Oriflame MLM Business Opportunity in India


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The MLM Business Concept of Oriflame is that of unlimited width and depth. Mrs Jashmi has explained the MLM Business in this presentation. She is now based in gujarat. She has her MLM Business groups in guwahati, hyderabad, bangalore, chennai, delhi,
Oriflame is an MLM Business for women as well as men. Mostly people do the Oriflame MLM Business from Home because it has a great future.

This presentation has all the facts as well as the formula for doing the Oriflame MLM Business along with the history in India.

Oriflame's name is ni the top 10 in the list of MLM Businesses in India. It is still a new opportunity in India and it is legal.

Nothing comes free so you can start your Oriflame MLM Business in India for just 299. All you need is your mobile and some tips from your upline leader.

MLM Business is in full swing in Jaipur, Kerala, Karnataka, Lucknow, Maharashtra, Madurai,
Mumbai, Orissa, Pune, Punjab,

Dont join any MLM Business in pre-launch because you never know if it will work or not.

Join an established company like Oriflame, Amway, Herbalife, etc. where ever you live... In Surat, West Bengal, Jaipur, Kolkata, maharashtra, navi mumbai, pune, karnataka, kanpur, kerala, etc.

Just join the MLM Business and make a list. Follow up on leads, and in some time you will become an MLM Business leader in India.

As an MLM Business leader you can launch the MLM Business freely in all cities. The MLM Business model works if the management and marketing is strong.

To do MLM Business you need to have self motivation.
Network Marketing opportunities in India are open to men and women who want to make it big,

Visit MLM Business opportunities blog http://www.cosmeticsconsultantsindia.com

In this MLM Business ppt you will find details about Oriflame
MLM products, plan, presentation and tips.
Oriflame is best mlm company to join, the best mlm company to work for because it is the best mlm company today in India and one of the best mlm company in the world.

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  • I want to join oriflame anybody know how much percentage i can get? plz inbox me https://www.facebook.com/sanjana.sethi.351
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  • For more information just Contact 03122128556
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Oriflame MLM Business Opportunity in India

  1. 1. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaOriflame is a Sweden based CompanyOriflame is Present in 62 CountriesOver 900 affordable products that men & Mrs Jashmiwomen in India use daily. Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comOriflame is a big Brand 09377630607 Oriflame is established in India!
  2. 2. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaOriflame has completed 15 years in theMLM Industry in India.Oriflame is almost growing at 20% plusevery year Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorOriflame is a legal MLM Company in India jashmiw@gmail.comand is part of IDSA. 09377630607 Lots of scope for you to grown...
  3. 3. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaAnyone can join Oriflame for Rs. 299 andearn 20% on product sale and upto 21%on group sales.Oriflame has the latest technology: Mrs Jashmi•online sign up, Oriflame Director•online ordering, jashmiw@gmail.com•online training, 09377630607•online reports,•online communication, etc Excellent company to work with.
  4. 4. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaYou can have unlimited directs andunlimited indirects, till unlimitedgenerations and have unlimited income.There is no capping on your income. Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorDevelop your business worldwide! jashmiw@gmail.com 09377630607No time limit BONUS worth 7 Croreswaiting for you...! Unlimited Income Opportunity
  5. 5. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaOriflame business is based onconsumption. The more people you havein your network and the more theyconsume/sell, the more you will earn. Mrs JashmiUsually Oriflame consultants show the Oriflame DirectorOriflame catalogue to 3 new customers jashmiw@gmail.comeveryday and recommend them products 09377630607based on their needs.Some customers also join as an OriflameConsultant. Strong Product based Company.
  6. 6. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaAs a Leader you benefit by recruiting lotsof Consultants and teaching them thefollowing:•How to get new customers•How to get repeat orders Mrs Jashmi•How to serve customers Oriflame Director•How to recruit others jashmiw@gmail.com•How to develop a team 09377630607•How to develop leaders, etc. Strong Training by Company!
  7. 7. Oriflame MLM Business in India Oriflame comes out with a new Catalogue every month with new Offers, New products, etc. Always buy 20 Catalogues of next month Mrs Jashmi in advance so you can give to customers Oriflame Director and new consultants who join your team. jashmiw@gmail.com 09377630607Very exciting Offers, Incentives, Gifts!
  8. 8. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaOrganize the following to grow yourbusiness:•Oriflame Opportunity Meetings•Home Parties•Product Training Mrs Jashmi•Business Training Oriflame Director•Leaders Training jashmiw@gmail.com•Prospecting Drive 09377630607•etc(More info on how to grow after you jointhe team)Learn the Oriflame System from me..!
  9. 9. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaRecruit 1-2 new Consultant per week andteach them everything you know, step bystep.When you build a team of 100+ active Mrs JashmiConsultants, you will become Director in Oriflame DirectorOriflame & earn 40-80,000 per month. jashmiw@gmail.com 09377630607If you have 6 Leaders with 100+ activeconsultants you will become DiamondDirector in Oriflame earning in Lakhs! Recruit, Train and Develop people
  10. 10. Oriflame MLM Business in IndiaTake the first Step – Join OriflameGet qualified as a 12% Managers (I willguide you) and prove that you are serious. Mrs JashmiOnce you become Manager, I will give you Oriflame Directormore support and help you in Training and jashmiw@gmail.comDeveloping your group faster. 09377630607 Work with Mrs Jashmi directly!
  11. 11. Oriflame MLM Business in India Write down your dreams and goals for the next 1, 2 and 5 years. Write down when you want to be a Manager (12%), Senior Manager (21%), Mrs Jashmi Director and Diamond Director with Oriflame Director Oriflame. jashmiw@gmail.com 09377630607 If you have clear goals, I will be able to guide you better. When you get in touch with me, do share your goals with me.Join Oriflame & Achieve your Dreams!
  12. 12. Mrs Jashmi is one of the fastest growing  Directors in Oriflame. She coaches, trains  and supports her team to become successful in Oriflame by using the Oriflame  Training System.