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Vistage Comments 20081211


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Comments by CEO's on the effectiveness of Asher's Sales training.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Vistage Comments 20081211

  1. 1. Seminar Evaluation Comments By Small Business CEOs on Asher Strategies Sales Seminars 1. Profound knowledge of subject. Best handout I’ve seen in 23 years. 2. The book is invaluable. John knows it very well and uses it. Flip chart matched the presentation which matched the book. Awesome, brilliant and applicable. This simplifies the most complicated function of business in an easy-to-apply, quick-result process. It is perfect! 3. John is a great speaker, very knowledgeable, informative. He’s easy to listen to. Content was great. I learned a lot! Too many points to name. It was great! Thank you! 4. Positive, informative, and encouraging. Content was broad but detailed so it can fit our industry. 5. Material very well presented. Presentation skill very good with appropriate level of humor. Content can be used right away in my company. 6. John brought out many thought-provoking points to the group. Content was relevant and up to date. Great presentation. 7. John’s delivery was very engaging. He presented ideas and asked for feedback from the group. John clearly defined the roles involved in sales and the tools necessary to select the right person for the job. 8. Very clear, organized, effective. Excellent content!!! Powerful information developed through education and experience. 9. Excellent topic, excellent speaker, very relevant and timely. 10.Great delivery and engaging. Excellent content. Going to take back to office and
  2. 2. implement many of items. 11.Energetic, expert, engaging, relevant. Great focus on the five factors for successful sales. 12.Very strong, engaging; and kept the topic focused. Focus was very good and I really enjoyed the real-world stories. This was very valuable. 13.John did agreat job of keeping our/my attention. Well versed and very informative. Sales driven, make sure the right people are in the right position. The presentation was great. 14.Very engaging, clear, and informative. Held interest of the group. Presentation (handout) is excellent. A lot of great material. 15.Excellent presentation-informative, knowledgeable. Pace was perfect. Presentation covered all facets. Delivery was superb. 16.Very to the point which is great. Very helpful and very good sales person and loved the handouts. Thanks for giving back. 17.Dynamic, fast paced, exciting. Relevant to my business. 18.Outstanding delivery. One of the best I’ve ever had. Powerful content. 19.Perfect content and delivery. Best presenter yet. 20.Direct, quick, kept it fun- really strong. Content was solid and very comprehensive. The book and handout was exceptional. 21.Excellent. He got his audience involved. He was incredibly knowledgeable. Fabulous handout. 22.Clear, concise, tremendous amount of useful information. Great overview of a very deep subject, fantastic handout – best I have ever received.