3 Proven Steps To Get Great Testimonials


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If you want to convert more prospects into customers, you must gain their trust before they purchase products.
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3 Proven Steps To Get Great Testimonials

  1. 1. {Tips to Get Real Testimonials for Your Product|Tips to Get Actual Testimonialsfor Your Products|Suggestions to Get Actual Testimonials for Your Products|Suggestions to Get Real Testimonials for Services|Tips to Get Real Testimonialsfor Your Services|How to Get Great Testimonials from Your Clients|The Art ofGaining New Testimonials|How To Acquire More and Better Customer Testimonials|IfYou Need More Testimonials - Heres How To Get Them|Discover How You Can ImproveBusiness with Testimonials|Getting Testimonials - What You Need to Know|Important Considerations About Testimonials|What You Need To Know About GainingNew Testimonials|Theres A Right and Wrong Way With Testimonials|How To ApproachTestimonials For Your Business Success|3 Valuable Tips to Get Testimonials fromYour Customers|3 Proven Steps To Get Great Testimonials|How To Build SocialProof Using Testimonials|3 Solid Methods To Gain More Testimonials|Put RocketFuel In Your Business With The Power of Testimonials|3 Effective Tips to GetTargeted Testimonials|3 Solid Methods You Can Easily Use for BetterTestimonials|Testimonials That Work - 3 Ways To Get Them|Need GreatTestimonials? Here Are 3 Excellent Strategies|3 Slam-Dunk Methods To Gain MoreTestimonials}{{If you want to drive convert more of your prospects into customers then youneed to help them trust your company even before they buy your product.|If youwant to convert more prospects into customers, you must gain their trust beforethey purchase products.|If you wish to convert more visitors into customer, youmust gain their trust before they purchase products.|If you want to turn moreprospects into customers, you have to get their trust before they will buyproducts.|If you want to turn more visitors into customers, you have to gaintheir trust because they buy your product.|But if you go out there and bragabout your product it wont be of any help.}|{But, you can go around braggingabout your product because that will not help.|However, you cant brag aboutyour product because this strategy will not work.|However, you cant go onlineand brag about your product because this is not effective.|However, going onlineand bragging about your product will not help the situation.|Instead you need toget positive comments and feedback from your existing customers so that you canshow your prospects how satisfied they are.|Instead, you must obtain goodcomments and feedback from your current customers so that you can show yourother visitors that they are happy.|Instead, you must get good comments andfeedback from the customers that you already have so that you new customers willsee that they are truly content.|As an alternative, you must obtain goodcomments from your current customers and pass them to your prospects so thatthey can see how satisfied they really are.|As a suggestion, you should getraving reviews from your current customers and pass them along to your potentialcustomers so that they will have an indication of how happy they are.|There aremany good products that go ignored just because theres no proof in the form ofa testimonial.|There are a lot of good products that are overlooked because theylack credibility in the format of testimonials.|There are tons of great productsthat are not seen because they dont have good testimonials verifying theirworth.|There are plenty of wonderful products that are often overlooked becausethey dont have the praises of a testimonial proving their value.|There arenumerous good products that are not popular because they cant prove credibilityin the form of a testimonial.} {In the following article we shall be discussinga few effective tips to help you extract positive testimonials from yourcustomers.|In the following article we will discuss some effective suggestionsto guide you in getting positive testimonials from your visitors.|In thefollowing article we will talk about some efficient tips that you can utilize toget glowing testimonials from your clients.|In the following article we willexamine some wonderful suggestions that will help you to get great testimonialsfrom your customers.|In the following article we will explore some of theeffective tactics that you can utilize to get great testimonials from yourcustomers.|Creating a product and selling it becomes a lot easier when youreable to win the trust of your prospects.|Once your visitors and optinsubscribers, if you have a mailing list, have a decent feeling of trust in you,then youll find that business gets much less stressful and a bit smoother.|Thesailing becomes a good deal easier if you can get to the point where yourprospective customers trust you, or have enough faith that youre for real.|
  2. 2. Youll find that the business waters are less rough after the people youremarketing to begin to let down their guard about you.|It will take some efforton your part, no question, but if youre able to compel people to feel lesssuspicious about your products, and you, then things definitely get warmer andmuch better.} {If you can show them that your product is indeed the best andtheres nothing like it then theres no reason why they shouldnt buy it.|Oncetheyre convinced that your product will deliver on the promise youre making tothem, then that is half the battle right there; and theyre on their way tobecoming a customer.|People will much more likely do business with you if theyhave the belief that your product or service truly can deliver the goods, and ofcourse everything else is in place, too.|Its not just about believing in theproduct, but that is a huge part; and once they think your product is the bestchoice then theyll buy from you.|Youll have to prove to them in your copy thatyour product/service is the very best choice, and if there is something else toprove that then theyll become your customers.} {However, if you start praisingyour own product, it wont do any good.|They wont believe you no matter whatyou say, for obvious reasons.|Its not enough for you to make the claims becausethey expect you to, and who wouldnt expect that?|Naturally, youll tell themhow great it is, and youll do the best you can - but that is never enough.|Youll have poor success if its just you extolling the virtues of your ownproduct or service.} {Instead, you need to get your existing customers to talkabout your products and give their testimonials so that you can use them in yourmarketing campaign to gain trust of your prospects and increase your sales.|Thatis why you need testimonials, and real ones, from prior customers because ifyour prospects will believe anyone itll be other customers.|That is whyprevious customer testimonials are so powerful and necessary, because they arefrom a third party and not from you.|You know probably very well why customertestimonials work so well, and that is what were talking about with building atrust factor.|You need to have them trust you, and the simple solution to helpin that matter is the testimonial from all of your happy customers.} {In thefollowing article we will be discussing a few tips on how you can gain positivetestimonials from your customers and how it can help you gain more business.|Sowe want to show you how you can get more great testimonials so you can putsomething extra into your business.|This article will outline some excellentmethods that will allow you to pull more testimonials from your customer base.|What well be exploring today is exactly how to gain more from your customers inthe form of testimonials.|Were going to offer you several proven and highlyeffective strategies for bringing more testimonials from the people who buy fromyou.}|{Increasing the trustworthiness of your business is really necessary ifyou want to see long term results.|There are quite a few things you can do foryour site and business to increase the feeling of trust in your visitors.|Thesmart online business will take every opportunity to do everything in its powerto help their visitors and customers have that elusive feeling of trust.|Trustis difficult for everyone online, and for good reasons, but its something thatany reputable online business can achieve in its customers.|A most worthy andprofitable goal for any web business or entrepreneur is to assist its customersin developing a strong sense of trust.