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Propertysouq - Mall of the emirates 17-23 Feb 2013


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real estate mini exhibition b2c - Mall of the Emirates 17-23 Feb 2013

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Propertysouq - Mall of the emirates 17-23 Feb 2013

  1. 1. Expanding our Souq success into real- estate Mall of the Emirates, South Galleria, 17-23th Feb 2013 © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  2. 2. “Visitors to our MoneySouq presentations are often inquiring about real-estate opportunities both domestically and abroad, so it was only natural to build PropertySouq” Jack Arazi Managing Director of MoneySouq.aeBrief • What is Property SouqPropertySouq is a unique unified platform that enables businesses a strongcommunication medium. Derived from our highly successful MoneySouqplatform we have tailored a new concept forging a link between the real-estate market of Dubai and abroad to the global clientele that visits ourbooth set-ups every day.We have forumalted the opportune strategy allowing you the client to build apriceless database that until now would not be possible without multiplemarketing strategies in multiple markets. PropetySouq brings it all togetherin one place, in the heart of the UAE busiest shopping malls. © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  3. 3. Marketing to a world class audienceMarket your brand to worldclass travellers & an exclusiveclientele Designated Dedicated Lead Booth Spot Rep GenerationOur highly successful market concept We have built a bullet-has worked wonders for our proof methodology inMoneySouq partners whom saw a real-estate marketingreturn of investment of over 200% for the Dubai market. © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  4. 4. Dubai offers EndlessPossibilitiesThe model caters to virtuallyeveryone related to the real estate market in Dubaiand those whom connect both citizens and visitorsof Dubai to the global real-estate market place.§  Real Estate Brokers§  Real Estate Developers Our proven concept§  Mortgage Lenders drives traffic straight§  Mortgage Brokers into the arms of our§  Web Portals trusted partners where§  Time Shares quality lead generation§  UAE Real Estate has never been more§  Global Real Estate efficient © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  5. 5. Mall of the EmiratesWorld class shopping with worldclass shoppers = A world classmarketing opportunity – Availableonly in DubaiOver 30 million people visit The Mall ofthe Emirates each year. With 520 We are located in theinternational internationally recognized heart of the mostbrands this 223,000 square meter amazing shopping mallfacility is connected by one main in the worldcorridor.Daily Vistiors - 90,000Monthly Visitors - 2.5M Jack Arazi Managing Director of MoneySouq.aeAt the center of this energy is wherePropertySouq offers you unparral marketingexposure © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  6. 6. Moneysouq – Corporate Event VideoMoneysouqMall of the Emirates, Dubai28th Nov - 2nd Dec 2012Published on Dec 18, 2012This event was held in Mall of the Emirates, South Galleria 28th Nov— 2nd Dec 2012Participants: Western Union, Mastercard, Axa insurance,, Sharjah Islamic Bank,National Bonds UAE © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  7. 7. Mall of the Emirates South Galleria 17-23th Feb 2013 Location is everything It is a known fact that location is everything when it comes to buying real-estate, we believe the same concept applies when selling real-estate. OUR STATISTICS: Over 85% of our •  Stand Visitors per day clients stressed that approximately: 2500-3000 12-16 exhibitors will participate they would have •  Stand Visitors per week for a total stand 200sqm another Souq set-up approximately: 18,000 with our provenAs a bonus to visitors we award over 500,000 •  Average Leads per booth: conceptDHS in prizes during the course of each Souq 200-400 Cycle. © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  8. 8. Your Dedicated Marketing Booth Only PropertySouq can offer a dedicated marketing solution for your market niche. Our unique concept allows our partners to efficiently communicate their brand message. Booth Size: 3.89m width x 2m heightExample We are your main brand ambassador and together we are ready to help you;Promoting your products & services has never been easier §  Stage interactive marketing campaigns The highest traffic months §  Engage a new audience on a daily basis are February & March §  Drive new qualified sales leads in high quantity §  Market to the masses © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  9. 9. MEDIA PLAN §  50,000 leaftlets will be printed and distributed one week before the event in crowded locations in town §  Printed media ads in mass popular magazines like time out , 7 days, express and metro §  Editorials in most popular newspapers §  Radio ad campaign 2-7 days before event §  Opportunity to participate in sponsored radio ads.© Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  10. 10. Pricing Plan 1 Pricing Plan 2 2013 Pricing Plan Front Stand: Premium StandSize: 3.89m x 2m H (only 2 of those) Size: 7.78 x 2m H Please call Please call © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  11. 11. Dedicated Marketing Strategist You are not alone! Our team at is here to help. Our consultants are experts in Dubai business and will help you strategize your campaign.© Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  12. 12. Past Exhibtors and PartnersJoin the growing list of successful partners who have capitalized on our unique "Souq System" © Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved |
  13. 13. JACK ARAZI Project Manager M. 00971 55 8645098 WANDA NICOLAU Business Development Consultant M. 00971 55 8645098 RANNA MOKHATARZADEH Media & PR Solutions M. 00971 501030560© Copyright 2013 PropertySouq. All rights reserved