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Spelling, pronunciation and abbreviations


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Spelling, pronunciation and abbreviations

  1. 1. in Medical Terminology
  2. 2.  Correct spelling is critical for patient safety  Correct spelling is important for communication  Correct spelling is important in researching information
  3. 3.  Some letters have the same sound ◦ “f” and “ph” both have the “f” sound  Flatus, phlegm ◦ “c”, “ch”, “k”, and “qu” may have the “k” sound  Crepitus, cholera, kyphosis, quadriplegic
  4. 4.  Categories: look up disease or syndrome first  Term with more than one word: look up ending word or words first  Use credible sources on the Internet  Look at more than one source
  5. 5.  Use StudyWare to learn pronunciations and meanings of words
  6. 6.  Only use approved abbreviations  Follow the policies of the agency you work for  Misuse of abbreviations can lead to serious injury to the patient