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Report2 Cube


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Report2 Cube

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Report2 Cube

  1. 1. Cimbax Report2CubeTM Complex cube reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX… in minutes visit call +44 20 3189 2090 Product overview The first step toward full BI Cimbax Report2Cube makes dynamic Business Intelligence (BI) is simply reporting and cube analysis as easy as providing information to the right people printing a report. Building on the native at the right time, in a format that allows them reporting function of Microsoft Dynamics AX, to make the most of it. The requirement for Report2Cube is the simplest way to bring an high quality BI extends to every business, analytical capability to both new and existing however the perceived cost and complexity AX2009 reports. leads to the perception that it is exclusively for big business; this is where the Cimbax There is no doubt that Microsoft Dynamics Report2Cube comes in. As an entry level AX is a rich and powerful environment on its product in a range of BI solutions for own, but there comes a time when simple Microsoft Dynamics, Report2Cube comes reports are not enough. Report2Cube with the full support and backing of a provides a more dynamic reporting sophisticated BI team. experience; the ability to look at reporting information in an analytical way. Make a start in BI today with Cimbax Report2Cube, and bring a dynamic reporting Key Benefits and analysis capability to AX 2009. • Ideal for high growth mid market organizations who have moved beyond standard AX reporting. • Rapidly deployed with no additional training required. • Low cost, low involvement entry to full Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. The Mechanics Produce a report in AX 2009 and specify that it is output as an ‘Analysis Services Cube’ to provide OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) using SQL Server. This output allows full pivot table analysis through Excel or other analysis tools.
  2. 2. visit | call +44 20 3189 2090 Key Features Report generation • Easy conversion of AX report structure to Excel Pivot Tables. • Familiar way of working with reports. Report conversion to cube is implemented as an additional output medium for report printing. • Automatic generation of time dimension for cube. Standard and Fiscal calendars Any AX report can be sent to the cube format are supported. • Cube meta data translation. • Cube model deployment on SQL Server Reporting Services. • Create report with minimum content on SQL Server Reporting Services from the cube model. • Use Reporting Services Report Builder component to easily complete report by dragging and dropping required fields into report design. Choose the elements of the report you want as dimensions Report analysis • Conversion of report to cube is available for ordinary AX users with limited rights on Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. • Data calculated using business logic implemented in AX reports are available in cubes on Analysis Services server and in reports on SQL Server Reporting Services. • Graphical presentation of AX report’s data using Reporting Services report with chart layout. • Easy conversion of AX report structure to Cube is then generated automatically for analysis in Excel cube on Analysis Services server. Technical specifications • Available for Microsoft Dynamics AX4.0 & AX 2009. • Security setup for data access in Dynamics AX is inherited by Analysis Services cubes and Reporting Services reports. For further information call +44 20 3189 2090