}|{You need to help your prospects trustyou if you want them to buy from you, and the best way to do that is throughtestimonials.|No one will ever do business with you if they cant trust you tosome degree, and one proven method is - as you know, through the presence oftestimonials.|Testimonials are social proof in action, and theyve shown overmany years that they can be powerful when used properly.|There is no question inany business persons mind about the useful and necessity of showingtestimonials from happy customers.|The testimonial constitutes social proof foryour business and products, or services, and they flat-out work when it comes tohelping people have a profitable warm fuzzy for you.} {Thats right; if you cangather valid testimonials from your current customers, your sales can rise andyour business can grow.|So if you have customers yet few testimonials, then youneed to work on turning that around.|If youre in the position where you havemade some sales, but you dont have many testimonials, then that needs to beaddressed, immediately.|Youll need to gain as many testimonials as possible,and if you already have made some sales; then thats something we can help youwith.|If you have no sales, then you need to find a way to make some; if youhave some sales, then there are some approaches you can take to get
  3. 3. testimonials.} {In the following article we will look into 3 useful tips to helpyou get valid testimonials from your customers.|This article deals with threegreat methods for gaining testimonials from your existing customers.|If you havecustomers, then youre in luck because were about to show you how to increaseyour social proof using three strategies.|Here are some terrific approaches youcan take today to build up your store of testimonials.|The rest of this articlewill show you three techniques that can have you getting more testimonials fromyour existing customer base.}|{Any company that wants to succeed in winningtheir customers should first aim at winning their trust.|The first step togaining new customers online, especially, needs to work on gaining their trust.|As you know, the net is rampant with mistrust, and that is something that needsto be overcome in order to attract new customers.|Sometimes, if not often, a newonline business has a hard time getting started because of the trust factor, andthat needs to be addressed by all new businesses on the web.|Whenever anyonelands on a site the first time, the person usually doesnt have much trust goingon; and thats a critical issue to making that person a first-time customer.}{There are many ways you can instill trust in your prospects and customers whenit comes to your product, but theres no better way than gathering honest testimonials.|There are a lot of things that can bedone to overcome that mistrust, but generally speaking the presence of realtestimonials on a site go a long way to help.|You can do wonders for your siteand profits by using social proof on your site, and theres no better way thandisplaying a slew of past satisfied customers in the form of testimonials.|Theone thing that new businesses understandably lack is customer testimonials, andthat doesnt help because good testimonials are powerful.|You can help yourselfimmensely if you have testimonials on your site; its called - social proof.}{The sense of trust increases this way and people will feel comfortable buyingfrom you when they see other satisfied customers.|Theres only so much you cando, and some will not even trust testimonials; but you will still do better ifyou have them than if you dont.|Its been proven a million times over manyyears that sales increase with the presence of solid testimonials.|The bottomline in all this is simply that if you have good testimonials you need to usethem because your conversions will increase.|Youll be a few steps ahead bydisplaying your testimonials because if you do, then youll find that yourreaders/visitors will respond more favorably to your marketing messages.} {Givenbelow are 3 unique tips to help you get more testimonials from your customers.|So well offer you three solid approaches to actually get testimonials fromcustomers.|You can do certain actions, within the law, that will help youacquire the coveted testimonial, and here are about three different ways you cando that.|In this article, were going to cover three effective methods you canuse to help you out with testimonials.|Were happy to help you out by providingthree excellent strategies you can use in your business to gain moretestimonials.}|{Every business needs to generate enough trust amongst thecustomers when it comes to its products/services.|One essential component tobusiness success, especially online, is the ability to instill trust inpotential and existing customers.|When it comes to doing business online, fewthings are more powerful than when your visitors and customers trust you as abusiness.|You should always work to make your site visitors and customers feellike they can trust you and your products.|Perhaps the one thing that can takeyou far in online business is being trusted by those who arrive at your website,or blog, and that goes for current customers as well.} {This can be done invarious ways but when it comes to reliability, nothing can come close to realtestimonials given by existing customers.|While there are a variety of devicesyou can use, the one industry standard would have to be the presence oftestimonials on your site.|If there was anything that online marketers andbusinesses have used to help in this area of creating trust, it has to betestimonials from happy and satisfied customers.|Testimonials are powerful whenit comes to helping ease the feelings of wariness and mistrust in our onlinevisitors.|Enter the mighty testimonial, and they can be powerful when properlypresented so people will feel more at ease and begin to lower their resistanceto your marketing message.} {When prospective customers go through thesetestimonials, it becomes easy for them to reach a buying decision.|If you trulyhave something of value to offer, then youll actually be doing your prospects ahuge favor because it will put their fears at rest a little more.|You can very
  4. 4. often allay a whole bunch of fears in the minds of your visitors withtestimonials.|When visitors read your testimonials, if all goes well thentheyll begin to relax a bit and become more receptive to your offer.|Yourtestimonials constitute powerful social proof that will work its magic only ifyou present them in the best way possible.} {In the following article we shallbe looking into a few effective methods to gain testimonials from yourcustomers.|So what were going to do next is offer a few outstanding approachesyou can use to get your own powerful testimonials.|Please do continue reading soyou can discover for yourself how you can squeeze a few more testimonials fromyour customer base.|Next in line is a discussion on a variety of ways to getmore testimonials working hard for you.|We want to share a few tested and provenstrategies for gaining more and better quality testimonials to use in yourmarketing machine.}}{{One of the growing trends these days is to have a video testimonial, which isreally effective.|Getting a video testimonial is one of the fastest growingtrends today.|Obtaining a video testimonial is a rising trend of today.|Acquiring video testimonial is one trend that is steadily rising today.|One ofthe upcoming trends of today involves getting a video testimonial.} {When peoplesee a video, it has a high impact and it becomes easy to persuade them.|Whenpeople view a video, it has a huge affect and it is easier to convince them.|When people look at a video, it greatly affects them and makes it much simplerto persuade them.|When visitors see your video, it gives something they canrelate to and makes it easy to convert them.|When your readers see a video, itappeals to them and paves the road for convincing them.} {The thing with videotestimonials is that your product has to be really worth it to get people togive you a testimonial on video.|The issue with video testimonials is that yourproduct has to be worthy to get others to provide you with a video testimonial.|The thing about video testimonials is that you have to have a wonderful productfor someone to get on a video and talk about your product.|The problem aboutvideo testimonials is that you have to have a very good product for someone totestify about it on video.