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UX to customer experienceand back againA journey towards shared understandingThe Web and Beyond                       Boon...
You may have read things like...Net Promoter ScoreCustomer Experience ManagementVoice of the Customer... all these things ...
What is customer experience?   3   @boonych
Two campsInteraction designers        MarketersInformation architects       AnalystsDesign researchers           Product m...
Many silosDesign “silo”                5                @boonych
Shared understanding comes from...ArtifactsProcessesLeadership                 6             @boonych
My business flow diagram story               7            @boonych
Layering empathy on top               8          @boonych
Shared understanding through artifactsUnderstanding the business processeshelpedIntegrating the two viewpoints was a stepf...
10   @boonych
Shared understanding through processesDon’t underestimate amount ofinformation that people haveBuild on top of understandi...
The real work happens at theintersections                              Dept                               B           Dept...
Shared understanding throughleadershipKim Goodwin: “Managers are assigned;leaders emerge”UX work is like being a detective...
Shared Artifacts  Integrate viewpoints, encourage     work in the right direction  Shared ProcessesCollaboratively buildin...
Thanks                                     References                         ...
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What is customer experience? UX to customer experience and back again


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What is customer experience? 3 @boonych

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