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0224報告_Place Specific Computing


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Published in: Technology
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0224報告_Place Specific Computing

  1. 1. Place-specific computing is suggested as a new genre that focuses on how we can shape interactions mediated by digital tif t it t d b di it l artifacts, situated iin places and l d utilizing place-specific resources to enhance our experience of place
  2. 2. context not only shapes usability but ideally becomes the subject matter of iinteraction tt ft ti design and that quot;environmental knowingquot; is a process that technology may serve and not erode
  3. 3. expresses an alternative to anytime- anyplace sameness in computing ubiquitous technology does not obviate the human need for place new technology must be culturally grounded in “place” what is here-and-now and the here-and- mediated presence of other people and acti ities activities
  4. 4. Location Based Services › fi di finding objects or people iin proximity bj t l i it › navigating to a target based on geographicall position hi iti Context-aware computing › respond to a wider range of contextual data?
  5. 5. (1) who – user identity; (2) what h – iinterpretations of action; i f i () (3) where – geographical location; g gp ; (4) when – current time, or the time spent at a llocation ti tt ti (5) why – the user’s affective state Abowd, Abowd, G. D. & Mynatt, E. D. Mynatt, Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing
  6. 6. Environmental Structures Place- Place-Specific Artefacts Computing People
  7. 7. shape fluent and unobtrusive interactions mediated by digital artefacts, situated in a place and utilizing its specific resources, th tili i it ifi thereby b enhancing our experience of this place.
  8. 8. Six pilot studies iin f four countries i › Sweden › Germany › South Africa › Italy
  9. 9. suggested new genre in interaction design Future work:shift focus from conceptual studies towards practical design work, prototype development g p yp p and prototype evaluation in context