PKŠ CeljeOktober 2010Letnik 1, številka 1                                                      Recipes of                 ...
St ran 2                     Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                             L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk...
Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                               L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1                       ...
St ran 3                       Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                          L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk ...
Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                            L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1                          ...
St ran 4                              Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                             L e t n i k 1 , š t...
Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                                      L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1                ...
St ran 8                         Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion                                   L e t n i k 1 , š ...
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Recepti savinjske regije


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Recepti savinjske regije

  1. 1. PKŠ CeljeOktober 2010Letnik 1, številka 1 Recipes of Savinjska regionKazalo:Obrnjenik with sauerkrautStuffed cooked apples 2Millet gruel with dry fruit 2 Obrnjenik with sauerkrautand applesRajžnata klobasa (a kind of 2black pudding) The dish also called obr- Ingredients (serves 4-6): cream and pour overŽlikrofi (with mincemeat) 3 nenk is made of fried 40 dag buck wheat flour boiling milk, salt and mix wheat, buck wheat or it well to get a compact corn flour, poured over 2 dcl cream and 2 table paste. Make dumplingsBacon salad 3 spoons of butter with a blend of salted and serve them with sau- boiling milk, cream and approx. ½ litre milk erkraut.Ajdnek (buck-wheat cake) 3 butter. salt Obrnjenik is a substantial From this mixture dum- Use a frying pan and fry and salty dish. ThereforeKozjanski krapi (fritters 4 plings are made by hand the flour till it dries out. workers used to have itfrom Kozjansko) and can be served cold for lunch, wrapped in Add melted butter orPršjača (sour cake) 4 or warm with coffee or horse radish leaves to sour milk. keep it fresh.Kozjanska kruhova poti- 5ca (bread cake from Stuffed cooked applesMushroom soup 5Orehova poti- 6 Ingredients: Soak the raisins in nut cake) Cut the top of the apples 4 applesSkutni štruklji (cottage 7 1 tea spoon butter and remove the pips. Putcheese pie) the apples into the 1 table spoon raisins baking tin and stuff themŽolca (aspic) 8 Rum with butter, nuts, honey, 1 table spoon ground sugar and soaked raisins.Tople murke (warm 8 nuts Put the tin into the ovencucumbers) 1 table spoon honey and cook for 20 minutesSlivov močnik (plum 8 1 tea spoon powderpudding) sugar
  2. 2. St ran 2 Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 Millet gruel with dry fruit and apples Ingredients: First wash the dry fruit well then soak it in water. 1 handful various dry fruit Soak millet gruel for about an hour. Cook fru- 2 table spoons millet it and millet gruel gruel separately until soft. 1 table spoon stewed Mix both together and apples add mashed stewed (1 tae spoon maple syrup apples and maple syrup. as sweetener-optional)Vir: Rajžnata klobasa (a kind of black pudding)Ingredients: 2 table spoons mar- 1 pork head joram 1 veal lights 1 tea spoon ground cloves 3 cups mince bacon 40 dag boiled rice 4 table spoons salt 2 litres pork blood 2 table spoons ground pepper 1 kg pork or beef sausage casing 1 tea spoon cinnamon (intestine) Wash the sausage casing boiled for 5 minutes. Mix the sausages in low tem- thoroughly in cold water. everything together and perature for 10 minutes. Cook the head in boiling wait until cold. Add the The water should not salted water until the blood and mix again. boil! meat gets off the bones. Keep the sausages in the Cook veal lights refrigerator. Before ser- separately. When coo- Take sausage casing out of water, press one end, ving, cook them in a ked, mince the meat and frying pan, greased with the lights in a mincer. fill the sausage casing with the mixture, cut the pork fat for 35-45 minu- Add salt, pepper, and tes. other spices together other end and bind both with the rice, previously ends together with aVir: wooden skewer. Cook