|The drawback with video testimonials is that you haveto really have a great product in order to get someone to provide a videotestimonial.} {But if you can achieve to do that, nothing likes it.|But if youcan accomplish this, there is nothing else like it.|But if you can manage to dothis, there is no other promotion like it.|But if you can get this accomplished,there is nothing else like it.|But if you can find a way to manage this, nothingelse is needed.} {There arent many sites that are taking advantage of videotestimonials, which means you can use them increase your conversions.|There arenot that many websites that use video testimonials to their advantage, whichmeans that you can easily use them to get more conversions.|A lot of sites arenot utilizing video testimonials, which means that it wont be hard for you touse them to increase your conversions.|Many sites are not using videotestimonials to their benefit, which means that you can use them to convert morecustomers.|Plenty of websites are not using video testimonials to theiradvantage, which means that you can leverage them to get more conversions.}{Videos have high perceived value so make sure you leverage them.|Videos areknown to be valuable, so make sure you use them to your benefit.|Videos are saidto have a lot of value, so be certain you use this to your advantage.|Videos arebelieved to provide a lot of value, so ensure that you take advantage of them.|Videos are viewed to be extremely worthwhile, so make sure that you use them toyour benefit.}|{Make sure youre having different kind of testimonials fordifferent products/services.|If you offer a range of products and services, itsimportant that your testimonials are specific to a particular product orservice.|If you have only one product, then thats fine; but if you havemultiple offers then always make sure your testimonials only talk about theproduct, or service, that was bought by that person.|Its important to havespecifics and details in testimonials, and that is why you dont want to mix andmatch across multiple offerings you may have.|In the event you marketing morethan one service, or product, then its tantamount to credibility that yourtestimonials only speak of the offer that was purchased.} {If your site offersmultiple products and services having different target audiences, youll need toarrange your testimonials accordingly.|Youll probably not have products listedon one single page, but you could have testimonials on your home page so be sure
  5. 5. to have everything well organized.|What you dont want to do is present yourtestimonials all together so people have no idea what theyre talking about.|Youneed to have everything organized so if you do offer multiple products/services,then make sure theyre listed with the product or service that was bought.|Thepoint is that you cant confuse your potential customers with the way youpresent your testimonials because it could make them feel like you were tryingto trick them, etc.} {In other words, your website audience is going to be broadin this case.|This situation applies to a broader market with multipleofferings.|This is particularly relevant when youre dealing with a site thatoffers multiple products to a wide group within a large market.|Some nichemarkets can be a little bit bigger than others, and you have many productsyoure promoting, for example.|What were mainly talking about are thoseinstances whereby you are dealing with traffic for multiple kinds of offers.}{For instance, you may be promoting a certain product on one page and on theother page you could be offering your personal coaching or a paid membershipsection.|This is not uncommon at all because you may have a range of ebooks on apage, and then on other pages you offer other services.|You can have a site inwhich there are services and products spread across different pages.|Thisscenario is quite common, and what we frequently see are many pages withdifferent products mixed with services.|There are times in certain niches whereyoull be able to promote many different kinds of products, and then you canalso offer services, as well.} {So in order to diversify, you should havetestimonials coming from your specified customers instead of spreading the samebroad level comments all over the site.|Thats why its really important togroup your testimonials on the appropriate pages rather than just as one largegroup.|So you will need to spread your testimonials out so they are not seen onall pages because it will tend to dilute their effectiveness.|Some products willsell better than others, thats normal, and so you may end-up with manytestimonials on one page.|The important thing is to be clear about whichtestimonials belong to which product or service offering.} {Your aim here is tohave testimonials that are specific to a certain area of the site so that thetarget audience doesnt get confused and has a fair idea of what youreoffering.|Youll be fine if you just group them accordingly, and that is themost important thing - to be consistent.|Youll reduce confusion and any unusualfeelings if you merely tell the truth about who bought what and heres theirtestimonial.|That will always work better rather than say putting all of them onone testimonial page.|The impact will be greater when people are reading abouta product and the testimonial is right there for them to see.}|{The first thingthat you need to remember about testimonials is that they should be genuine inall cases, no exceptions to that.|Most importantly, please do make sure yourtestimonials are real because at least in the US, its illegal to use faketestimonials.|If you have testimonials, or will be using them, then please besmart and only use real ones.|You probably know that some sites do not use realtestimonials, so obviously the best thing to do is only use the real deal.|Always use real testimonials from real people, and thats the law anyway in mostcountries and certainly in the US.} {There are many scammy marketers on theInternet that believe in fabricating testimonials and manufacturing them ontheir own, since its so easy.|You may or may not know about the rise and fallof flogs, or fake blogs in which everything was a lie including thetestimonials.|There are of course some web businesses that make use of faketestimonials.|Since so much can be faked on the internet, its very easy tocreate false testimonials with stock photos, etc.|If youve been online for awhile, then the use and prevalence of fake testimonials is nothing new to you.}{This is why many consumers are being extra cautious and skeptical when theyread testimonials.|There are now many people who dont necessarily believe thetestimonials they do read, so the impact has been pretty huge, unfortunately.|Maybe youre someone who at least is skeptical about the testimonials you see onsites, and some people just dont believe them at all.|A lot depends on theparticular niche, but for the internet marketing niche theres a huge amount ofmistrust.|The situation has gotten so bad that theres been a backlash in somemarkets about testimonials with many people largely ignoring them.} {In order toovercome this problem youll have to give your customers clear evidence to showthat your testimonials are from real people.|All anyone can do is provide enoughinformation about the people in the testimonials.|So its really up to you to do
