Q2 l4 i watch you go


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Q2 l4 i watch you go

  1. 1. Have you ever thought of a reply to the song? Have you ever wondered what could be in the mind of the other person who is also saying goodbye? Read on and answer the questions the follow.
  2. 2. I see your eyes, one final glance as you look back at me, and we both know it is time.
  3. 3. Although I swore I would never have to let you go It's a promise I cannot keep.
  4. 4. I need to live and you need to grow. My heart folds back onto itself And I just bend my knees and lower my center
  5. 5. To withstand the buffet of the winds That will blow by me, and through me Without you standing there to shelter me.
  6. 6. The tether is cut, and you are free to fly and I lose an anchor, and my cheeks burn, from the icy wind and the few tears that sneak past the wall That I am leaning on so that I can stand and watch you go.
  7. 7. And someday soon I think I will find a haven Where I can cry the tears And let the salt water cleanse the wounds So they can begin to heal But now is not the time.
  8. 8. One hand raised I salute you With a wave of good-bye Wishing you all the blessings of this earth
  9. 9. One hand raised I salute you With a wave of good-bye Wishing you all the blessings of this earth
  10. 10. And when we meet again it won't be the same But we will always know
  11. 11. How much we loved and trusted and shared Victories, losses, adventures and just the passage of time.
  12. 12. Look back no more Eyes to the future And I will just stand here and watch you go
  13. 13. Does the persona in the poem carry the same weight of pain with that of the persona in the song? Write T (True) if you agree with the statement and F (False) if you disagree. Write your answer in a one-fourth sheet of paper. _____ 1. The persona speaks more of courage in letting go. _____ 2. The persona asserts the need to let go. _____ 3. The persona does not feel much hurt or pain. _____ 4. The persona still cares for the other person. _____ 5. The persona treasures everything they have been through.
  14. 14. PAIR WORK. Seat close next to your seatmate and share ideas. 1. Pick a statement from the 5 items and share your answer to your partner. 2. Take a line from the song to support your answer. 3. Define together what letting go means. 4. Write down what you and your seatmate do not agree upon.
  15. 15. Susanah Thompson, © 1996