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As a result of improved trust in the workplace, leadership will be seen for what it is - an emergent property of a network in balance and not some special property available to only the select few.

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  • Harold your Leadership thoughts are very provoking and cause me to ask: 1) While we have more 'means' of communication and knowledge than ever in history; surveys still say that 'communication' is the leading problem in companies today. 2) The 'new networks' really are a 'web'...a spider web of gossip, back stabbing, and misunderstood written language because there are limited (surface) relationships. 3) Pertinent, value-added, professional, synergy-team based networks are still the requirement.
    Leadership = Influence; Respect; Relationship; Trust
    Agree that 'staying busy' and therefore remaining 'isolated' is a poor excuse for shallow relationships. (Yes, let's get to where the action is -- where the rubber meets the road....Japanese Gemba)
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  • Very nice! Thank you for sharing it!
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  • Fantastic presentation and being a leader is always a big responsibility. I've found being open about changes and involving everyone in what is going on is the best way to be a good leader
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  • Hi Tom. Yes, we do presentations and workshops.
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  • Harold,

    Love this! The idea of network leadership is one I believe is the future of leadership and I like the way you present the 'wirearchy' of triangular flows...

    Do you do presentations around this?
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Connected leadership

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