  6. 6. everything in your power to show that your testimonials are real and from realfolks.|Obviously this is presents a challenge for all online businesses that arenot huge corporations or well known.|The biggest problem is for the smallerbusinesses and individual entrepreneurs, and youll need to offer sufficientreal information for any testimonials on your site.} {You can do this byincluding their photograph, a hand written letter scanned, and if possible alink to their blog or website, etc.|The basic requirements are a picture withtheir name and location, and actually anything you do can be faked - so itstough.|Youll just have to do what anyone does, almost anyone, and that is topresent a photo with the customers first and last name plus the city, state, andcountry.|So well tell you that you should provide all you can about thecustomer giving the testimonial.|If you can go beyond the usual picture withname, etc; then you should such as if the person has a website that you canprovide a link for.}|{Testimonials that contain only the initials with a city look like they are fake.|You almostshouldnt even bother if all you have are initials and maybe a state becausepeople will blow them off.|If you ask people, theyll tell you they will usuallynot believe a testimonial if theres hardly any information such as onlyinitials, or a first name, no pic, and maybe the city.|Testimonials that onlyprovide less than the recommended basic information are probably next touseless, in our opinion.|Be careful about using the kind and the person isntwilling to provide a picture or release their location because those are barelyworth putting on your website, to be honest.} {Even though theres a law thatmakes it illegal to fabricate testimonials, there are still dishonest marketerswho are adamant on doing it.|Of course the fact that fake testimonials areillegal doesnt stop many people from using them.|We all know that laws againstfalse testimonials isnt a deterrent with some dishonest online marketers.|Yes,we all know, or should know, that using totally fake testimonials is illegal inprobably most countries, but still that doesnt stop some online marketers fromdoing it.|We all have to deal with this situation, and honestly weve seenplenty of sites that made us wonder if the testimonials were real.} {So if youreally want to do long term business and get the most out of your prospects thenuse only real testimonials.|If youre using real testimonials and providing asmuch information about them as possible, then thats all you can do.|Just dowhat is right, and you know whats right and best to provide with yourtestimonials; do that and you can feel good about it and not worry.|So, like therest of us, all we can do is all we can do, and then we just press on withbusiness.|Once you have satisfied all the requirements, or suggestions really,for providing sufficient information, then youve done your job and dont stressover it.}|{One of the easiest ways to get testimonials from your customers is tosimply ask them.|Youll find that people often respond positively to a simplerequest; so why not ask them for a testimonial.|The first approach is simple andobvious, you can first try asking people if theyre happy with their experienceand then for a testimonial.|How about asking your customers for a testimonial ifthey like your product and the overall experience was great.|One thing that manybusinesses do is ask their customers for a testimonial, and youd be surprisedat how many people will agree to do that.} {Most of the time people wont reallypraise a company or a product in writing, even if they love it.|Itsunderstandable that most people wont even think to offer a testimonial even iftheyre experience was great.|The thing about it is that people generally donteven stop to consider writing a testimonial and sending it to you.|Youll findthat even if a customer thinks your product is the best on the planet, thatperson will probably never think to tell you about it.|People normally just donot ever think to write testimonials - they just dont.} {So if youre not goingto ask for a testimonial from your customers then you might not get them.|So ifyou do nothing, then that kind of sets the stage for nothing happening.|Therefore, its obvious that if no one does anything at all to address thetestimonial situation, then there wont ever be any.|So that is why itsincumbent on you to be proactive about it and ask.|It makes sense that if theydont think about it, then you need to and should by asking.} {You need to beopen with your customers and let them know that their feedback is valuable andit really matters to the company.|A non-threatening way to approach this is toask for customer feedback about any aspect of their experience.|However,customers do know about providing feedback, especially if theyre not happy, so
  7. 7. if you think theyre not upset about anything you can request feedback.|Theresnothing wrong at all with soliciting customer feedback, and that is somethingyou should always do no matter what.|Have you ever thought about asking yourcustomers to provide you with feedback? Its effective and should not pose anyissues with making them uncomfortable.} {The best way to put in a request toyour customers for a testimonial is when you hear a positive comment from them.|So what you want to do is read any feedback you get, and then search for all thepositive remarks and comments.|If you do get feedback, then just simply look foranything positive that can be used as a testimonial.|Not all customers willrespond to your request, but any who do then you can search for good materialfor a testimonial.|Ok, then once you get your feedback, then you have tocarefully read it for the positive thoughts.} {The next step is to write downthe comment and email them about it asking for their permission if you could usetheir comment for marketing.|The next step is to contact those people via email,usually, and ask if you can use their comments as a testimonial.|If you have anymaterial that can be used, then you need to get their permission to use it inyour marketing and testimonials.|After that, then its simply a matter of askingthem if you can use the specific comments on your site as a testimonial.|Onceyou have everything together, then just email them with a polite request to usethe appropriate parts in your marketing/testimonials.} {The response rate fromyour customers will be high if you have this approach.|Its difficult to say howpeople will respond because not everyone wants their name on a website, but youshould get some positive replies.|You will most likely find that most will beagreeable to this, but you may find some wholl be uncomfortable about it.|Itslike any other kind of conversion in which most will agree while may not.|If youdo this, then you will be sure to get some testimonials and probably from mostpeople, too.} {Besides that, asking for a testimonial is a great way to build aone on one relationship with your customers because they will feel valued whenthey see that their feedback is taken into consideration.|Another positive aboutthis process is youll be building a closer relationship with some of yourcustomers through the personal interaction.|It all depends on how many peopleyou contact, but no matter because even with those few you will impress themthat you care about what they have to say.|Actually, youll find that peoplelike this because its personal attention, and youre interested in theirthoughts, etc.|What youll also discover is some of them will be delighted andsurprised to hear from you.} {So never be shy when it comes to asking fortestimonials.|So the lesson is to take action and dont be afraid to ask forfeedback.|Its in your best interest to do this, and if youve never done itthen it may feel a little awkward.|You need to be proactive about this type ofaction, but youll get great testimonials and that will help your business.|Obviously, this has a snowball effect because youll get more sales with moretestimonials, and you can keep repeating the process.}|{Another effective way togenerate testimonials from your customers is to ask them to take part in a shortsurvey about your product/service.|The first approach involves simply askingyour customers to participate in a survey concerning either your product,service, business experience, etc.|Ok, lets talk about customer surveys, andthats the first method we want to discuss; asking your customers how they feltabout their experience, or the product/service, etc.|First on line, think aboutdoing a survey of your customer base, and then you can decide on the focus suchas your service, product, buying experience, etc.|What we want you to thinkabout is surveying your buyers about the products they bought, or the service ifapplicable.} {When youre creating this survey, remember that your aim is to getyour customers to speak up about your product.|Your only goal in the survey isto get people to respond to it with some meaningful comments.|At first, thepoint of doing this is to solicit feedback in the form of customer thoughts andfeelings about whatever you ask in your survey.|Whatever you decide to askabout, do what you can to get people to actually take the time to complete thesurvey and return it.|Youll find the biggest challenge is getting people totake it - seriously, and then you want to create it such that they write theirthoughts down for you.} {Therefore, the last question on your survey should besomething like, &quot;Whats the best thing you like about our product/service?&quot;, or &quot;How has our product/service helped you out?&quot;|Alwaysinclude a question that potentially reflects positively about your product orservice.|Be sure to ask how they liked your product, or what did they like the
