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London in Prague - workshop on "water conservation"


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Published in: Business
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London in Prague - workshop on "water conservation"

  1. 1. CONSERVE WATER PROJECT Intro Sept ‘08Jaroslav Cír London in Prague Cover CONSERVE WATER PROJECT
  2. 2. EDUCATE YOUR ELDERSinsight People are not aware of the fact they are wasting water, the problem needs to be personalised idea Empower children to educate their elders & solve the problem: This involves: – Educate children who’s wasting water and how they’re wasting it (their parents & teachers), the children may even pester their parents when they spot them performing wasteful activities – “Be different from your parents by saving water”(the new rebellion) – Run a competition for the children to come up with a conserve water campaign (thus creating a follow on campaign) – Seeding in schools – Belonging: Be the best group/school in competition – Copying: Seeing each other do it – Physical / Visible: Newsfeeds, youtube benifit Aspirational, empowering, challenging, education 6 Jaroslav Cír London in Prague Idea #1 CONSERVE WATER PROJECT
  3. 3. TURN WATER INTO BEER insight Saving water needs to be made‘fun’ idea Save water, earn points, redeem for beer.Top water savers will also gain golden letterboxes to as a physical sign of their achievements. benifit Households save water + kids, gets your attention, can be represented in many ways (light lots of fires), change behaviour of next generation, fun + entertaining – worth spreading the word, consistent across all target groups 6 Jaroslav Cír London in Prague CONSERVE WATER PROJECT Idea #2
  4. 4. LESS IS ENOUGH insight I don’t know/care how much water I spend. Nobody saves water so why should I? idea Everybody is doing it, why not you? – Hidden cameras in toilets and bathroom, facebook group that you have to fulfill three taskes to belong to, new packaging for toothpaste with water saving tips, eyes over the toilet lid, bills that provide your average against the total average water usage, Progressive rates/litre. benifit Easy to measure, makes them feel responsible leaves water for kids (future), bonus for lowered consumption (save money) 6 Jaroslav Cír London in Prague CONSERVE WATER PROJECT Idea #4
  5. 5. SHINE YOUR CITY GREEN insight People will be encouraged to save water if they are competing against neighboring cities idea Start an interactive web site, connected to facebook, that uses colour to show which cities are conserving water the best. – Real time indication helps people inspire one another work together and test different methods of water conservation and see which is most effective. benifit Sharing, co-creation, good example of others (inspiring), physical (use can see results), 6 Jaroslav Cír London in Prague CONSERVE WATER PROJECT Idea #5