  3. 3. Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 St ran 7Skutni štruklji (cottage cheese pie)Ingredients: it with a kitchen string and cook for 30 minutes in salted boiling water.50 dag cottage cheese Unwrap the pie, cut it2 eggs and butter it with fried20 dag flour bread crumbs.1 tea spoon saltMix all the ingredientstogether. Pour themixture onto a dishcloth.Roll up the dishcloth, tie Vir:www.slovenia.infoMrežna pečenka (roast pork in pork net) Ingredients: 2 pinches ground caraway seed 1 kg pork leg joint 3 cloves pork net little cinnamon bark 4 slices lemon skin parsley salt 6 garlic cloves black pepper in 2 laurel leaves beans slices of lemon skin, cin- minutes at 180C.First wash the meat then namon and a laurel leaf Uncover the tin anddry it, rub in salt and on it. Rub in the meat on roast for another 30freshly ground black both sides with ground minutes, pouring thepepper. Make three small caraway seed and ground sauce from the tincuttings on each side and cloves. Put it on the pork over the meat fromput garlic cloves in them. net, add lemon skin, a time to time. laurel leaf and parsley on top. Roll up the meat Switch off the oven,Heat the oven-180C. into the pork net and put cover the meat again and leave it in the oven Vir: www.megazin.spoznaj.siSpread the pork net over it in a smaller baking tin. for a few minutes.the kitchen desk, put two Roast covered for 60
  4. 4. St ran 3 Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 Žlikrofi (with mincemeat) Ingredients: 2 table spoons bread and meat together and crumbs make very small meat 1 egg dumplings. 15 dag flour a pinch of marjoram Make the dough and let 1 egg it rest for half an hour 1 tea spoon oil salt then roll it out flat. Place pepper the dumplings on it in 3 table spoons soup lines, not too close to Filling: each other. Cut the lines 25 dag cooked minceme- and cover the meat balls at Mix fried onion, bread with the dough, press the 4 dag fat crumbs, an egg, marjo- dough edges together ram, soup, salt, pepper with fingers. Bacon salad Among all the salads endive and dandelion salads are the best to be lard with fried ba- con, garlic, sour cream and vinegar. Ajdnek (buck-wheat cake) Ingredients (dough): ½ kg buck-wheat flour (Filling): the dough into a greased tin, using a ½ kg ground nuts ladle or a spoon. Sprinkle well with ½ litre salty boiling water nuts, trickle warm honey down on it ½ kg white-wheat flour ¼ litre honey and cover it all with the rest of the 4-6 dag yeast Pour hot water on buck-wheat flo- dough. Repeat this at least three ur and stir well. When cooled off, times, always with the dough on top. 1 table spoon sugar (for yeast) add white-wheat flour and risen Leave it to rise then bake it in an 1-2 dcl milk yeast and warm milk. Knead soft oven for approx. 60 minutes at dough and leave it to rise. Then put 190ºC.
  5. 5. Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 St ran 6Vir:www. Slovenia.infoOrehova potica(Slovenian nut cake) Ingredients (dough): salt 60 dag white-wheat 1 vanilla sugar flour Ingredients (nut filling): 10 dag sugar 3 dag yeast 1,5 dcl milk 10 dag honey 2 dcl milk 40 dag ground nuts 2 egg whites 14 dag sugar lemon skin 4 dag butter 14 dag butter cinnamon 4 yolks 2 table spoons rumDough: bowl and the fingers. sugar and at the end,Sift the flour into a bowl, Leave it to rise in a warm slowly stir butter to theadd salt and put all the place. When rolling the filling.ingredients except for dough make sure not toyeast, butter, yolks and flatten it too much.half of sugar in the mid- Filling:dle. Mix the other half of Boil milk with half ofsugar well with the yolks sugar and pour it overand add it to the flour. ground nuts togetherDissolve yeast in milk with warm honey. Addwith one tea spoon of grated lemon skin, cinna-sugar. Add it into the mon and rum. Whendough together with ¼ l cooled down, addmilk and knead well until whipped egg whites withit separates from the