  8. 8. most, etc.|Make at least one question provide a positive comment on yourproduct, service, or business, etc.|Then be sure to include, maybe at the end, aquestion pertaining to how much they liked what they bought from you.} {Youwont see a 100% response from your customers when you ask them to fill out thissurvey, but the response will be enough to generate enough testimonials.|Naturally, the more customers you have the better, and just remember the resultswill be similar to any other type of conversion.|Do keep in mind that youllonly get a small percentage of responses, but hopefully you will be able to getsome which is all were looking for, right now.|You wont get anywhere near a100% response, no one does, but what you do get you will be able to work with.|Just be aware and keep in mind that you will receive a fairly low percentage ofrespondents, probably single digits, but that is ok and totally normal.} {Youcan then easily use this feedback in your marketing campaigns and on your website after you get their permission to useit as a testimonial.|The responses can potentially become terrific testimonials,but of course you need to ask, first, if you can use the information in yourmarketing.|Its also standard, and legal, that you receive permission to convertthe comments into a testimonial.|Also, very important, be sure to ask anyone fora release to use their replies in the form of a testimonial in your marketing oradvertising.|If you find something you can use as a testimonial, thats great,but do be sure you receive permission prior to using anything in public.} {Mostof the time the feedback you get from your customers will be honest andpositive, but its also a good way to hunt for ideas on improving your product.|Youll find that people are sincere in their comments, and thats very good ofcourse because it makes for more convincing testimonials.|Not only can you come-out with terrific testimonials, but you can also occasionally get really greatideas to improve some aspect of your product, or service.|What is so good aboutthis approach is that people will actually tell you how they really feel, and ifthey love it theyll have no hesitation to tell you about it.|Another reason whythis is such a tremendous method for gaining testimonials is that you can getpowerful testimonials simply because people can be so brutally honest abouttheir feelings - whether good or bad.}}{{When you are asking people to give testimonial, you need to put it in a subtleway.|When you ask people to provide a testimonial, you have to do it in a niceway.|When you ask someone to give you a testimonial, you have to do it in aquiet way.|When you want somebody to give you a testimonial, you have to ask ina delicate manner.|When you ask others to provide a testimonial, you have tohandle it in a delicate way.} {The word testimonial can be a turn off for manypeople when they are giving their comments in writing.|The word testimonial canrun people off when they have to make comments on camera.|The word testimonialtends to scare people off when they have say things on camera.|The wordtestimonial can make some people a little apprehensive when they have to providecomments in writing.|The word testimonial can be unappealing to a lot of peoplewhen they have to give things in writing.} {So instead of using the wordtestimonial, you can try asking them for their story explaining how yourproduct/service has helped them and made a difference in their lives.|So insteadof using the word testimonial you can ask them to talk about your product andhow it has changed their lives.|So instead of using the actual word testimonial,you can ask them to describe how your product has improved their lives.|Soinstead of saying the word testimonial in your approach, just ask them to talkabout your product and how it makes their life better.|So instead of using theword testimonial, you can tell them to explain how your product has had aneffect on them.} {This will make your customers feel comfortable and proud whengiving out feedback.|This will make your customers more comfortable and proud togive good feedback.|This will put your visitors at ease and make them morewilling to provide positive comments.|This will calm your customer down and makethem eager to give good comments.|This will make your customers more relaxed andwilling to praise your products.} {They wont feel the burden of beingprofessional or too upfront.|They will not be burdened to be professional or toforward.|They wont feel too much pressure to be professional or forceful.|Theywill not be pressured coming off as a pro or seem too aggressive.|They wontfeel the pressure of being too professional or forceful.} {It gives them optionof laying out the story the way they want to, in their own words.|It lets them
  9. 9. to tell the facts in their own words the way that they want to.|It allows themto give the details in their own words via their own style.|It gives them thefreedom to speak freely in their own words in their own way.|It give them theopportunity to talk in their own words the way that they want.}|{Have you everconsidered having a case study on your site?|You can even include research andcase studies, as well.|Another great approach is putting professional andscientific information on your site, studies for example.|Most markets have amore professional component that includes real research that has been done, andyou can talk about that kind of activity.|Also consider devoting a section tosupporting information such as any research that has been performed in yourmarket.} {If you havent then you should, because a case study offers even morevalue than a testimonial.|You may find that this can be just as powerful if notmore powerful than testimonials.|This kind of corroborating information can workabsolute wonders for conversions.|Never discount this type of informationbecause people tend to respect professional research.|People react verypositively to this kind of data from universities and other professionalorganizations that perform research.} {Its a more defined way of getting yourcustomers positive feedback and passing it on to your prospects.|This kind ofcontent works very well with testimonials, and you should do your own researchto find it.|What youll probably see is that people will read both that kind ofcontent along with your customer testimonials.|You can combine a one-two punchwith regular testimonials plus this kind of case study data.|Nothing beatsscience if its done right, and that is why it tends to be powerful.} {Many bigcompanies use this strategy to show their prospects how their product has helpedtheir clients.|You may have noticed that large corporations often use this exactstrategy.|You can borrow this tactic from corporations because they alwaysprovide this kind of social proof in their marketing.|You can take a solid cuefrom industry because this what they do, as well.|Were pretty confident thatyouve noticed huge corporations doing this, and quite often they pay for theresearch themselves.}|{Its an amazing way to increase the response you get fromyour prospects because when they go through the case study, theyll see forthemselves how the product will be able to help them.|It just has to do withpeople have more confidence in a professional organization than they do withyou.|This is the greatest of social proof, and it works very well if theresearch studies are solid and credible.|If you can provide terrific casestudies, then you would be crazy not to use it.|It all has to do withimpartiality and the respect that institutions are almost automatically given.}|{Another smart way to get testimonials is to give it to them first if they havea business.|This second approach involves doing business with other businesses,and what you can do is offer them a nice testimonial.|If some of your customershave their own business, then you can initiate some good will and send them atestimonial.|Some people have success with offering a business customer aprofessional, yet real, testimonial for their business website.|If youre a B2Bprovider of some kind, you can choose a few customers and email them a positivereview or testimonial for their business.} {If you are able to give other peoplea positive testimonial, they will feel obliged to return the favor to you bygiving you one in the future.|Obviously youre working on the law of reciprocityin that they will feel compelled to return the favor in the future.|What youredoing is sowing some good will, and then one day they may do the same for you.|The intended effect is to make them feel more inclined to offering you atestimonial later on down the road.|Actually, that is something that goes on alot in certain markets, and it works well because people are doing favors foreach other.} {Keep in mind that whenever youre providing a testimonial tosomebody, you should always have your web address added so that they can publishyour comment along with your websites link.|Also, if you do that then dontforget to include a link to your site so it will be displayed, too.|Of courseyoull want to always use your link in your signature for the testimonial, andthat will serve two good purposes, actually.|Whenever you give a testimonial toanyone, always use your business link so it can be used on the other site, butbe sure to use a link that you dont mind other people knowing about.|Youprobably wont want to reveal all of your sites, but if you have one that youdont mind using then its good to put them in your own personal testimonials onother websites.} {Using this strategy you will not only open the doors forgetting testimonials for your own product, but youll also get exposure through
