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Force Google To Give You Top Ten Rankings

This article is going to give you a few simple steps to force Google to display your article on the top 10 listings for your keyword. Most people think to rank in the top 10 listing in Google that you have to be some sort of SEO guru or have “special powers”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually much easier then you could imagine.

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Force Google To Give You Top Ten Rankings

  1. 1. Force Google to Give You Top Ten Rankings With Article Marketing - Part One.
  2. 2. Article Marketing - Part One • Figure out what to sell. • Head over to and click on market place • Pick a category that you are interested in. • Find a product that has a gravity of at least 100 or more. • Go to the Google keyword research tool.
  3. 3. Article Marketing - Part One • Type in the broadest term you can think of for your product. • Pick out about 20-30 long tail keywords and save them copy them to notepad. • Take the saved keywords and type them into Google with quotes. • Look for keywords with under 20,000 competing pages.
  4. 4. Article Marketing - Part One • Save those keywords on a separate notepad. • Now you need to write two articles. • The first article is going to be based on the keyword you found in step 9. • The second is going to be a review for the product you picked to promote.
  5. 5. Article Marketing - Part One • The first article’s title should include the keyword you picked; this will ensure Google knows how to categorize your article. • Now take the article you wrote the product review on and head over to • Make a blogger blog and post your review on the page.
  6. 6. Article Marketing - Part One • Now submit your first article to • Make sure you include the resource box. • The resource box should contain an anchor link to your blogger blog. • The anchor text should be the keyword that you chose to write the article on.
  7. 7. Article Marketing - Part One • Wait for approval from; this will probably take a few days. • Start your back linking campaign. • You can find detailed back linking instructions at