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Presentation a2


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Presentation a2

  1. 1. Florence StirzakerJacob BroadridgeEmma VenessASSIGNMENT 2
  2. 2. MEGA Radio• Mega Radio is a specialist radio station that plays music listenedto by 15-29year olds, such as drum&bass, grime, bassline, garage,dupstep and jungle.• We will broadcast through TV and DAB radio and also throughinternet, this is because our target audience will prefer to listenthrough these formats. We are also going to offer podcasts todownload from our website, so that our listeners can listen ontheir ipods.• There is a gap in the market for this station as urban music isbecoming popular and the only station that broadcasts in/toHampshire that supplies urban music is radio 1xtra
  3. 3. Target Audience• Our target audience for this assignment is going to be the youngergeneration that are into music like drum&bass, jungle, dupstep,bassline, garage and house. They will be aged between 15-29 yearsolds who like o go out at the weekends to bars, pubs and raves.They will either be in education studying or in full-time work. Theirfashion style will be ranged, what links them together is the musicand nightlife they are into. I will be targeting both genders, not onespecific gender.
  4. 4. Music Selection/PlaylistBassline:• Come On My Selector - Squarepusher• The Judgement - Benga and Skream• Super Sharp Shooter - The Ganja KruGarage:• Little Man - Sia• Day n Night - Kid Cudi• Whats it gunna be - H two O/PlatnumHouse:• Rollercoaster - Skream• All Gone Pete Tong & Skream Miami -Pete tong and Skream• Street Walker - Duke DumontDrum&bass:• Tap Ho - TC• Mr Happy - DJ Hazzard• The Code - Andy CJungle:• Get Ready - Congo Natty• Incredible - General Levey• 6 Million Ways To Die - DJ HypeDubstep:• Innocences - Nero• Coffee Break - Zeds Dead• Make It Bun Dem - Skillex ft DamianMarley
  5. 5. Local DJ’sWe want to show the talent of the local DJ’s, to do this we will beplaying snippets of the mix’s/songs on soundcloud. Here are thenames and website address of some local DJ’s.• Ash Foster -• Indy Wilkinson -• Harrison Hammond -
  6. 6. Listeners Needs
  7. 7. Speech Topic• The main topic of speech in our podcast is about the whiteparty, an event put on in Portsmouth by an individual localpromotion company called Dirty Dandy. The theme is wearingwhite, whether that being your own white clothes or the DirtyDandy t-shirts which you can buy off the promotional DJ involved.• The DJ’s in our podcast are part of the DirtyDandy team, and will beplaying at the event on March 30th.
  8. 8. Competion• Dirty Dandy made a competetion that the best dressed would win a£50 bar tab
  9. 9. Editing
  10. 10. Why Our Listeners Listen