  10. 10. the comment you leave.|So its just good networking and nice favors, plus youllget a link back to your site as well.|What youll be doing is creating positivefeelings, and then you may get traffic back to your site, too.|That is somethingthat wont hurt at all, and both of you will benefit from it.|This is the kindof practice that gets you in touch with other businesses, and you never knowwhen that may turn into something good and unexpected later on.}|{Alwaysremember that your testimonials cannot look biased; they have to be balanced.|Its important that your testimonials look natural and without any hint offavoritism, etc.|Be sure that the testimonials you use are genuine and withoutover-hyped language or anything that can set off red flags with people.|Thereactually is a little bit of art and science with testimonials that we cannot gointo due to space, but just keep in mind that everything needs to have balance.|Its very important that people dont feel like anything unusual is going onwhen they read your testimonials; in other words they cant appear that yourbest friend wrote them.} {Theres no product or service out there that doesntcontain faults or doesnt have any scope for improvement.|All products andservices are not perfect by any means, and there are always things that can bemade better.|As you probably know, the perfect product or perfect service doesnot exist.|Anything a business offers contains room to be made better in someway, and I think everyone knows that.|The product has never been made that doesnot contain any flaws.} {Testimonials look and feel much more credible and realwhen they have understandable feedback and balanced comments, for example,&quot;it was confusing at first since I was using the service for the firsttime, but once I got a hang of it, it was just a breeze!&quot;|So dont beafraid to post comments that allude to slight imperfections or things that canbe improved.|Your readers will actually appreciate that you have the courage toinclude comments that talk about things that can be made better, etc.|You canactually improve your product based on honest feedback, and you should includethose types of comments in your testimonials.|We highly suggest you be brave andopenly admit that some aspects of your product or service can be made better,and then you can say youre working on that.} {This just goes on to show thatyour testimonials are the real deal and not fake.|People will see what is going on, and that will create an even more positive impression onpeople.|Dont think people wont read that and know that youre not afraid totell the world.|Your testimonials will look better and more balanced becauseyoure revealing the good as well as the less than stellar.|Including theconstructive criticism will go far with people, and you shouldnt have anydoubts about that.}|{Remember that testimonials are more effective along with apicture.|Do keep in mind that testimonials are much more powerful when theres aphoto to go with it.|Do all you can to get a picture of the person because thatwill add to the power of the testimonial.|Your testimonials can become reallygreat if you can swing a pic from the customer.|Be sure you request a picture ofthe person because they simply add to the credibility of the testimonial.} {Whenyou have the pictures of people who have given the testimonial, it reassuresyour prospects that the testimonials are indeed given by a real, live person.|Assuming the reader has any trust at all, a picture goes very far to put thereaders mind at ease.|A picture helps the visitor to relax a bit more andbelieve the testimonial is genuine.|Its been proven over and over thattestimonials with photos are more effective than without.|You really can add alot to the social proof aspect by including a nice photo of the customer withthe testimonial.} {There have been surveys done which prove that having apicture with testimonial made a huge difference to the way people perceive it.|What were telling you about this has been proven in numerous marketingstudies.|Business research has born this out about the added power of a picturealongside a testimonial.|Were not making up this stuff, the picture plus thetestimonial has actually been researched and shown to be highly effective.|Marketing and advertising studies have all shown that people (readers) respondmuch higher in the presence of a photo.} {It doesnt take much to include apicture because if your customers are comfortable enough to give you thefeedback, theyll be more than happy to let you have their picture.|Of courseyou have to ask people to send you a picture and give their permission to useit.|Even if you have a photo of a customer, for whatever reason, you cant justuse it; you need to get permission.|Youll find that most customers will beagreeable to the request for a photo, but not all will.|Its natural for some
  11. 11. people to feel uncomfortable about providing a pic, and you have to respecttheir wishes.}}{{Last but not the least; dont make the mistake of hiding your testimonials orhave them tucked in silently in the corner.|Last, do not make the error ofputting your testimonial away in a corner someplace.|Last dont error and placeyour testimonials in a corner.|Last, do not make the mistake of not put yourtestimonial front and center.|Finally, do not mess up and put your testimonialsin the background unseen.} {Try to spread out your testimonials all across thesites on different pages where you feel your customer hangs out the most andwhere you can influence his/her decision making.|Try placing your testimonialson different sites that your customers might frequent so that they can affecttheir decisions.|Attempt to place them in various locations that your customerwill be so that they can help to impact their decision.|Attempt to put them inall kinds of locations so that your customer will see them and use them duringthe decision making process.|See if you can put them in many different placesthat you customer may visit so that they will influence his decision.} {Thiscould be your homepage, product page, payment page, etc.|This could be yourhomepage, product section, invoice page, etc.|This might be your website home,service section, billing dept, etc.|This might be your website home, productsection, invoice section, etc.|This could possibly be your site home, invoicepage, sales area, etc.} {Your testimonials are supposed to be prominently placedbecause they are known to increase conversions.|Your testimonials should bevisible because they are believed to get more conversions.|Your testimonialshould be placed front and center because they are said to get a lot ofconversions.|Your testimonials should be put in the center of the page becausethey are known to increase conversions.|Your testimonials should be in anextremely visible spot on your page because they are good for increasingconversions.} {You should try being creative when placing them since you wantyour prospects to notice them in every single way.|You should be creative withyour placement because you want potential customers to always see them.|Youshould be creative with where you put them because your want your visitors toalways see them.|You should put them in creative locations because you dontwant your readers to miss them.