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Concepts For Hire Final Pdf


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Concepts For Hire Final Pdf

  1. 1. WHO…we are is an idea-generating duo—a proven, prolific writer/designer team that you can hire when you’re pitching that mega-buck account and want to make sure you have enough concepts to totally wow the client and win it. Sure your own team is terrific and will come up with a batch of brilliance, but we can add to that awesome mix so you can plaster the walls during your presentation with work that would dazzle Leonardo and Michelangelo, an equally awesome writer/designer duo. WHAT…we do is ride to the rescue with a slew of concepts that are on target strategically and just what the doctor ordered, whether you’re pitching a medical or pharmaceutical account or something less ethereal like cereal. We’re not flakes either. We wrap our minds around the challenge and use your input coupled with our research to ideate and execute a range of concepts with different twists on the same positioning or different positionings entirely. We’re complete too, providing ideas, words and graphics. Get the picture?
  2. 2. WHY…use us? Because we’re not you. We’ll approach the problem differently and come up with fresh stuff, first of all because we’re creative but also because we will work without knowing all the constraints, can’t do’s or already done that’s that your creative team confronts every day. We won’t know enough to know what not to do—which doesn’t mean you can’t give us parameters and tell us what the CEO or you hate, or have already tried. It just means we won’t come from that position from the get go. Other reasons? Experience, wisdom, wildness, youthfulness, vision, electricity, passion, gobs of creativity and a compulsive need to awe our clients. We’re fun to work with too and are not opposed to ribbing mixed in with the meat and potatoes. Yes, we’re serious, but there’s no need to be gravy (er) grave about things even when we’re talking turkey. Wanna discuss this over lunch?
  3. 3. Senior • With over 50 years combined experience Copywriter in the communication business and • With over 2,000,000 years engaged in Art Director thought processes since the first Team caveman said, “Lucy, you have some splaining to do”
  4. 4. The Process Step 1 (Big picture meeting) We get together and you tell us wazzup. You provide project information, needs, parameters, deadlines, do’s and don’ts, creative briefs (if available), Hanes briefs, (if available) and related materials. Step 2 (The ponderosa) We ponder a little then quickly provide a project estimate including costs and deliverables (what you get for how much by when). Step 3 (Complete immersion) We immerse ourselves in your materials, conduct research and contact you with questions in order to thoroughly understand all aspects of your challenge. Step 4 (Testing the waters) Over the next few days, Jim and Gary create and liberate one or two initial concepts, including graphic approaches, headlines, subheads if appropriate and a short, written rationale explaining why we chose the direction(s) we did. Concepts are usually self explanatory because if they’re not, we’ve probably missed the boat and have made a titanic mistake. (Glub, glub, glub.) We get the concept or concepts to you for review.
  5. 5. The Process cont. Step 5 (Digesting and feedback) You review the concept or concepts then get back to us asap with approval and clear, constructive (versus destructive) comments. Step 6 (Batch delivery) Concepts for Hire spends a few more days thinking, designing, writing, honing and toning to narrow the concepts to our best 5 or 6. If you need more concepts, we can discuss it. If less will do, we’ll discuss that upfront too. We get the whole batch to you and probably present the ideas so we can answer any and all questions. Step 7 (End of the road) That’s usually as far as we go, though we generally include tweaks to concepts after our presentation as part of the contracted price. By “tweaks,” we mean 3 or 4 hours total for both of us—copy and graphic design. If you want further refinements beyond that, it’s no problem— just a matter of price and timing.
  6. 6. Objectives • Re-invent the Swingline image and take it from being an expected “staple” on peoples’ Swingline desks to being a hip and cool tool for today and tomorrow • Emphasize innovative features that make Swingline models “fashionably functional”
  7. 7. 9 concepts that take Swingline from stationary to swinging. We start way out there… Talk about positioning it as hip Swingline makes a broad Yes, this is out there, but you’re and cool…it is “the ultimate statement—and backs it up! not hiring us to be boring and accupuncturer” bland, are you? We take a visual and copy stand.
  8. 8. ..then draw back with concepts, that while corporate, are still cool Three pictures, six words sum Product positioned as an A fabulous fashion up our message accessory since it it fashionably statement—literally functional
  9. 9. 3 more completely different directions —to take concept selection to perfection What’s hotter and cooler New sexy shapes keep Swingline Swingline evolves from than the salsa? Swingline ahead of the curve Austraelectricus to Surperbus steps it up… Electrocanis (circa now)
  10. 10. Objectives • Bring life to the Hi-C package and actually make the package part of the value equation HI-C • When it comes to concepts that are delightfully childish and compel a purchase, we don’t kid around
  11. 11. Making Hi-C Hi-Fun A series of super Vita-Man comics is a delicious, hip idea that kids and moms can flip for
  12. 12. Creating a little character—or a lot of them is a natural
  13. 13. The final fabulous concept straw: an awesome, interactive idea The ability to collect all 5 Huggabug designs adds continuity and value to the concept
  14. 14. Objectives • Our goal for Koelnmesse — a conference and expo organizer—was to get “green” folks to attend Koelnmesse Carbon Forum America, an expo on the dangers of CO2 that featured ways to capitalize on the market that make it a gas
  15. 15. Variations on a Green Theme Buying and selling CO2 points The conference provided a Down to earth concept has emerged as a major game breath of fresh air in terms of an providing a big picture in the commodities markets. If opportunity view of CFA impact you want to play the game to win, better attend the conference
  16. 16. Ironically, the trade show environment shifted. A new name—Carbon TradeEx America—required a new graphic look and positioning. To get people to elect to come in 2008, messaging was both elemental and presidential Our first black president was This positioned the For game-changing shifts on gung-ho green. Need more conference as an environmental issues, check colorful reasons to attend? amazing place to get green out the conference, mate market guidance
  17. 17. Who are these Jim Ardito Gary Carbon Guys?
  18. 18. • Jim Ardito — Jim has been a professional writer for over 25 years with experience at Foote Cone & Belding Advertising, as an independent writer, and as a senior writer for Purohit Navigation, a healthcare communications company. One of the area's most versatile writers, Jim offers skills in concept development, broadcast and print advertising, electronic media including Websites and interactive, journalism, promotion, training, employee communications, positioning and brand strategizing. He has written for the world’s largest corporations and organizations; had a nationally syndicated newspaper column; was a speechwriter for singer/environmentalist, John Denver, was on television three times (not once because he was arrested) and may be the only writer in history to turn a 90-page training manual on a potassium supplement into a riveting murder mystery called “Face in the Flambe.” • Gary Carbon — Gary has been working in marketing for more than 20 years as a Creative Director, Art Director and designer. His resume includes such clients as Campbell’s Soup, Disney Entertainment, Abbott Labs, Ford Motors, Caterpillar, Inc. He brings a strong background of strategic thinking and implementation focused on helping clients achieve their company’s goals with each project. He’s more humble than Jim so his write-up is smaller.
  19. 19. Call Jim Ardito @ (847) 902-6562 or Gary Carbon @ (773) 588-9730 Call now, call immediately. Operators are standing by!