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Harold Jarche introduction


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An alternative to the standard business card.

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Harold Jarche introduction

  1. 1. a visual introduction to my perspectives on work & learning Harold Jarche jarche.comwhere I first went to school
  2. 2. Increasedcomplexity needs simplified design
  3. 3. If humans had to be taught how to learn, we would never have survived Learning is natural
  4. 4. Learningis not a separate activity removed from work
  5. 5. Our networked reality is changing how we view work
  6. 6. a job is not the same as meaningful worklabour is replaceable, talent is not
  7. 7. work function silos are artifactsof a time when information was scarce and connections were few HR IT KM networks bust silos
  8. 8. It’s time for a serious redesign of how we structure work
  9. 9. the Internet makes “time at work”an antiquated notion
  10. 10. networks subvertstandardization
  11. 11. the largest barrier to meaningful workis the organization itself
  12. 12. A dysfunctionalorganizational culture does not improvewith the transparency of the Internet it just gets exposed
  13. 13. trust emerges fromopen, transparent & diverse networks
  14. 14. openness enablestransparency which fosters innovation
  15. 15. innovationis not so much about having ideas as it is about making connections
  16. 16. social open business is a shift in how we work:from hierarchies to networks