How to make an action plan to achieve


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How to make an action plan to achieve

  1. 1. How to Make an Action Plan to Achieve Any Goal eHow Contirbutor
  2. 2. Many people create goals forthemselves, only to see them nevermaterialize. The reason that their goalsdo not become their reality is that theydo not take any actions to move towardtheir goals. Just wanting something is notenough to make it happen. To get anythingin life you need to take action. The bestway to achieve any goal that you set foryourself is by making an action plan for it.
  3. 3. INSTRUCTIONS1.Write down the goal that youwant to make an action plan for.Over time you will want to dothis for every goal that you setfor yourself. Right now it is bestto start with one goal that wayyou can narrow your focus andyour drive to achieve it.
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONS2. List the things that you will need todo to accomplish this goal. If you donot know what it will take to achievethis goal, go online and do someresearch. For example, if you want tobecome a teacher, go online andresearch what type of degree andcertification that you will need toachieve this goal. To make an actionplan, you must know in detail what itwill take to reach your end destination.
  5. 5. INSTRUCTIONS3.Choose a completion date foryour action plan. This is the datethat you will accomplish yourgoal by. Be realistic when settingthis date. If you need a certainamount of time for the schoolingto accomplish a goal, then youwill want to make sure that youfactor that in to the date.
  6. 6. INSTRUCTIONS4. Break the actions that you need totake to accomplish into the months andweeks that lead up to the date thatyou have set to reach your goal. In anaction plan, it is important to a weeklyand monthly list of actions that you willtake to achieve your goal. This will holdyou accountable and keep you on yourtimeline.
  7. 7. INSTRUCTIONS5. Refer to the action plan oftenthrough out the time that you areworking on your goal. Reread what youneed to do each day to make your goala reality. You can re-evaluate youraction plan once a week or month tosee if you need to rework any of yourtime frames and actions that you needto take. This will guarantee yoursuccess at any goal that your heartdesires.