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A proposal for a mobile app to improve organization and communication amongst student organizations

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App Proposal

  1. 1. Welcome! Jared Cohen!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  2. 2. Unmet need: We need to have our tasks organized.!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  3. 3. Student Organizations: A group of students working together to fulfill the needs of other students at their school.!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  4. 4. New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  5. 5. Meeting Observations! •  Organizational issues with events! •  Finding people who are available for events is difficult! •  Keeping track of whoʼs doing what is complicated!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  6. 6. New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  7. 7. Jenn, Special Events Chair! •  Problems keeping track of contacts! •  Rely on emails, text, and meeting to communicate! •  “If there was an app...that would be really nice. Then we can communicate right away to each other, all of us at once.”!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  8. 8. New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  9. 9. Alex, Publicity Chair! •  Not always aware of changing information! •  Often relying on communication through Facebook & text messages outside of meetings! •  “I would love a giant calendar...that has...all of our events and when things need to get sent out, to get approved, when things need to get printed, when contracts go through...”!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  10. 10. New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  11. 11. Chava, President! •  Trouble keeping track of whoʼs doing what! •  “The problem is that thereʼs so many miscommunications and what actually has and has not gotten done that sometimes everything will just get lost.”!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  12. 12. Observations! •  Often unorganized! •  Communication between board members is difficult! •  Planning events is time consuming! •  Keeping track of whoʼs doing what is problematic! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  13. 13. Draft Ideas! Task Manager! ! Budget Tracker! ! Events Calendar! ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  14. 14. ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  15. 15. ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  16. 16. ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  17. 17. ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  18. 18. ! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  19. 19. Planning! Problem! Solution! •  Ideas get lost & forgotten! •  Digital idea notebook! •  Photo capability to add photos into notebook! •  Difficult to keep track of •  Editable calendar! event dates & info! •  Add events with voice commands! •  Add photos to events for reference! •  Google maps show location of events! •  Keeping contacts/vendors •  Contact manager! organized! •  Communication! •  In-app messaging system! ! •  Voice-to-text messaging! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  20. 20. Budgeting! Problem! Solution! •  Brainstorming viable •  Risk calculator! fundraising solutions! •  Money management! •  Cloud-synced money tracker! •  Money allocation! •  Cloud-synced spreadsheet ! of how much money is allocated to what!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  21. 21. Tasks! Problem! Solution! •  Assigning tasks! •  Task invites! •  Add tasks with voice command! •  Task management! •  Task checklist with alerts to other members when task is ! complete! •  Google maps show location of tasks, alerts when near task !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  22. 22. Scheduling! Problem! Solution! •  Scheduling meetings and •  Editable calendar! events! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  23. 23. Additional Features! Problem! Solution! •  Social Media! •  Organization social media ! accounts all synced (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Etc.)! •  Ability to capture and upload photos & videos within the app! •  Update statuses!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  24. 24. Evernote! • Simple user interface! • Easy to add notes/ notebooks! • Organize by notebooks or tags! • Simple search functionality! • Clean look!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  25. 25. Groups! • Easy to add/edit groups! • Automatically organizes contacts in same company! • Interface is busy!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  26. 26. Dropbox! • Clean look! • User-friendly! • Simple to upload/access files!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  27. 27. Remember the Milk! • Organized by day! • Alerts when near location of tasks! • Set priorities! • Confusing to add new location! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  28. 28. Weave! • Add tasks to projects! • Set deadlines for tasks! • Set alerts! • Tracks income and expenses! • Shows percentage complete!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  29. 29. HootSuite! • Clean, inviting interface! • Syncs all social media! • Check to select where to post to! • Access to all feeds through homepage! • Easy to add accounts!New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  30. 30. TweetDeck! • Combines all newsfeeds! • Check off where to post to! • Difficult to read! !New Media IV Jared Cohen!
  31. 31. Thank You!New Media IV Jared Cohen!