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Women day sms

  1. 1. We may not be able to see each other orlisten to each other often. But thoughtsof you fill my heart with fond memories of the times we have spent together. Thinking of you!
  2. 2. To the woman ofmy dream:Thankfullyin my life. Inow in my arms. Happy Women’s Day!
  3. 3. A beatiful women, agreat friend and awonderful mother. Youare all this to me andmuch more... I feel solucky and pround tohave a mom like you.
  4. 4. A woman can makehappiness bloom all aroundthem! Kudos to you,HappyWomens Day!!
  5. 5. Just the right text for the woman whoseems to be able to do it all with ease!
  6. 6. This Women’s Dayjust stand tall cos you are the most special woman of my life!!
  7. 7. Sending across these lonelyflowers, to say: I care for youand anytime you need me, I’llalways be there for you!
  8. 8. On women’s day what can i wish for, but thevery best for u! Happy Women’s Day!
  9. 9. A beautiful woman must expect to be moreaccountable for her steps, than one lessattractive.
  10. 10. Like d flower who holds its dew,U hold mewhen i need u!Thanx-Happy Womens Day!
  11. 11. You’ re everything a girl should be like!Heres wishing you are womens day that’s just like You
  12. 12. I love women. They’re the best thing ever created.If they want to be like men and come down to our level, that’s fine.
  13. 13. Do most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a womans heart!
  14. 14. Feel special, unique, on top of the world..its your day!! HappyWomens Day my girl
  15. 15. Raise a toast to a woman whose ablend of many special qualities youadmire!Thanx
  16. 16. On this special day, celebrate life. Take abreak from your busy schedule. Let your hair down, have fun and do what yourheart says. Coz today is your day. Have a great Women’s Day!
  17. 17. Its 8th of March..its Women’sday..Wish its filled with Joy!! Happy Women’s Day!
  18. 18. Whateveryou do, you do it withgrace, style warmth & smile! Happy Women’s Day!
  19. 19. It’s Your Day! It’s Your Day! Wish a special day to a special woman!