|You should be creative when it comes toplacement because you want your readers to always have access to them.} {Also,try to include your testimonials when you email your prospects about yourproduct because this is when they are in a receptive mode.|Also, try to put yourtestimonials in your email campaigns because this is where they will be receivedthe most.|Also attempt to place your testimonials in your email campaigns, whichis when your list will be more receptive to them.|Also try to place yourtestimonials in your sales emails because this is where your customers will bemore willing to look at them.|Also try to craft your testimonials around youremail campaigns because this is where your customers will most likely want toview them.}|{Last but not the least; always try to encourage testimonials.|Theres nothing wrong with asking people for testimonials.|Ideally, thetestimonial is driven from the customer end; but wouldnt hurt to ask for them.|Theres implicit power when you talk to your customers about testimonials.|Ifyou have never asked your customers if theyd like to leave a testimonial, thenyou should start right away.} {Most of the contact pages focus on providingcustomer support, answering sales questions and trying to help with thecustomers problems.|Youll find that most companies dont bother doing this,and their site pages are mostly administrative in nature.|If you look onwebsites, you wont see many pages about leaving a testimonial, but rather itsabout the usual which is contact page and others.|Most businesses make themistake of never asking for a testimonial, and we dont see anything wrong withalso asking for a testimonial.|We dont think it hurts anything at all to askfor feedback that can be used as a testimonial.} {While this is always good,its also an opportunity missed.|And you can always take advantage of doingsomething like this.|Look at in terms of opportunities because thats all it is- an opportunity to get more testimonials.|When businesses dont do this theyreally are losing out on a lot.|You never want to overlook something like thisbecause it can be quite powerful.} {Its an area which you can utilize to askyour happy customers for a positive feedback about your product or service.|Sowhat you will do is simply ask for positive feedback or directly for
  12. 12. testimonials.|Ok, then the simple solution to remedy this is to simply askpeople to provide you with something.|It wont hurt to have a page dedicated toextracting positive information from your clients.|You never know what willhappen until you try, and we believe its worth a try.}|{Dont forget the goldenrule - if you dont go ahead and ask; you wont get!|You know the deal aboutasking - it doesnt hurt and frequently helps.|There is nothing to lose byasking for this kind of information.|If you never bother to ask, then peoplewill not think of it on their own.|Asking is fine and wont hurt relations justas long as youre polite about it.}|{Last but not the least; a good way to frameyour testimonials would be to have comparisons with your competitors.|You canuse an approach that can serve as a way to compare your business with yourcompetitors.|You can use a clever strategy that involves presenting atestimonial for you that puts you in a favorable light when viewed with yourcompetitors.|Theres another strategy for testimonials thats really just aside-by-side feature between you and your main competition.|If you want to getthe most out of your testimonials, then carefully word it so it offers afavorable comparison of your products/services against those of yourcompetitors.} {The thing is, if youre going to talk negative about yourcompetition, it wont have much impact on your prospects or even backfire intheir minds.|Its always a good idea to avoid talking directly about yourcompetitors in a negative light.|Never talk about your other competitors in anopenly negative way because that tends to turn people off from you.|You dontwant anything to backfire, so dont trash talk your competitors to you yourprospects.|Its kind of strange, in a way, that people dont like whenbusinesses talk in any kind of negative and open way about their competition.}{However, if your customers or a third party pitches you against yourcompetitors and compares your service throwing positive light on it, it will becounted as a valid insight and will be taken seriously.|On the other hand,theres nothing wrong with your customs saying something about how well youcompare to others.|So what you can try to do is get favorable comments, orfeedback, that contains some type of comparison type of verbiage referring toyour business and those of your competitors.|But what if some testimonialactually mentions how much better your product/service is as it measures up tosomeone else’s?|There is nothing wrong with your customers telling you how muchmore they like what you do over something someone else does.}|{Last but not theleast; remember that when youre collecting testimonials, they should be fromsimilar people.|Naturally, your market audience has some similarities amongthem, and of course that should be reflected in your testimonials.|Be sure thatthe people who are giving your testimonials are actually from your target marketaudience.|This next one can be a little tricky, maybe, but do make sure thepeople providing you with your feedback are related to your intended audience.|The people in your audience need to see people who are like they are; peoplefrom the same audience or market.} {In other words, your audience should be ableto directly relate to the people who are giving the testimonial.|Youll create amuch greater impact if your audience actually is able to identify with thepeople in the testimonials.|There needs to be a connection between your targetmarket and the people in your testimonials.|Its really important that everyonerelates to each other between the readers and the testimonial providers.|Yourpotential prospects, or readers, not only need to read the testimonials, butthey need to be able to connect with them or related to them.} {Its a fact thatwhen your prospects identify with your current customers and see that they aresimilar, it will push them to take action.|When that connection is made orestablished, then youll see higher conversions happening.|There is no doubtthat when that occurs, the people reading will have a better feeling abouteverything.|Its just human nature that people react more positively when thatbond is created, and theyll be more likely to buy from you.|It can be powerfulstuff, and if that ability to relate happens, then your testimonials can becomepowerful allies.} {They will feel much safer and in place when buying yourproduct or service.|That feeling of comfort will translate into less salesresistance, and you know what that means.|People will be pushed more closer totaking your most desired response from them.|When this all works well, then yourconversion rates will reflect those good feelings.|Once people start lettingdown their guard, then your sales figures will begin to climb.}|{Last but notthe least; try to do a smart joint venture with your customers for a
  13. 13. testimonial.|You can even do a little bit of reciprocity if the customer has abusiness website.|If your customers are businesses with websites, then you canalso make them an offer.|Keep in mind the possibilities if any of your customershave websites for business purposes.|You can employ a little persuasion and leverage if yourclients have websites.} {Tell them that youll place their link on your site ifthey can give you a testimonial.|Just let them know that they can include a linkto their site in the signature.|Its easy, just make sure they know that if theydo have a website, then they can use that in the signature for the testimonial.|What youll do is make sure they understand that links in signatures arepermitted and not a problem.|So youll simply offer to allow a link includedwith their name for their testimonial.} {If they are familiar with Internetmarketing then theyll know the value of a quality backlink.|They will no doubtunderstand the potential value of the link.|If you get a lot of traffic, thenthey will appreciate the offer even more.|Theyll know its another goodbacklink, and if your site has some PR behind it that will be even moreattractive.|If they are in business on the net, then you wont need to explainwhy they would want to do that.} {You can use this tactic for your ownadvantage.|That is something you can leverage for your own gain, as well.|Itsreally a win-win type of situation, so its all good.