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  • HR Needs to Recognise and Embrace Change. – the HR software, the cloud, mobile and social. The Dutch Lead the World in Contingency Work! HR & Recruitment needs to Attract More Intelligent People Storytelling As Opposed to Corporate Speak Performance Management will be a Constant ProcessEmployees and Prospective Employees are CUSTOMERS! - Everyone In an Organisation Is A Recruiter! – job advertisements modernise, the revenue is in the relationship not the connectionResumes Become the New 3 ½ inch Floppy Disks Westerners that “Get Asia” and Asians that “Get Western” Will be Invaluable! Non Technical People Become “Technical Geeks” – because of their network, because they have toMobile Rules The Roost! Employer Branding Communications Become SocialThe Employer Brand Will be Controlled by Employees Organisational Culture Needs to Become Authentically Organic, not Created Bullying will be Exposed and Crushed Social Media is a RISK! - If You Do Not Embrace It! The World is Your Talent Pool, Not Just Your Backyard! - Firms that Engage in more Remote Recruitment Will Have A Crucial Advantage Work will Evolve From “Full Time 9am – 5pm” to on Demand Project Work - people will have multiple engagements not just 1 jobSenior citizens will no longer be wasted talent! Because of project work and demographic forces! Selection Criteria's Will Modernize Sheep Will Be Laughed at then Eaten by Wolves – Risk adverse companies will be a risk in themselves. People That Embrace Abstract Concepts Will Thrive! – Not everything can be measured, Leaders have to conceptualize trends in their own minds and take steps to meet those changes. ROI will have to be understood in qualitative terms not just quantitative terms. Working Schedules Become More Flexible (and Productive!)HR Must Control Change, But Not The Direction – Let the Employees Management has a “Light Bulb” moment – when executives realise the salary cost savings and increased workforce engagement of a more flexible workforce, HR will be begged into the boardroom Asian Economies Dominate Growth – motivated workforce vs western lack of motivation -The Chinese Communist Party Becomes More Democratic “Work” Will no Longer be a Dirty Word!
  • 2013 hr and recruitment predictions asia pacific

    1. 1. Asia Pacific War For Talent - HR & Recruitment Predictions 2013The world of work, HR and recruitment is changing. This presentation will briefly outline why change needs to take placeand makes some predictions about what innovative companies will do in 2013 tomeet such changes. Please follow me on Twitter @JarradNorthover for on-going updates.
    2. 2. If its Not Broke Don’t Fix It! – The analogy of the misinformed!• HR and recruitment may not be broken, but some would argue HR and recruiting is not working very well. Why?• Rapid social, technological, attitudinal and demographic changes, yet HR REMAINS LARGELY STAGNATE.• Recruitment remains largely reactive to organisational needs both in the short term and the long term.• Negative management and employee attitudes towards HR and recruitment as a value adding business function.• Talent will become scarce, but searching for talent using the OLD WAYS of recruiting will become more cumbersome and incredibly expensive.
    3. 3. Asia Pacific Demographic Changes yet to be fully understood by HR Pros and Recruiters• Soon half of India’s 1.2 billion population will be under 30!• By 2025 China’s middle class size will be equal to the USA – China is urbanizing the equivalent to the entire population of Australia (22 million people) every year! - Economic power is shifting from West to East• Indonesian GDP is growing at 7% per year with half of Indonesia’s 235 million population under 30.• More women are educated, empowered and independent than ever before, yet senior management is still dominated by men from similar backgrounds who generally think alike.• In the near future, workers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China will be swamped by a growing retired population, causing issues for macro-economic productivity.
    4. 4. Technological Changes in HR and Recruitment• The rapid adoption of social media platforms and information sharing about people and ideas allows talent finders and HR staff access to a new body of information that was previously unavailable, yet understanding of how to use social media for relationship building, recruitment and employer branding remains poor.• By the end of 2014 most of the world’s internet traffic will be from mobile devices, yet most career portals are not optimized for mobile.• Millions of apps are downloaded every day, yet HR has failed to recognise the competitive advantages that apps could create for recruitment in the “war for talent”.• Continued advances in data capture and search algorithms by Google allow recruiters to more easily find information about people, their skills, their networks and their interests yet such advances are not being widely exploited for recruiting.• The rise of cloud computing, semantic search and social recruiting platforms allows HR access to great technology for competitive advantages, yet uptake is still slow.