  6. 6. St ran 4 Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 Kozjanski krapi (fritters from Kozjansko) 1-2 table spoons sour cre- Lard: It could be served as a am 100 g cracklings warm appetizer or as salt 2 table spoons sour a side dish. It is made of buck-wheat flour, Ingredients (filling): cream with cottage cheese 300 g cottage cheese You need 2 pots. One and millet grits filling, for boiling 7 dcl water 100 g millet grits larded with cracklings and the other for coo- and sour cream. 1 egg king the millet grits. Ingredients (dough): 1 yolk salt 500 g buck-wheat flo- ur Put the millet grits into salty boiling water, cook glass and cut out circles. ture for 20 minutes. it, drain it and leave it to cool down. Put a little filling on Sift the buck-wheat flour and pour boiling water each and fold it to on it, add sour cream and a pinch of salt, mix get a semi-circle sha- well and put it on the kitchen desk powdered pe. Press well at the with flour. Knead the ingredients to make smo- edges and form frit- oth dough. ters. Drain cottage cheese, add cooled millet grits, an Put the fritters into egg, a yolk and a pinch of salt, and mix all well. boiling water and cook at low tempera- Roll out the dough-thick as a finger, then use a Pršjača (sour cake) Ingredients: half package yeast dough onto a kitchen 50 dag white wheat flour pinch of salt board, make a circle of 20 cm diameter and 1.5 1 egg cm thick. Spread a 10 dag cheese/ Put yeast flour and a whisked egg over then cracklings/seeds pinch of salt into warm sprinkle the dish with 2 dcl water milk. Knead milk, water cheese/cracklings/seeds. and yeast, leave it to rise Bake in an oven at 200C 1 dcl milk for 20 minutes. Put the
  7. 7. Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 St ran 5Kozjanska kruhova potica (bread cake from Kozjansko)It is a traditional Slovenian 7 eggs whisk 2 eggsspecialty made of sourdough, 200 g sugar use lukewarm cream and addfilled with bread, cream, eggs 5 eggs, sugar, drained raisins,and raisins. 50 g raisins vanilla sugar and mix all well. 1 vanilla sugarIngredients:500 g sourdough 1st step: buy or make sourdoughFilling: dice stale bread, put them into a baking thin and pour milk1 kg stale bread over1 kg cream boil cream and cool it down5 dcl milk wash and dry raisins 2nd step: whisked eggs over dough whisked eggs. roll out sourdough then use half of the soa- Bake in the pre-heated ked bread and place it on oven for 60 minutes. heat the oven up to dough. Pour over half of 160ºC cream mixture and cover Take the baked cake out use half of the dough it with the rest of soaked of the oven and leave it and cover the bottom bread. Pour over the rest to cool down. and the sides of the tin, of cream mixture and the dough should reach cover everything with Cut the cake and serve it over the top of the tin. the rest of dough and with apple purée. Spread half of the spread it with the rest ofMushroom soupIngredients: salt, pepper, basil, sweet tea spoon of red pepper and hot red pepper and pour water or soup5 boletus 2-3 dcl cream on it. Add cut boletus,1 onion chopped carrots, diced fried bread cubes potato, chopped parsley,2 carrots oil spices and cook at low1 garlic temperature. When coo-1 potato ked, add cream and serve Cut the onion and fry it in the soup with fried breada bunch of parsley oil. Add chopped garlic, a cubes.
  8. 8. St ran 8 Re cip e s of Sa v inj sk a r eg ion L e t n i k 1 , š t e v i lk a 1 Žolca (aspic) Ingredients: 1 tea spoon chopped bones. Strain the liquid sage out and cut meat into 3 pork leg joints pieces. Take a pot and little meat from pork 1 laurel leaf cook the liquid, meat and head 2 cloves vinegar until there is only veal leg joint 2 table spoons wine/ half liquid left in the pot. vinegar Pour mixture into a tin 1 chopped onion and leave it to cool 1 clove chopped onion down. The aspic should little water Wash meat and cook it be firm when served in a big pot with onion, with onion and pumpkin 1 table spoon salt garlic, salt, sage, laurel, seed oil. 1 table spoon pepper cloves, and pepper. Cook 1 tea spoon chopped until meat separates from Tople murke (warm cucumbers) Ingredients: pepper ½ kg potato salt 1 kg cucumbers little vinegar 2 cloves garlic Peel and cut potatoes, 1 tea spoon caraway seed and cook it with garlic and caraway seeds in lit- cooked. Make thickening 1 table spoon white- tle water. After 10 minu- -add white-wheat flour wheat flour tes, add grated cucum- and red pepper into hot little oil bers and cook another oil, and pour it over mas- 1 tea spoon ground red 20 minutes. Mash when hed cucumbers. Salt and Slivov močnik (plum pudding) Ingredients salt (serves 4): Cook the dried the plums are soft. 1 litre milk plums (or dried This dish can be served 5 dried plums or pears) in salted as an appetizer or as a pears milk. Add flour or soup when less flour is grits to thicken the 5-8 table spoons added. soup. Cook in low grits or flour temperature until