ITA Insights 2012


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A few comments on workplace transformation from the Internet Time Alliance.

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ITA Insights 2012

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  2. 2. internettimealliance.comharold charles clark jane jayjarche jennings quinn hart cross
  3. 3. The social media revolution means that now everyone can access the Social Web and a range of services to support their learning, performance and productivity. ~
  4. 4. In the maelstrom of ourdigital communications agethe need to think ‘socially’ is more important than ever. ~charles
  5. 5. You cannot force social learning.   Social learning andcollaborative workingare organic processes. ~ jane
  6. 6. When an enterprise commits to becoming a diverse, organic,value-creating network ,the training department has to join the fray. ~ jay
  7. 7. Conversationsare the engine of business. ~ clark
  8. 8. Real learning is all about experience,practice, conversations and reflections – no more, no less. ~ charles
  9. 9. Conversationsare the stem cells of learning. ~ jay
  10. 10. Create small pieces, loosely joined, united by simple standards.In such an open environment, learning will flourish, as it has on the Web. ~ harold
  11. 11. Social media is notsomething you talk about; it’s something you do. ~ jane
  12. 12. It is clear that most adult learning is balanced heavily towardsexperiential learning. ~ charles
  13. 13. The world is going mobile and so willlearning and development. ~ clark
  14. 14. It’s time for a serious redesign of how we structure work. ~ harold
  15. 15. InternetTimeAlliance.comThe only metrics that matter arebusiness metrics. ~ jay
  16. 16. In a knowledge economy, the individual is the knowledge creator, and relationships are the currency. ~ harold
  17. 17. 80% of corporate learning is informal; 80% of the money goes to formal. ~ jay
  18. 18. We don’t need to have separate “learning” tools to share learning resources,co-create and learn with our colleagues – but rather use the very same tools that we use  to do our jobs. ~ jane
  19. 19. Increased complexity needs simplified design. ~ harold
  20. 20. If you get the design right,there are lots of ways to implement it; if you don’t get the design right it doesn’t matter how you implement it. ~ clark
  21. 21. If it is social and engaged, there is no us and them, only we. ~ charles
  22. 22. The limitation is no longer the technology, the limit now is our imagination. ~ clark
  23. 23. Work & learning are becoming one and the same. ~ jay When working is learning, then your organisation’s learning is working. ~ charlesWork is learning and learning is the work. ~ harold
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