Getting Started in Oriflame


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This is a short training for New Oriflame Consultants who have just joined Oriflame. In this presentation I will be guiding you on what you need to do to be a successful after taking your Oriflame membership. These tips are useful for all Oriflame Consultants, old or new. I will be happy if more and more Oriflame dealers take advantage of this training. I look forward to your comments!

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Getting Started in Oriflame

  1. 1. Getting Started in OriflameHave you just joined Oriflame ?!Congratulations to you for starting yourexciting journey with Oriflame! Mrs JashmiI started this journey 2 years back and it is Oriflame Directorgoing to be as much fun for you as it has jashmiw @gmail.combeen for me! 09377630607So welcome again and enjoy reading mytips for getting started in Oriflame...!
  2. 2. Oriflame has a lot to give youIn this beautiful journey you will:-Make new friends-Learn new things-Make lots of money Mrs Jashmi-Attend events & free foreign Trips! Oriflame Director-& much more!!! jashmiw 09377630607You will experience all this as you grow inOriflame
  3. 3. Your Dreams & GoalsSit with your spouse and write down:-Your dreams for your self, familymembers & your Oriflame business. Mrs Jashmi-Make a dream poster so that you can see Oriflame Directoreveryday to remind you of your goal. jashmiw 09377630607-Short term goals – 3-6 months-Medium term goals – 1-2 years-Long term goals – 2-5 years
  4. 4. Be a ProfessionalAlways dress as best as you can:-Use Oriflame skin care products regularlyand share your experience with others Mrs Jashmi-Use Oriflame Personal care, Hair care, Oriflame DirectorMake up, Fragrance, etc. jashmiw 09377630607-Make a list of prospective customers andconsultants & keep expanding the list
  5. 5. Be a Professional-Keep a Record of your existingcustomers and their favourite products,update them of new offers, new products,new catalogue, etc. Mrs Jashmi-Keep your Oriflame money separate Oriflame Director jashmiw all the Oriflame Business tools listed 09377630607in the price list
  6. 6. Be a Professional-Keep 1 or 2 hours a day to focus on yourOriflame work-Plan your business with your upline Mrs Jashmileader and decide when & how you will Oriflame Directorreach Manager & Senior Manager level jashmiw 09377630607-Give yourself a commitment for workingwith Oriflame for next 1 – 3 years toachieve your income goals
  7. 7. How to Grow in OriflameKeep doing the following things:-Keep learning from your upline leaders-Show the catalogue to 3 new people/day Mrs Jashmi Oriflame Director-Use skin care guide to give product jashmiw @gmail.comrecommendations to your friends, etc. 09377630607
  8. 8. How to Grow in Oriflame-Invite people you meet to join Oriflame orleave a catalogue with them-Keep recruiting 1 new consultant / week Mrs Jashmi-Read some positive/motivating book Oriflame Directorbefore you go to sleep. jashmiw 09377630607-Keep teaching new Consultants all youhave learnt!
  9. 9. Mrs Jashmi is one of the fastest growing Directors in Oriflame. Shecoaches, trains and supports her team to become successful in Oriflame by using the Oriflame Training System. Do you have a Question? - write to me on