|Theres nothing at allwrong with it, and millions of people do it all the time.|This is totallyethical for you to do, and it works very well for everyone involved.} {Its agood way to incentivize your offer to them and theyll hardly be able to sayno.|Youll find that most people will be more than willing to accept youroffer.|This approach has been shown to be effective so many times, so you canfeel confident about using it.|When its something that appears, and is, a win-win situation, then people really like that kind of offer.|When they see itsnot just you who will benefit, but theyll be more attracted to it.}} {{Inconclusion, the above article clearly explains us the value of gettingtestimonials and how to do it effectively.|In conclusion, this article talksabout the value of testimonials and how to get them the right way.|All in all,this article shows you have valuable testimonials are and how you should obtainthem the right way.|All in all, this article discusses the value of testimonialsand how to properly obtain them.|Finally, this article stresses the value oftestimonials and how to get them the correct way.} {There are tons of ways toget feedback from your customers but what we discussed are clear ideas that youcan apply to your business right away.|There are numerous methods to getcomments from your customers, but this article tells you some things that youcan do in your business now.|There are plenty of methods to get feedback fromyour readers, but this article shows a few basic things that you can do now.|There are a lot of ways to get customer comments, but this article talks aboutwhat can be done right now in your business.|There are many strategies that youcan use to get customer feedback, but this article shows you how to do it now.}{Once you start applying these tips youll see for yourself how your prospectsturn into customers and your conversion rate increases.|When you start to applythese suggestions you will see for yourself how your prospects convert and yourconversion rate goes up.|When you begin to apply these tips, you will see howyour reader turn into customers and your rates soar.|When you start utilizingthese suggestions, you will notice your visitors turning into customers and yourconversion rates going up too.|When you begin to utilize these few tips, youwill see your visitors becoming customers and your conversions increasing.}|{Allin all, from the above article we come to understand the effectiveness of havinga testimonial as it helps you create a bond of trust between you and yourcustomer.|You now the deal about testimonials because they strengthen thefeeling of trust a lot.|Testimonials and case studies are powerful devices, andyou will only be hurting your business by not acting on this information.|Youllactually be networking with your customers which is always a good thing and canlead to others.|When you do this for testimonials, then youll meet yourcustomers and that will only help you.} {Getting testimonials is important butdoing it the right way is equally important.|You cant just get any old kind oftestimonial, so be sure to tell them to be specific.|This approach can be verypowerful, but you have to do everything right.|Dont cut any corners when itcomes to getting testimonials because they will help your business.|You know howpowerful they can be, so its well worth your time to acquire them.} {Go ahead
  14. 14. and start applying the above tips to get valid testimonials for yourproduct/service.|We hope youll put these tips into practice because they dowork.|These strategies have proven themselves over and again, so you can feelconfident theyll work for you, too.|Be sure to read as much as you can on thematter, but our tips to you are rock solid and work well when done right.|Youllneed to have everything in place and really execute intelligently.}|{In summary,from the above article we come to understand that in order to really make yourtestimonials stand out of the crowd and help your prospects trust you, you needto go out of your way to show them that theyre from real people.|Ok, rulenumber one and always is that your testimonials absolutely must be real andgenuine.|All right, you know that any testimonials you publish have to be thereal deal. Right?|Its of paramount importance that all of your testimonialscome from real customers and not the imaginary kind.|No made-up testimonials,ever, and everything has to be legit and above board.} {There are always newways coming up when it comes to making your testimonials more believable, youjust need to figure out what works for you.|So again, just do what you know youhave to do, and then thats all you can do - then keep doing business.|The moreyou keep going and getting more real testimonials, then pretty soon people willsee and maybe feel that everything is for real.|While testimonials are importantand matter, we dont stress if someone doesnt believe ours because once youvedone all you can do then you cant do any more.|When you get more customers andtestimonials, then hopeful youll develop some reputation and people will knowyou are the real thing.}|{All in all, from the above article we come tounderstand that getting valid testimonials from your customers isnt really thatdifficult.|Much depends on your market, but generally speaking it should not behard for you to get real and genuine testimonials.|Always use real testimonials,its the law, but now that should not be a problem for you, anymore.|Now youhave a simple and effective method to get terrific and balanced testimonials.|That is the proven process for acquiring solid and real testimonials andfeedback from customers.} {You just need to take the right steps and beconsistent in your approach.|Its all a process as much of business tends to be,so just be sure to take action about it.|You can easily do this as long asyoure willing to put the effort into it.|We think you see how easy this can be,and its just a few simple actions you need to take.|This isnt any kind ofrocket science, and it actually works because so many people have used it.}{Slowly youll gather a number of testimonials that you can use on your websiteand your marketing campaigns.|It will take time to get a substantial number, butits just a matter of time and youll have plenty of them.|Look at this processas something that is ongoing, and if you just do it youll have all you need.|Just keep working on this method and approach and have patience with it.|Workthis overall system into your business routine, and then dont worry about itbecause youll build up a nice number of testimonials before you know it.}|{Inconclusion, from the above article we can easily conclude that generatingquality testimonials is all about thinking out of the box and working with yourcustomers in the most effective manner.|Its clear that getting testimonials issomething you can be proactive about, and you should because you can do more.|Youre always able to figure out a way to get a little more out of yourmarketing; just give it a little bit of thought.|Youll find that these methodsare very effective because so many people have used them a million times.|Thisis yet another thing you can do to help your business along, and getting highquality testimonials will only help with conversions.} {Testimonials can make ahuge difference to your marketing campaign because it will instill more trust inyour prospects and make it easy for them to buy your product.|You know the dealabout testimonials, but keep in mind they have to be presented as powerfully aspossible.|Its not just a matter of getting testimonials, but you also need toget good ones with a photo, etc.|Be aggressive but not in the face of yourcustomers because when you work to accomplish something, action matters most.|Besure to take strong action because thats the only way youll grow your businessand become more successful.} {You need to give it some time if youre juststarting out, and once you think its the right time, go ahead and startapplying the ideas that we discussed in this article.|Dont feel discouraged ifyoure new to online business, just be sure to implement these methods withevery customer you get.|It really doesnt matter where you are in your businesslife, just remember to do what youve read here, today.|You can revitalize your
  15. 15. entire business if youve never used any of these strategies.|We hope youlltake action on our tips because they work, they really do, and if you usethem youll get more testimonials and more business.}}