Introduction to agile


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An introduction to Agile software ideas

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Introduction to agile

  1. 1. An  Introduc+on  to  Agile Jared Richardson Principal Consultant Agile Artisans 1 Who am I? 2 Jared Richardson CoAuthored Ship It! and Career 2.0 Screencast editor for Started AgileRTP in 2007 2nd public signatory of the Agile Manifesto Agile coach 3 4
  2. 2. Which way? 5 Umbrella Term Project management Technical Practices 6 Over Generalize Scrum Project Management ! XP Technical Practices 7 Scrum 8
  3. 3. XP 9 Daily Meetings Sprints Iterations Test First Pair Programming Backlog Continuous Integration XPScrum Product Owner Scrum Master 3x5 cards Onsite customer Time boxing Retrospectives Demos Planning Work Feedback 10 XP Tribal Hire experience Hire coaches 11 XP Resources 12
  4. 4. Scrum Hire experience Hire coaches Training Certifications 13 Scrum Resources 14 There's More... Crystal SAFe (Scaled Agile) DAD (Disciplined Agile) ICAgile .... 15 Dig in... 16
  5. 5. Key Practices Daily meetings Iterations Test First Continuous Integration Retrospectives Demonstrations 17 Work done? Stand Ups Daily Answer 3 (or 4) questions Problems? Plan to do? (Problems you'll cause) 18 Sprint Iteration (ship event or usable product) Vision/ Initiatives/ Customers Retrospective Demo Planning Meeting Product Owner Daily Meetings Daily Meetings 19 20 Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Iteration (ship event or usable product) 20
  6. 6. Iterations Bounded work Create urgency Smaller units More finish lines More feedback More corrections 21 Test First Write a test The test fails Write just enough code The test passes Repeat 22 Levels of tests TDD BDD ATDD 23 Continuous Integration Watch Code Build product Run tests Publish results 24
  7. 7. Fast feedback leads to fast fixes 25 Minimize Dark Times Code Change Validation 26 Retrospective Look back What worked? What didn't? Change? Experiments 27 Demonstrations Iteration boundary Working features Feedback Conversation tool 28
  8. 8. Which way? 29 "Context matters" ! Andy Hunt 30 Dreyfus Model of Skills Acquisition Level 1 => Novice Rules Level 5 => Guru Freedom Sliding scale 31 31 Rules? At first Then discard 32 32
  9. 9. AntiPatterns Power Point Demos Hidden pipeline Status report daily meeting Test after Test not at all Agile teams w/o agile leadership Only Scrum Only XP 33 33 Next Steps Expertise (buy or rent) Pilot team Follow directions Adjust to fit Roll out 34 34 Exercise Two 3x5 cards 3 reasons to adopt an agile process 3 impediments at your org pass to the right brainstorm on solving impediments 35 35 36 36
  10. 10. 37