    5. 5. Attitudinal Changes for the new generation of workers• Shortly Gen Y will dominate workplaces after the baby bombers retire.• In demand, skilled professionals are demanding more benefits and freedom in the way they work.• Gen Y has new ways of thinking, working and adding value within organisations which is often misinterpreted and mismanaged by business leaders.Employees and Prospective Employees are behaving like CUSTOMERS!How are you going to deal with that as a HR and/or Recruitment Professional?
    6. 6. If its Not Broke Don’t Fix It! – The current inferior and costly methods of HR pros and recruitersRecruiters are hiring RESUMES, NOT PEOPLE!HR pro’s and internal recruiters are spending thousands via recruitment agents, when they can learn how to source candidates with partnership agencies.Strict selection criterias and rigid applicant tracking systems push out strong talent not based on what their capable of, but on what they have done and how long they have been working within the one profession.Too much emphasis on job titles and organisational reputation as opposed to what skills and insights were gained from previous employment and life experiences.Too much emphasis on quantity of work experience and a lack of emphasis about quality of work experiences.Placing non-socially engaging job advertisements in mass audience job boards both online and in print which can be quite expensive.Believing that having thousands of connections on LinkedIn is somehow going to give you an advantage over everybody else.Cold calling all the time instead of diversifying sourcing strategy through ongoing trail and error sourcing innovation.Putting little to no time into employer branding and employee engagement communications.Blaming new hires for lack of performance, but refusing to invest in a supportive and intellectually engaging on-boarding/induction strategy.
    7. 7. What does this all mean for HR in 2013?• Firstly, HR Pros and Recruiters must conceptualise such changes and adapt HR and recruitment strategy to survive and thrive.“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin
    8. 8. Companies that win the war on talent in 2013 will:• Source candidates through innovative means such as using social media (and not just LinkedIn!).• Understand that social media is a conversation (DO NOT SPAM, DO NOT SPEAK AT TALENT, SPEAK WITH THEM!)• Understand the technicalities of Google X-ray and Boolean search strings.• Understand that the value is in the relationship, not the connection (you may have to be a little more social than just connecting on LinkedIn!)• Collaborate with talent sourcer’s or RPO providers (not necessarily mainstream agents) to build their internal capabilities for the future.• Engaging in employer branding communications on social media and have conversations with talent on social media.• Focus on attraction and retention by loosening the grip on their employees (flexible working hours, having fun at work!, empowerment, encouraging intrapreneurship ect).• Optimize career web presence for mobile device use and entertain the idea of creating a 3rd party recruitment app.
    9. 9. Companies that win the war on talent in 2013 will (cont):• Understand that competitors can access candidate and employee data (you can no longer hide your top performers so engage them!).• Every employee is a recruiter! – Encourage your staff to build networks and socialise with their professional peers to build a talent pipeline.• Develop supportive induction programs for new hires.• Understand that “off the shelf turn-key solutions” are not appropriate whatsoever, all recruiting strategies need to be tailored.• Monitor blogs, twitter feeds, LinkedIn discussion forums so you can find talent based on what someone is doing rather than simply what someone has done (CV approach).• Use socially engaging, highly targeted adverts when undertaking recruitment marketing.• Allow staff to attend networking events and collaborate with other professionals outside their organisation.• Engage in remote recruitment (interviews on Skype or Google+).• Understand that social media is a risk, if you don’t embrace it.
    10. 10. 1 key thought to take away!Millions more professionals will be enteringthe social web in Asia over the coming years,so please try and understand the implicationsfor your HR and recruitment functions!
    11. 11. What social media apps can help me with sourcing, recruiting and engaging talent?Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Multi-PlatformWork For Us Followerwonk Who Works.At HootsuiteJobcast Social Bro Slideshare BufferBeKnown Crowd Booster Signal Bullhorn ReachBranchOut Twileshare Scavado Manage Flitter TweetDeckThis list is not exhaustive.Also checkout befound.com.au (Australia) Remarkable Hire (For ITProfessionals), Meetup.com groups (for professional meetup groups in yourarea)Remember Google+ is essential for SEO and is fantastic for sourcing andcategorising talent with 400 million searchable profiles.