, coach them, support them invery way to reach their goals!Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  8. 8. Respect people.Respect everyone at all times.Notice your judgement about them andjust drop it.Think from their point of view at least onceduring your conversation.Always end the conversation on a positivenote.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  9. 9. Mrs Jashmi is one of the fastestgrowing Directors in Oriflame. Shecoaches, trains and supports her teamto become successful in Oriflame byusing the Oriflame Training System.Do you have a Question? - write to me