When to Use Coaching? By Jasbindar Singh


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The reasons for working with an executive coach are as diverse as the organisations and their senior executives. This presentation summarises the most common reasons for working with a leadership or executive coach.

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When to Use Coaching? By Jasbindar Singh

  1. 1. When to Use Coaching? The reasons for working with an executive coach are as diverse as the organisations and their senior executives www.jasbindarsingh.com
  2. 2. Being a New Leader You are new to a role and keen to make your mark by navigating the uncharted waters in the most effective and powerful way www.jasbindarsingh.com
  3. 3. New to the Industry You are feeling your way, while experienced members of the team watch to see you prove yourself www.jasbindarsingh.com
  4. 4. Leadership Style It may have been described as too transactional, too laid back, not engaging enough of the team and other stakeholders, too aggressive or [add your feedback here] www.jasbindarsingh.com
  5. 5. Organisational Challenges You and your business are facing rapid change, increased competition, restructuring, impact of technology, all in the context of greater volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity www.jasbindarsingh.com
  6. 6. Conflict Resolution You are the CEO, Group HR, GM HR, GM People and Culture, Divisional GM or SME owner….. Perhaps you and or two senior members of the team/division are in conflict and this is having a negative impact www.jasbindarsingh.com
  7. 7. Self Awareness You have a direct report with great talent who needs greater self awareness to become a better leader www.jasbindarsingh.com
  8. 8. Trusted Confidential Advisor You are the CEO/GM/HR and are looking for a confidential trusted advisor and experienced coach with whom you can discuss issues, as you can’t talk to just anybody www.jasbindarsingh.com
  9. 9. Personal Development You would like some strategies and ideas for managing your boss, personal development including any blind spots, having greater impact as a leader, the next step…. www.jasbindarsingh.com
  10. 10. Turn Your Motivation And Commitment Into Results Your love the job, the industry, and the values that your company stands for Your would like to translate your high level of motivation and commitment into outstanding results www.jasbindarsingh.com
  11. 11. Call me on 027 280 3335 to discuss coaching for your direct report, senior manager or yourself Email:jasbindar@jasbindarsingh.com www.jasbindarsingh.com